What do you do when you realize your TM is too high after finishing a cycle?

What do you do when you realize your TM is too high after finishing a cycle?


I feel like the answer is quite obvious? If TM is too high, you lower it.


Do a TM test. Lower it appropriately.


Sounds like you could just lower the TM. But also since you're not doing the programming with AMRAP, maybe consider switching to that? If you're interested you can [check out the BBB with amrap on Hardy.app platform](https://hardy.app/routine/531-boring-but-big-\(bbb\)-27), you just enter your TM values and the app takes care of the weight changes based on how much you lift on AMRAP sets etc, all as it is laid out in the routine. (Full disclosure though that app is something a friend of mine and I have been developing for over a year now, so in that sense I'm kinda promoting my own thing here… but we're still in beta and I genuinely think it might be useful for you in this situation.)


do a TM test? I mean check ur 1RM again or just dial it down by like 10%


L o w e r and drop back 2 cycles TM. But if you got the 5 reps, you might be able to just keep it the same for one more cycle, but definitely lower it..


The reps, even at 95%, should be fairly easy. If you’re grinding, TM is too high. Roll it back.


Are you doing the AMRAP sets of 5s Pro? How many reps did you get on the 95% set?


No I'm not doing an amrap, just following the tempalte laid out in Forever which is 5 reps per set. I got all five at 95% but the fifth fellt extremely tough


Tweak it, dude. This shit isn’t linear. I’m constantly adjusting up and down based on performance output.


Lower it


Don't overthink it. Just lower your Deadlift TM.


Just make that final set weight your TM


Talmbout too heavy? Don't overthink it bubba. Keep slangin the weight on the other lifts and keep the DLs at the same weight next cycle, b.


Take a couple days rest and do a true 1rm. Start at a weight you can do like 3-4, then go up in weight doing singles till you hit your true 1rm.




I found that this happened when i wasn't counting reps properly and often did a half rep and counted it. problem is you do this 2 or 3 times the TM is gonna be way to heavy. Lower by 10% and id air on the side of not counting reps that are completely dog shite :)


Or... Keep it as is?