What screams "I'm poor but pretend I'm rich"?

What screams "I'm poor but pretend I'm rich"?


My old roommate spent his entire financial aid refund on a gucci belt because the security guard at the mall assumed he couldn't afford it


Pride is the devil


Flea markets, people! I found a Salvatore Ferragamo silk scarf for $1 (I had no idea about the brand when I bought it, it was just a silk scarf). You can reeeeally confuse people about your income level when you casually mention that you spend Sundays elbow-deep in piles of second-hands clothes.


I got a pair of Ferragamo heels that just needed to have a sole fixed for $14 at good will. Big city good wills are where it is at! In the two major cities I have lived in Good Will gets luxury clothes like it’s candy for people.


You want a thrift store that is located just outside of a rich neighborhood. Or near a bunch of stores—I’ve seen brand new clothing with the brands labels still on them in a range of sizes all together on a rack. Those had to come from a store. Since I use a capsule wardrobe, I got all the tops I needed for $3 each. In fact I still wear them though they are a bit worn now.


There is a security guard that works at a popular bar/club in my city. He managed to buy an old(er) Lambo recently. On the weekends, he will drive by the bar several times before his shift as people are lined up outside revving his engine while at the stoplight. His new thing is pulling onto the sidewalk in front of the bar, parking it, getting out, saying hi to everyone he works with, waiting for people to walk by the car so he can let them know its his, and then leaving (again-revving the engine as loud as possible on the sidewalk). He does this for about 2 hours before his shift starts at 11 or 12.....If you have money and can afford nice cars, you do not need to show them off.


Holup.....how does a security guard afford a Lambo? Aren't the cheapest ones still like 60k?


The bank probably owns it and he pays monthly with high interest


For some reason, I find this to be really depressing.


Naming your children after luxury brands.


My neighbors dog is names Ferrari. An improvement over kids?


Must be pretty fast


Couldn't afford a car so she named her daughter Alexus


I'll have you know Kiton Bijan von Audemars-Bentley is a very good kid.


It's generally good advice if you have a lot of money to keep your wealth secret or at least ambiguous else people try to take advantage of you. Most wealthy people follow that rule, or they learn it pretty quickly. So anyone trying to show wealth is either new to it or showing more than they have.


My country had a show on something like this called "I Blew It", if I remember correctly. All the stories shown are all the same: person wins lottery. Within their community, they go from nobodies and suddenly they become very popular. They flash their money, everybody's their friend, there's endless parties and cars and drugs and then the money runs out and they're all alone again. Pretty sad and scary.


How my Dominican family fights tooth and nail to give their kids Nike or Addidas before they can even walk.


Honest question. Is flashing wealth part of Dominican culture? The reason I ask is because I work with someone who is married to a Dominican and they are constantly in tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt because both of them need to have the latest every thing. It's constantly photos on social media of the whole family in new clothes and the latest gadgets. And then she cries at work about not being able to afford the mortgage sometimes. I just don't get it. The reason I ask about the cultural aspect is also because this colleague tells me they send money to the DR all the time so that other family can buy stuff too. Then I always ask why not send money for education and investing maybe, but am always told that the money is used for designer clothes and shoes most of the time.


Dominican here. Yes. Very much so. Being seen in expensive clothes, a fancy car at a hip restaurant is the goal of Dominican socialites. Doesn't matter if you have money or not. I've seen people drive Porsche cayenne suvs but then live with their parents. Also, people send money back home for two reasons ; the family needs it, or they're flexing. The dollar (any currency tbh) has more purchasing power over there.


Sounds like the valleys in Wales. Everyone drives a brand new car on finance whilst living in a tiny terraced house with their mum. The cars on the street cost more than the houses.


On that last point, years ago I knew someone who was from India, from a middle class family according to him (dad owned some sort of cooking oil business and an event center). He sent money home every pay period. It seemed like it was expected from someone who had "made it to America". He had a good job, but was in no way well off (not that long out of college). He also always seemed a little bit dissapointed in himself. Something about promising his dad a Rolex, but he couldn't afford it yet. I always got the impression that it wasn't *all* about the US dollar being worth more, but also the idea socially for his family that their child went all the way to America for school and work, and now could send them money.


My brother always carries a wad of cash in a money clip. He has a $100 bill on the outside, but the rest is all $1's. It's all for show. He has no money and lives with my parents.


That’s actually funny because wealthy people put the ones on the outside and the big bills on the inside


I’m poor and still put my big bills on the inside bc I don’t wanna get robbed for the little I have lmao


I'm in between and still put my big bills on the inside because I don't want my friends to know how much cash I have on me lmao


This. My father always told me small bills on the outside, don’t want people to know you are carrying a lot of cash


My dad told me the same thing


That also sounds like a great way to get mugged.


