What is far deadlier than most people realize? [serious]

What is far deadlier than most people realize? [serious]


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Being poor. You can't afford basic health care basic dental basic decent anything and your health pays for it. Not going to the dentist can kill you. Not being able to afford medication can kill you. Not being able to afford a day off to rest when you're feeling bad. Being broke doesn't just suck because you can't do "fun stuff " being broke sucks because you have to choose between your health and your immediate well being. And hard work alone won't lift you out of that deadly negative cycle.


Grapefruit in combination with many -- MANY -- prescription drugs. Basically, grapefruit can affect the way your medications work. With some meds, adding grapefruit screws up the way your body metabolizes the drug, so you end up with far more than the prescribed dosage. It can also work in the opposite way with other drugs, leaving you with less than the prescribed dosage. This is especially bad if you have high blood pressure or arrhythmia. This article on the FDA site explains it way better: https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/grapefruit-juice-and-some-drugs-dont-mix


I take a high dose of calcium channel blockers. One time in college I tried a crash diet where you eat a grapefruit for breakfast. My medicine bottle says not to eat grapefruit, but this had never been pointed out by a doctor or pharmacist so I thought it wasn't a big deal. The second day, I decided maybe it was worth looking into so I called my pharmacist to ask what would happen if I did eat grapefruit. Over the phone he said over and over, "no, don't eat grapefruit," and wouldn't tell me exactly what would happen. Finally I was like "well, I already did, so what do I need to be worried about?" I ended up being completely fine, but I got a more stern scolding from that pharmacist than I've gotten from my parents for anything.


Not sure if it's been said, but untreated sleep apnea. You literally stop breathing, and get little quality sleep. The stress on your cardiovascular system is immense. Get tested. Period. Then wear the CPAP no matter how unsexy it is. Or maybe surgery to eliminate or reduce the problem.


Quit drinking. Been an EMT for a while and work with a lot of the homeless population. Will gets calls for people who decided today is the day to finally quit drinking and do it cold turkey. As soon as the next morning people can present with delirium tremens, severe withdrawals can induce seizures and can also lead to death. A lot of these people will think because they quit hard drugs like heroin or meth cold turkey alcohol would be the same without knowing the major effects it can have on your health. Edit: Guess I should add this is only for people with alcohol dependency and not all your casual or even heavier drinkers


This goes for most gabaeric drugs. Benzos, gabapentin/pregabalin, alcohol and some antidepressants are serious shit. When I was usin xans and dope we’d always joke that dope will kill ya from the dose and xans will kill ya from Withdrawal


Trucker here. I've had two blood clots in my legs from driving long distances and having my leg pressed against the corner of the seat for hours on end. One almost killed me. Apparently it's very common with truckers. You're supposed to stop and walk around every hour and a half to keep things circulating (which almost nobody does due to time constraints). The same thing happens in gaming chairs apparently - people forget to move their legs because they're so focused on the game. You don't need to worry so much if you're younger, but if you're a gamer who's a little older, please be aware.


Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a well documented effect of long haul flights too. Which is why pilots who fly long haul and ultra long haul (flights lasting more than 10 hrs) wear pressure socks. Passengers are advised to walk around the cabin once every few hours. With flights lasting up to 18 hours, this is a necessity. Get the blood moving. If any of these clots somehow dislodge and reach your heart, it is goodbye.


MD here… clots form in medium sized veins, most commonly in the legs. If part of that clot breaks off, it travels up the larger veins that feed to the heart. It then enters the right side of the heart where blood is pumped to the lungs to be oxygenated. The arteries in the lung get progressively smaller the further from the heart. This is where clots can be problematic (not the heart which is a larger diameter). If the clot is large and blocks one of the larger arteries (or worse saddles at the branch to both lungs) it can be fatal for three reasons. First, it creates extra pressure that the heart has to pump against. The right side of the heart doesn’t handle pressure well like the left side (where a typical systolic pressure is 20-30 vs 120+ of the left). Small increases in pressure can cause extra strain in the right heart leading to heart failure, severe peripheral edema, and death. Secondly, the clot can cause a lung infarction and kill off part of the lung. And lastly, it prevents oxygenation. Luckily, the vast majority of pulmonary embolisms lodge in smaller more peripheral vessels where they only cause the latter, blocking some oxygenation and causing mild shortness of breath and chest pain. They are easily treated with blood thinners and avoiding the provoking cause.