Good way to get robbed


A few years back, my dad brought home one of those fancier looking square plates. He then told my mom that he wanted all of his dinners served only on this plate. We lived in a trailer park and always had cheap things for dinner but for some reason he felt like he was special enough to only use this plate and be the only one allowed to use it too. At some point, she forgot and put his food on a different plate. He yelled at her, threw that food in the trash, and broke his special plate. Dude is poor financially and poor in his treatment of his family so this is a pretty good answer to me.


Well....that was a ride.


This is one of the saddest things I've read on reddit recently.


You know who gets their own dish, and nobody else is ever to eat off of it? The dog.


Posting selfies posed with things that aren't yours


I know someone who keeps posting pics of her wearing wedding dresses that she *isn't* getting with captions like "Nooope!", "Not this one!", "Still no!" despite the fact that she already found her dress. Does that count?


Oml that’s insufferable hahaaa


I thought you were going to say "despite the fact that she's not even close to getting married, let alone hasn't been in a relationship for years".


I used to live in a trailer park and a surprising amount of neighbors had luxury cars, mercedes/lexus/bmw etc.


i remember reading an article one time about a family where dad worked and mom stayed at home with their kids...dad drove a mercedes, mom drove a van, they lived in a nice house, but then dad lost his job and they had to downsize. they moved into a much smaller apartment to eliminate their mortgage, did something with the van bc they were still paying on it, but kept the benz bc it was totally paid off, so i guess it made sense? the woman who wrote the article said she felt ashamed to show up for benefits in a benz but it wasn't how it looked




People forget that sometimes situations in life change faster than you think they are going to change and you can end up this way faster than they think. I don't blame her for not selling it because it wouldn't have saved them really any money to sell it.


Rental Rims


Hold up. Are you telling me people rent rims for their cars? Why in the absolute fuck would a person do that?


I use to work in a bank processing debit claim claims and that was first time I saw someone buying rental rims. I immediately ask my coworkers how the fuck can you rent rims?


Same business model as renting handbags. Theyre a worthless "luxe" item flexed by the nouveau riche and those who slavishly follow them but can't afford to live like them. Edit: I don't mean that in a mean way. It's a solid business model and I'm impressed with the person who got it off the ground.


This puts kind of a new perspective on those stories of people renting pineapples when they were new to Europe.


Trend chasers and hypebeast have existed throughout history in really entertaining ways.


There’s a place in Killeen, TX that you can rent tires from. FUCKING TIRE RENTALS. I’m sure they have them elsewhere too, but still. Blew my mind. Edit: judging by the responses it appears to be a Texas thing


Are you suprised? It's close to military base. The young boots will spend money on the dumbest shit.


I’ve lived near military bases my whole life. It’s amazing how many 19 year olds have Camaro’s, Mustangs, and Chargers. Gotta love the enlistment bonus.


Holy shit. My dad has a huge, irrational hatred for rims and hub caps (yes, the man hates *regular-ass hub caps* because they seem unnecessary and flashy to him) and I cannot WAIT to tell him about this.




I have a relatively poor friend who doesn't have a tv or anything, but they go around in a several hundred pound tracksuit and wear fake diamond rings they bought on wish, which he tells people are real


I didn't think it was possible to condense so much British chav into one comment.


It’s time to play [CHAV OR SLAV](https://preview.redd.it/a5j8glu6lmn31.jpg?auto=webp&s=f404e30c1b513e00418a4059df9a11507e0beed0)!!!!


That's gold! We need more CHAV OR SLAV




I was trying to figure out why a super heavy tracksuit, like a weighted vest, was a sign of wealth.. then I realized it probably referred to the currency of British pounds, not weight.


Everyone knows the poors can't carry 100 lbs


*cries weakly in poverty*


*cries sweatily in tracksuit*


Following/ constantly posting stupid "entrepreneur" shit on Instagram.


Posts pictures of their cubicle and "Grinding" or "Let's get this bread!"


The first insurance company I worked for was American income life. They don't have cubicles, but they constantly talk about how much money they made that week, call each other stud, use the fire emoji endlessly, and hashtag things like #hustle and #mindset. It's exhausting.


Dude I had a guy try to recruit me for that shit, I turned him down cause it seemed scammy to me. Instead of taking the “no” like an adult, he sent me a bunch of emails about how I was a waste of his time and how “it’s no wonder you’re unemployed”. Mind you, I was at the time transitioning out of the military, something he’d know if he took 1 second to look at my LinkedIn profile or resume


That man dont sleep. He always hustlin. And his imaginary haters always hatin.


The entrepreneur guy that swears all the time because he’s so real, or the sales guy with the pig nose that is usually on a walk through the neighborhood?


Guy also shits on people for having 'regular' jobs, wears poor-fitting suits, and typically spouts mysogynistic crap when women are uncomfortable with his pushy behavior.


Yeah, exactly the brand of "business people" who don't know shit about what they are doing and or are just trying to scam others. In Germany we had an really annoying wave of ads of such people that were screaming for attention. In one of theese ads some claimed something along the lines: All my cash makes me so horny, I could fuck this football While holding a football in the hand, like wtf how can anybody take such people serious enough to get "business" advice from them. My favorite video was one where you could actually see a small rental sticker on the Porsche.


These people are always so loud and annoying and have no clue about the pains in the ass associated with owning your own business. I had some dumb fucker just like that tell me to suddenly start playing hardball with clients to try making them pay me more (this is copywriting, where there are a million people who will do work cheaper than someone else). The way he was talking about 'making myself indispensable' was like he thought this was the sort of shit you see in those 90s business movies.


Yeah that's stupid, they also seem to try to push theese weird work at home and become a millionaire schemes that are obviously some kind of scam


if they were a scam why on earth would they be telling you about it instead of enjoying their millions and making millions more by having less competition???




Oh god, I know a guy like this. He’s done MLMs, stocks, and is now into cryptocurrency. He’s convinced any day he’ll just somehow wake up to billions in his bank account. He brags to me that he sometimes makes $30 a day. He’s unemployed and really hates it when I say I make $130 a day at my job.




Just saw 3 expensive looking cars with tires smoother than a beach ball.


Is it poverty or is it drag radials?


One easy trick to win all the races


Asking people on Facebook to get in on your Herbalife scheme Bragging about how you’re going to get rich from crypto but you keep talking about a different “coin” every week


It blows my mind that people can't see Herbalife is a pyramid scheme. Makes me think I should just start an online course on how to sell online courses instead of being the dumbass actually doing work to survive


My buddy jokes that he's gonna start a pyramid scheme that helps people get out of pyramid schemes.


taking pictures in a fake luxury airplane


A buddy of mine went to pretty high end clubs. There was this instagram dude constantly shooting pictures with empty expensive bottles that either he requested at the bar, or took off the tables. I can't imagine how much of a joke your life has become at that point lol


Not related to OP but thought worth a share... I work at a large campus for a company and on that campus there was a storeroom that held spare parts used for process equipment in the various labs etc. the manager of this building was always taking about how he had gone to bar XYZ or whatever the passed weekend and had bottle service etc. I always thought to myself how the hell does this guy afford this. Turns out he had made a series of fake companies and was “issuing spare parts” to these fake companies them invoicing the parent company that owned the campus. Years later during an audit people realized we were paying for items that didn’t actually exist on campus. Guys now in federal prison for many many years


Lol at the people who think they have found a loophole in the system buy are actually just committing easily discoverable crimes.


The coolest story I’ve heard is one day at a large municipal zoo, the parking lot attendant did not show up for work. The zoo employees noticed and called the city manager to let them know, only to be told that the city does not in fact employ anyone at the zoo. Some guy showed up at the zoo, built a lil shack and charged cars $5 and busses $20 to park for like 15 years. Millions of dollars. And one day he just vanished. I’d like to think He’s chillin on a beach with a giant mai tai right now just laughing uncontrollably.


I actually remember when this story came out, blew my mind. It was so simple and elegant I wasn't even mad honestly.


Located. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/fake-parking-attendant/ thought it sounded cool so I looked it up




Money speaks, but wealth whispers


Unless it’s middle east oil money. The young generation screams it


My uncle use to have an exclusive restaurant. Very expensive but extremely private. Nobody could look in, only 7 tables or so and all in well distance and somehow you could hardly see any other table. A lot of sport guys, politicians etc came there. And he always said the same, a young lawyer with his wife will come in full suit and park his Mercedes at the front door. Then a messi walks in, wearing flip flops 🤣


I was trained for private service at this same level. Probably served tables for the exact same people who ate in that restaurant. Your uncle was 100% correct. I can almost always tell when someone actually has money or when it’s all a front based on the way they’re dressed and the way they act.


There's a woman in my country who really takes it to the next level with pretending to be filthy rich. She hires 6-7 men all dressed in black to be her "bodyguards" and carry her purse everywhere she goes, make a whole production of it. When asked why she needed the bodyguards, she said she's afraid of her "haters". She'd also wear poofy princess dresses or anything equally gaudy, but unfortunately you can tell from the quality of her clothes they dont look that expensive.


man that was so funny


Use to work at a 7/11. Once a month for a week this guy would come in with a rented green Cadillac and a very obvious prostitute on his arm. Would flash a wad of money while in the store and make it VERY specific that he wants $10 on "THAT GREEN CADILLAC RIGHT THERE!" Co-worker told me he does it with his SSI check.


who did he think he was impressing pumping $10 worth of gas?


He's probably filling it just enough to return the rental without having to pay refueling fees lmao


This is what I would ashamedly ask the gas attendant when I was 16 and could barely afford gas on my shitbox Integra held together with duct tape. “10 on that grey, green, and black integra right there”


Once a month for a week


Live in alaska. You have NO IDEA who has money and who doesn’t here. Well, like if they’ve got a Hewes craft, that’s some indication.


Is it because everybody drives a Subaru?


Yes. Yes we do, can confirm. I have a forester.