Everyone who read this started moving their legs around


Driving while tired. All you need is that one slow part, or that one part that lulls even a little to put you out.


Penile Fracture - if this happens to you do not hesitate to get medical help. 12 weeks ago this happened to me. The tissue that fills with blood and makes the penis erect can fracture when impacted awkwardly. Bend at 45 degs and a huge hematoma and swelling. I went the ED and after the poor student doctor saw it, I was rushed into hospital. I was informed if it wasn’t surgically fixed it could mean necrosis and removal! The surgical procedure involved de-gloving the penis, removing the hematoma, stitching up the fractured tissue under the skin and then stitching the skin back on. Still having nerve pain not mention the effect it’s had on our sex life.


De-gloving the penis. Nope. Thats brutal man hope you get better soon.


A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) gives people a figure reminiscent of the Kardashians and is hugely popular for getting that instagram body. But a paper in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal found that 1 in 3,000 BBLs resulted in death, making it the world’s most dangerous cosmetic procedure!


Testicular torsion - don't be embarrassed to ask for help. In ALL honesty, the embarrassment is ALL IN YOUR HEAD. Doctors & nurses **REALLY** don't give a fuck, they really don't care, and aren't judging you one bit. They have seen EVERYTHING, and then some more. But they WILL judge you if you make the foolish decision not to seek help coz of made-up embarrassment and lose your balls. The pain might not be severe, but you have a few hours tops before your balls die. EDIT: To put some numbers to this - if you wait longer then 6 hours, permanent damage may occur. After 12 hours, there's a 75% chance of losing the testicle. (source: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/190514)


I had emergency surgery to fix testicular torsion. I went to the ER because my right ball was very tender and painful to touch and they ordered an ultrasound to confirm it was twisted. When the doctor returned he said I was being booked in for surgery that day otherwise I’d lose it. Went in at 10am and left at 6pm with a stitched up sack. Wasn’t very fun.


Canoeing. People misjudge currents all the time. 12 year old girl died here just last weekend.




Truth. When everyone made a big deal about postpartum depression while I was pregnant, I was unimpressed. By two months of new-parent no-sleep, I completely understood the danger.


A hangnail. Yes. Seriously. I had a hangnail once. It got infected. It became swollen and inflamed. The swelling sealed it shut, the abscess became worse, I went to urgent care. They took one look at my finger, and sent me to the ER. I was becoming septic. I spend about 36 hours in the hospital, then home for 2 months of antibiotics. I could have died.


[Weirs](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weir) It's amazing how many people play around them or swim just upstream of them. Almost no one knows the bottom of them is a death trap of rotating undercurrent and almost no one knows how to escape one if you do get stuck in it. Even if you do know how to get out you'll have a hell of a time of it. If a kid gets stuck in one they're as good as dead, as is anyone who goes in to save them. Very few actually have warnings around them. If you unluckily get trapped in one try to swim down to the bottom and swim/claw your way downstream along the bottom a ways and then swim up to the surface. [Example](http://photos.wikimapia.org/p/00/00/01/24/33_big.jpg) [Example](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/37/Radyr_Weir.JPG) [Example](https://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/c4443095c8ef3a4f726a7c02a87deef734ec293a/c=199-0-2660-1850&r=x404&c=534x401/local/-/media/2017/03/20/USATODAY/USATODAY/636256316802330642-032017low-head-dam20120707.jpg) They're called low head dams or run of the river dams in some parts of the world. Sometimes warning signs for them will just say DAM. Keep in mind this danger is present anytime water is flowing shallow and fast over the top of something into deeper water at an angle. Even a large rock or fallen tree that has water running over it can create the same underwater trap.


Got caught in one as a preteen. I was downstream of it where the water was only about 2.5ft deep and decided to walk up to it and climb it. Once I got close my footing just dropped out from under me because it had eroded to be about 6-8 ft deep there and I got tumbled underwater until I managed to kick off the bottom of the damn thing far enough towards where the water would push me downstream instead of sucking me back in. I remember coughing up some water and throwing up some water in the shallows below it and being near to exhausted to drag myself to shore. I still can’t believe they don’t post more warnings or rope these death traps off. Fuck teaching children about quicksand, teach kids about these forms of population control littering rivers and streams. Oh yeah, this was an incredibly small one too. If it had been any deeper or bigger I definitely would’ve died.