Subarus are great in the snow. They are crazy popular in Northern Utah as well.




I served on a federal grand jury and some of the cases we saw were bank robberies. For one of the guys they were looking for an indictment for they showed us his Facebook profile pic of him holding a roll of cash… he was wearing the same thing he robbed a bank in.


God prosecutors must love Facebook. The amount of incriminating shit I’ve seen people post on their profiles is mind boggling


And then people say that there are tracking chips in the COVID vaccine. As if the government needs to try tracking us. We track ourselves, and report everything we do. Even crime.


LPT: Desperate for quick cash? Don't rob a bank, rob a bingo parlor. They're required by law (depending on jurisdiction) to have enough cash on hand to cover all the scratch off lotto tickets as well as all the bingo action. That's an easy half million for a mid-sized location. Just watch for grandpa with the colt 45 strapped to his oxygen tank.


Bruce Willis’ next movie. *A retired cop, with nothing to lose, a life full of regret .... and one last chance to be a hero* **Bingo was the Game-O**


Dude, I swear to fucking god, if Bruce Willis is in a retirement home bingo vigilante movie, I'm gonna come back here and raise a shrine to you.


Banks are one of the worst targets for a robbery. If you get caught (and you will) it's a federal charge.


If you're robbing a bank you're not thinking about getting caught or the charges. But you should be thinking about how little money you'll actually get.


There was an interesting statistic about that, which I can't seem to find, right now. The general idea is that most bank robberies go unsolved, but most bank robbers get caught. The real statistic has numbers supporting that. Apparently robbing a bank isn't something that a person does just once, unless they get caught immediately.


Flexing with rent money.


I like to call it "preserving the memory of having money".


"Mmmm, look how rich my landlord about to become"


My shady ass landlord that only accepts cash.


Still better than the landlord that only accepts shady ass.


It’s easy to wave around fat wads of cash when dollar bills are a thing. Benjamin’s on the outside, singles on the inside.


It’s also easy to just withdraw 80% of your net worth from the nearest ATM, take some pics, then redeposit it. I mean, unless you’re a drug dealer, who has that much cash anyway?


>It’s also easy to just withdraw 80% of your net worth from the nearest ATM, take some pics, then redeposit it. I tried this, but the ATM won't let me withdraw less than $20.


Y'all on the 'Gram holdin' money to your ear There's a disconnect, we don't call that money over here \-jay z


Bragging about how much money you have. Clothes and accessories with huge logos on them. Posting pictures of new items you purchased on instagram and stuff.


Especially cause the brands that actually impress rich folks are the ones the rest of us have never even heard of.


Mark Zuckerberg's trademark gray t-shirts are like $400 each and have no branding. Same with Steve Jobs' turtlenecks. They're custom made by some high end tailor. I bet they're super comfy.


If I ended up super wealthy (doubtful), I'd love to have a decently nice house and travel a lot. But I hope I still wouldn't care about having high end brands or impressing people. I'm already rich and can do what I want, who cares who's impressed? Edit: Sure, I'd have nothing against buying nice clothes just because they're nice.


If money was no object, I would have my clothes all tailored in comfortable materials by an old guy that makes me feel like a classless moron. If he is in business with that attitude he must be good.


"May I presume *sir* would like the crotch area "enhanced?""


Oh yes. I was thinking a laser might be the thing.


Enhance. Enhance. ENHANCE. NO! It still looks too small!!


The huge logo thing is funny to me. I remember when the polo shirts with the HUGE polo guy logo came out and thought about how tacky it looked. It used to be a nice little subtle accent on the shirt. Plenty of other brands have gone this way too from being a nice product with a subtle or small logo that people who knew what it was would notice. Now it's about making the logo huge so that's all you see.


So all those brands have tiering. Anything that is big or in your face is pretty much the lowest tier from a quality and style perspective, but will have the biggest mark up. They use these to subsidize the more exclusive lines of clothing. And laugh at the poors.


Yeah, notably for Ralph Lauren specifically: Their higher-end stuff *never* has the logo on it. The basic stuff has the small one, the crappy stuff is covered in logos.


the way the giant logo thing happed was that Ralph Lauren made the ball boys at the US open wear polos with oversized logos so you could see their polo player logo much easier on TV. Much to their surprise, people flooded them with inquires about where to buy them, so they started producing them.


Me, telling people I own Bitcoin, but conveniently not mentioning that I only own .002BTC


Same but 0.00054BTC


*lifts pinky* I too am a ten-thousanth-aire.


Bragging about wealth or high paying jobs. Most of the rich people I've known in my life were actually quite quiet and secretive about their wealth.


Some guy who keeps asking me out is exactly like this. He keeps alluding that he’s rich but he’s obviously not. He’s a real estate agent and I’m sure he makes a good enough living, but trying to flaunt it like he doesn’t is irritating. I’ve dated a guy, and am still friends with, whose dad owns a international company that’s been exceedingly profitable. I literally wouldn’t have known the extent of their wealth had I not been to his dads house. Otherwise he’s super down to earth.


Real estate guy is trying to exude an image of success so that people thinks he’s a good salesman. “I sell houses baby.. which car you want me to pick you up in tonight? *wink* :: pulls open Turo :: :: desperately searches for a BMW ::


Bingo. My grandma is easily the richest person I know and she drives a used Toyota, lives in an old and cheap neighborhood, shops at the cheap grocery store, wears really simple clothing clothing, and only eats out when she goes to her favourite breakfast join where she gets the early bird special for $4.50. She definitely spends money elsewhere (taking the family on nice vacations, paying for everyone's education, donating lots of money to her favourite charities) but her day to day life is VERY simple. You'd never know how wealthy she is. I know quite a few wealthy families and they all do this--none of them give a shit about being flashy, they all care about living a normal life and only buying high quality items.


My dad taught me the best way to build wealth is to not spend money you don't need to.


Yeah I grew up wealthy (my Dad) and he always, I mean always, taught me to never talk about money or how much we had with other people and to be modest and humble. My Mom literally drove different makes of Jeeps for my entire childhood and Volvo's for my Dad. My Dad never told me how much he mad, even now that I'm 28 and he just retired 1 month ago. When I was growing up, we went out to dinner for birthdays, occasional holiday, and I can remember ordering in food literally maybe 5 times in 18 years. Like you said, he always told me just because you have money, you can treat yourself from time to time of course, but that doesn't mean you need to spend your money on every little thing. I'm very grateful my parents taught me these values


My dad is a radiologist and was one for 30+ years in a city where there was only one radiology department and one hospital. My entire life growing up, I had no idea that we were wealthy. For a couple of years, we lived in a rental house, and we didn’t have anything extravagant – no one in my family got an iPhone until it was popular and therefore cheaper, same with Bluray and plasma TVs. I thought we were middle class my entire life (the only thing was we had a HUGE yard) until I was in high school and one of my teachers said that my family was rich. Had me questioning my family’s financial status honestly, but I’m glad my dad never flaunted his wealth


Not gonna lie, without knowing any context, a teacher bringing that up feels slightly fucked.


I don’t even remember why he did bring that up, but honestly, it ended up making me more insecure after he did. Not, like, financial anxiety or anything, just a matter of “how much do I not know and do people only like me bc they know my dad’s a radiologist”


This is why. It just seems like a particularly weird thing for a teacher to tell a student. I can't really imagine a point to it, if there even was one.




In Norway there's always a 3 week celebration when finishing high school, culminating in a parade on our national holiday. All cities and town host parades that day. In this parade the HS seniors often use old cars and vans which they paint, decorate and mount stereos on. Usually 3-6 student come together and split the cost. Bear in mind the only thing required of these vans is to manage running for those 3 weeks. All in good fun. Now in the big cities, there is a tradition for students to acquire buses. Buses with a full time hired driver so everyone can drink, always. And they mount them with top notch speaker systems on the roof(rented) and host parties. Every year they interview some of these kids and have them reveal what this madness costs. Usually it's about 30-40k € per head when all expenses are paid. Daddy pays ofc Now you'd think these are the rich kids, bits it's not. It's the kids of those who want to look rich. People who have mortgages to the sky buying a house in rich adjacent neighbourhoods. Rich kids don't bother flashing fancy buses in public ,they host private parties amongst themselves.




People who show off stacks of cash on pictures instead of depositing it into a bank account.


An expensive, current year model car, parked in front of a low income apartment complex.


On an 80 month loan with 12% APR


I have an 84 month loan but it's at 0%. I mean fuck if you just gonna give the use of your money away like that...


If it’s 0% I don’t blame you at all. And usually you can pay it off early if you want without any fees.


I live in some cheap, crappy apartments. There’s some dude whose window blinds are all messed up and broken, and the inside of his apartment is disgusting and there’s crap everywhere. He drives a brand new Audi cross over and parks half in the motorcycle parking and half in the handicap parking. Edit:spelling


My favorite moment at my old complex was seeing the BMW of my terrible neighbor (very young, parties all night multiple times a week, etc.) getting repossessed. They were kicked out soon after. Whoopsies.


I use to walk through a lot of trailer parks for my job and the amount of times I saw a brand new Challenger or Charger sitting parked by one is not an insignificant number.


Bonus points if you have deep subprime credit, and pay 19% interest on it.


Driving an old Maserati you bought a few months ago, only to sell it in a few weeks, bc you're too poor for the repairs


A guy tried to pick me up in a bar once by flexing his Maserati. Practically begging me to go outside and check it out. I'm into cars and was ready for a smoke, so a grabbed a buddy -- safety first and all -- and went with him to check this beast out. It was a Lebaron with a body kit. Maybe it was the booze or maybe it was because he thought people believed this was the real deal, but I laughed so hard I almost peed myself. It wasn't even a well done kit...looked janky af & like the paint job was courtesy of My Buddy's Garage.


What we used to call a Brooklyn bank account. Simultaneously wearing every single piece of jewelry you own.


Anything that reads "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect"


Women who post a bit too often about how great it is to be your own boss and be living a plush life and here are pictures of me by a pool wearing a sparkly swimsuit and you too can be rich, set your own hours, travel, and get to lounge by pools if only you sign up with this definitely-not-a-pyramid-scheme company. Bonus points for having a glass of wine in the shot and forgetting to move the box it came in out of the shot, thus ruining the illusion that it was expensive wine.


Here in the Philippines: Posting tons of selfies while holding their Starbucks drink, just taken at different angles.


Buying baby Burberry or Gucci clothes. Just stupid. *I work in retail and see it all the time. "I've been saving since I got pregnant for these baby shoes" etc


Honestly, anyone that feels the need to openly display how "much" money they have. By flexing designer clothes, talking about their income, showing off their car, etc. It just screams insecurity. Aside from maybe a few outliers, the only people who do this are poor or kids spending their parent's money.


>kids spending their parent's money. When I see that they're young, this is always what I think lol


Posting money related quotes on social media


As much as some of these examples are based on shitty choices, there's also the fact that the poorer people get, the less stake they have in any kind of future or long term thinking. That's not a critique of their intellect, it's just their reality that they're never going to be able to travel, own a home, any of the basic aspirations that used to be drilled into people as options if they worked hard. So where I might see a big TV as something that'd be nice, but I don't need one right now, they see that as being as good as life gets, watching bullshit in increasingly higher definition, because poverty doesn't have room for long term gratification. Edit: This seems to have resonated. Thanks everyone. It's something I heard a couple of years back that's really stuck with me, and made me less judgmental. Next time someone tells you what a great life those welfare/benefit scroungers have, remind them that that same life could be theirs as long as they're prepared to lower their expectations to almost zero.


Your comment brought tears to my eyes. You are soo right about that.


A $3000 Stereo and $3000 Rims on a POS Beater car.


with the trunk rattling more than the subs


Fun fact, drug dealers and gang members spend their cash on that kind of shit on purpose. They do it for a number of reasons, namely because they can't use banks (leaves a trail and opens you up to audits/police scrutiny), large piles of cash get stolen or taken by police , and possessions like jewelery and rims can be pawned in case of emergency. Police don't need a warrant to take large sums of cash, but they do need one to take unrelated items like jewelry, rims, and stereos (even if they're all but sure said items were obtained with illegal funds). For example, if they take a gang member in for suspected murder, they couldn't take the jewelry in his home or the crap in his car without a reason. He can keep his mouth shut, pawn things, and hire a lawyer with cash. **Edit:** source, my brother. He was a distributer with a major gang before he got arrested on an unrelated charge. He talked to me about the life he led after he got out of jail and it was wild. **Edit2:** since people are updooting this, I'll add a little more. For those wondering why drug dealers do what they do, the answer is simple; desperation, lack of options, and doing sometime stupid before knowing the full consequences. Once you're caught dealing drugs, you're fucked. Because of the way we treat convicted felons, getting stable work that isn't exploitative gets exponentially harder. Basically, many get pushed back into dealing drugs because they can't find stable work elsewhere, they can only afford the cheapest housing options, and they're all but corralled into neighborhoods that are infested with crime. Drug dealers often need a fresh start to get back on their feet, especially if they started using at some point. The bootstraps mentality all but guarantees recidivism. One thing people tend to forget is that most criminals are just people who made a mistake. When you picture a felon, most people picture a rapist or murderer. What they don't picture is a highschool dropout with girlfriend and two kids doing "what needs to be done" to support them. Retribution justice makes us non-criminals feel good, but it increases crime overall and dehumanizing people Edit 3: holy heck!!! Thanks for the awards! That's the first award I've ever gotten. I'm glad this comment resonated with a lot of people Edit 4: check out agathyrsi's comment for a much more in-depth explanation into the structures of illicit organizations.


Women before separate bank accounts did this with things like jewellery and fancy dresses - the moment you need to get out of dodge you sell it all and take the cash. This is where the "magpie" trope came from - people who never understood it wasn't hoarding anything shiny but rather life insurance in case shit went south.


"Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" A kiss may be grand But it won't pay the rental On your humble flat Or help you at the automat Men grow cold As girls grow old And we all lose our charms in the end But square-cut or pear-shaped These rocks don't loose their shape Diamonds are a girl's best friend


A little yes a little no. If they are busted while in the car, that car is seized and gone as a drug op proceed. If they do "controlled purchases" (sell to an undercover) under surveillance using the car, it is also very likely seized when they get busted. It's now more done to appear like a successful dealer to others in the hood, because that was one of the original reasons (aside from just being flashy/enjoying money). Generally, the most sophisticated thing wiser street level gangs do is purchase real estate or cryptocurrency in cash, after laundering for a few months/years. Ever wonder why some hoods randomly have a bitcoin atm? Some street level guys usually spend nearly everything they have - cars, clothes, motorcycles, rent, jewelry, supporting a girl, and random stuff that makes no sense in the hood. Many street level guys don't even control their own trade...they are selling someone else's product so they don't truly see the big profits. Here's a fun fact - a lot of the outfit leaders don't want their boys to have too much money on them, ever. Makes them harder to control. If they are always hungry then they are always out on the corners selling and listening to their higher up. The ones that don't spend almost everything minus a few grand they have stashed, the good ones will often keep a nest egg separated from themselves. A lot of street level guys don't even retain their own attorney, they just keep the PD (since their "income" is $0) and a take a plea bargain. You know when a street level guy is either smart or knows too much (can rat) when they have their own attorney. As in, someone paid for them to have an attorney. The actual shotcallers and distributors who own the drugs that are being sold launder the money or bundle it up and stash it in several spots. The more sophisticated ones will purchase legitimate or front businesses. Even becoming a "silent partner" with someone a bit more legitimate. These guys will always have an attorney when caught. There's also a lot of ways gang dealers can get paid, depending on their standing and agreement. Lookouts/touts are generally the youngest and most junior rank and paid inconsistently..as their name suggest they are lookouts and also direct people to runners. A runner is a level up and actually handle drugs and cash. They are often paid a flat amount daily, or inconsistently like runners (for example thrown $20 every X event happens). My whereabouts, these guys might gross $50-100 a day. They have to run to get the re-ups, hide the stash money, and coordinate with the cornerboys to make sure in many cases, the drugs and cash are never in the same spot. Cornerboys/street soldiers are their name suggests..are often found on corners. These are your typical 'dealers'. Their job is to actually "hold" the corner. It's their interest things go smoothly. They might take the money while the runner gets the custie (customer) the product. The are "on" that corner/street but it isn't "their" street. They get a larger flat rate per day than runners. A few might get a cut, which is seen as a lot better, which usually implies they are considered a 'street soldier'. What divorces these guys from mafia "soldiers" is that a each made man soldier is supposed to have their OWN operations and keep a % and kick up the rest...always kick up. Every group of cornerboys/street soldiers has a captain/crew boss that often doubles as a soldier (mafia terms would be a capo, even though capo oversees soldiers) to lead it. A gang of 30 members might be broken up into about 4 or 5 groups each led by crew boss. Some of them would be considered "OG"s. These guys get a % of what their corner moves and are usually on it but stay tad away from it. This level is also where you find more consistent players who have skin in the game (the profits are theirs). If you step too close to these guys, their boys will get between you. More sophisticated rings will have a class of elevated soldiers, sort of like a VP of a department, where instead of being a capo of a crew, they oversee a specific area - logistics (getting from wholesaler/importer), security, and so on. Shotcaller's are usually OG's. They always have skin in the game and run a few blocks/corners. Not every gang set has one, sometimes decentralized gangs have a few resulting in a more horizontal hierarchy at the crew boss level. Think of the gang acting like a collective then to combine resources to re-up and mutual defense. Sometimes these guys are practically untouchable because they never touch the product. Sometimes they are too proud and will get pinched trying to move something on their own. However, they always have to make their rounds to keep everyone aware who runs the place. Many are cautious and do not enter stores they don't need to, instead having their underlings do it for them. This is because say, they go into the chicken spot to order, their posse will join them and they aren't letting anyone in/near their shotcaller. Shotcallers may have someone they report to but that gets into extremely secretive territory. Then of course the outside organizations of wholesalers and importers that distribute the product in bulk amounts to them. They are often domestic mafia and organized crime, or foreign cartel/mafia organizations. Again, very secretive territory where it is publicly known how an organization is structured but actual details aren't available.


I worked a min wage job for a long time and it was crazy to me how many of my co workers always had the newest IPhone, an expensive Starbucks drink *twice* a day, and obviously expensive clothes, hair, and makeup. It just all went on credit. However, it is ridiculously expensive to live where I am ($1 million for a 1000 square foot home built in the 1980's level expensive) and I think the apathy over knowing they will never own a home no matter how hard they work and save leads people to simply buy what gives them that rush of dopamine and makes their day to day life more enjoyable. Rent is also super expensive here, about $1500 a month for a 1 bedroom ~500 square foot place. It's hard to blame people for spending the little bit of money they have left over at the end of the month on fun things rather than saving it.


Couple that with the fact that a lot of assistance programs have limitations on income AND savings to qualify, and you a disincentive to try to get to a better place. "I WANT to save up a few thousand dollars so if a medical bill comes up or my car dies I can actually fix it, but if I have more than $1000 in the bank I'll lose my income of $400/mo." Basically they get penalized for being responsible and trying to get to the point that they can actually get off the assistance programs. This right here is a HUGE reason you see so much extravagant spending on non-essentials by the very low income, they have to spend it right now or they screw themselves over. "I literally have no more room to store food and toiletries, but I still have this $1000 from my taxes I need to spend by the end of the month. I guess we're getting that latest iPhone after all."


And this is why people say the way our system is set up is to keep people poor, this is what they mean here.


When my sister and I were little we would unplug the receiver of the phone, take it outside, and pretend to talk on it. The hope was that someone would see us and think we had one of those new-fangled cordless phones and be jealous.


Making 45k a year but getting a truck that's 40k off the lot.


I have a high school friend who is a self proclaimed rapper. We are in our late 30s. He has LV and Burberry everything, and posts photos of his shoes, belts, sunglasses, and even face masks. He poses in front of his apartment that I know is not the best. He also has a go fund me for studio time. He has a few kids and I’m in touch with his first baby momma. She says his income reported to the court does not match his lifestyle. I am hoping he has success in his career, for the kids’ sake.


For British people - holidays to Dubai. Often the same price as going to Spain but somehow seen as ‘flashy’ and aspirational despite being a miserable hole built on slavery




Blatant displays of tryhard 'wealth' in the form of ostentatious brand names, flashy accessories, etc. A couple of genuinely rich people I know keep it very low key. They have money in stuff like property, don't flaunt their wealth in your face, and often look/dress like Joe Average from the suburbs.


When your car is completely pimped but your house has a tarp on the roof and 18 inch grass in the lawn.


Gucci belt buckle on them raggedy ass ross jeans you sag just so everyone can see the belt.


Spending half your paycheck on a pair of yeezys


Honestly, the entire sneakerhead thing never made sense to me. I knew a guy in college who only ate ramen and cereal to afford his fancy sneaker collection, and not a single human being on campus was impressed. He spent four grand on one pair. Bro, you have student debt you could've spent that on...


Those dumb-ass "I want it, I got it" tiktoks


$75,000 car parked in front of a $75,000 house.


Overly gold furniture or gaudy furniture in general. It’s like a poor mans perception of rich.


Shilling online coaching on how to get rich. Usually business/trading/crypto stuff if you're a man and MLM/manifestation stuff if you're a woman. Not that there aren't people who get rich, through selling courses, not through the methods they're teaching, but the market is oversaturated.


My aunt was what we call a "Mountain William". It's a term for a hillbilly (which we are, to a degree) who has had a taste of the finer life and wants everyone to think they are rich and high society. I loved her to death, she was and is my favorite aunt. Sweetest most generous woman I might ever meet. But her home had an air of... Falseness about it that shaped my view of people well into adulthood. She loved "crystal". Bowls, lamps, chandeliers in every room made of crystal or fake crystal. Baskets that were supposed to mimic wicker, but we're woven with fake gold wire with crystals embedded aesthetically. She had fancy looking furniture, and it was probably expensive, but the fact that her massage chair was probably the most expensive thing in her whole house just enhanced that fake richness of the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, her home was beautiful and as a kid, I was so afraid to touch anything because it looked so nice. But it also just felt fake. So to me, surrounding yourself with grandure like that feels fake.


Too many times I clean up after evictions and there is empty bottles of grey goose, Hennessy. Expensive clothes, shoes. Many things that if they just bought cheaper stuff or nothing at all they would have been able to pay the rent.


“If I work the extra hours, it will bump be into the next tax bracket and I’ll make less because of higher tax”


I always seem to see people flying Spirit with Louis Vuitton bags at LAX.


Not entirely sure if this belongs here, but here goes. I work as a host in a small restaurant with average prices ($10-15 a plate, plus drinks, etc). Yesterday, two middle aged women with generic Karen haircuts pulled up in a new Mercedes, came in, and immediately became outraged that we had a waiting list, due to being understaffed in the middle of a lunch rush. I offered to put them on the list, and one of them pulls out her credit card, shows it to me, and assertively says “Okay, are you going to seat us now?” I assumed that she had one of those limitless cards, which I literally couldn’t care less about, and told her that it didn’t matter, and she’d just have to wait. They went and stood outside (even though we had set up chairs so people could sit while they wait) and glared at me the entire time. They kept coming in and asking why I couldn’t seat them, which I answered with the truthful answer of being terribly understaffed, as two servers and a cook had been injured in a car accident that morning (they’re fine, no major injuries, but the car was totaled). Eventually, after a 20 minute wait, I call them and seat them on the patio, and they proceed to order about $80 worth of food and drinks, going so far as to pour their first round of Bloody Mary’s onto the ground just to prove to the unfortunate people around them that they didn’t care about the cost of their food. Then, when they were given their bill, they wait until the server goes back inside, and they run out of the patio gate, hop in their car, and drive away without paying. Unfortunately for them, Karen had decided to back in to her parking space out front, with her license plate clearly visible to the outside security camera. A police report was then immediately filed by my manager. It was a good day. tldr: a couple of Karens drove up to my restaurant in a new car, flashed their credit cards at us, wasted food to prove how little they cared about money, drove away without paying their bill, and are now most likely in jail. Edit: added the tldr