Is quicksand even that dangerous, it can be pretty viable and i've never seen enough of it to actually trap a person


grapefruit juice interacts with a lot of medications and could be very harmful to you depending on the medications you take


Mosquitos; Those little f\*ckers Killed billions of peoples throughout the course of History, by transmitting them deadly diseases. If you see a mosquito, kill it, or it might kill you.


Get that UTI handled or get a nasty kidney infection


Essential oils. Do NOT put them in your food, they are not made to be food safe


People are putting essential oils in food??


I’m on a cooking page on Facebook and the amount of people who use lemon grass essential oil instead of actual lemon grass is atrocious. Whenever people post about it, they mostly get negative comments. But when people agree with their usage, I shudder.


Some of them are capable of burning a hole in your esophagus. Why people think they're food safe I'll never know


Vacation. Particularly in nature if you’re not used to being in nature. There’s a book called Death in Yellowstone and talks about all the weird ways people have died there. Walking off cliffs, falling trees, falling into boiling water… there’s the obvious wildlife attacks but there’s plenty of less obvious ways. The thing is, people are relaxing for once on vacation and they put themselves in different environments than they’re used to. They have their guards down.


Holding your breath while scuba diving. To most people who don't scuba dive it may sound harmless but if you hold your breath and ascend even a little over a meter you can suffer major lung damage as a result of the gas in your lungs expanding from the lessening pressure.


When I was training to dive my instructor took a gallon milk jug down with us and he filled it half full with air and brought it upwards, explaining what he would do before we went down. It didn't take long before it filled completely with air and blew the cap off as we were going up. When we got to the surface, he said "Imagine that was your lungs."




Oleander (Nerium) In fact, it's one of the most common ornamental plants in Southern California, planted in people's backyards and along freeways. The only problem is it's one of the most poisonous plants in the world. Toxic compounds include nerioside, oleandroside, and saponins.


My mother's friend was trying to sell her a face cream called Nerium. My mom took one look at the ingredients and told the lady she was an idiot. Of course Nerium fills in your wrinkles, your face is swelling from an allergic reaction


Oh God that MLM?? Old college GF got deep into it, Nerium was a huge MLM and she kept bugging me to get in on it. I’m like “no. It’s a pyramid scheme.” When they have to explain why it’s not a pyramid scheme, it’s a pyramid scheme. Of course my Facebook feed was filled with all types of “get rid of wrinkles/cellulite” creams…I blocked her. Turns out the company has had like a billion lawsuits against it, and changed its name to “Neora” or something….hate these MLMs




Throwing a single punch. Here in Australia it's been criminalised because fights in pubs and clubs are pretty common. The single punch isn't what causes injury, but falling to the ground and hitting their head on the curb can kill, especially since drunk people usually don't have the capacity to soften their fall. Think twice before you risk losing/taking a life over losing your pride for a night.


Touching shit inside a guitar amp can fuck you up really bad. It holds a charge. And it all comes out at once if you touch the wrong spot.


Anything with big capacitors follows this rule. That includes anything with an ac power supply.


especially one of those tube amps. tubes need a lot of power.


Digging and playing in holes on the beach like I used to love to do as a kid. They cave in and smother kids.[dangers in the sand](https://obxbeachaccess.com/dangers-of-digging-in-the-sand/)


When i was small we went on holiday to France. I remember watching a little boy, slightly older than me, digging a hole in the sand. It was really deep. Suddenly all the sand collapsed on him. All the adults rushed to dig him out. I think he was ok but it terrified me.


Going for runs on the roads at night without wearing lights or reflectors. Often times people even wear black. They think that just because they can see the car that the car can see them. It only takes one accident to change someone’s life completely.


Smoke. It's not only the fire that can kill you, and there is a very good reason you're taught to stay low escaping a fire. The 'smoke' is a hot gas layer that can melt your face off. Edit: Since this comment has some visibility, I'm going to use it for a public safety announcement: A *working* smoke alarm is the single most effective fire safety tool you can have. By far. Early warning will save your life. Most fatal fires happen in the middle of the night when families are asleep. The difference between life and death are only minutes apart. If you have smoke alarms in your house, make sure they're on every level, and test them regularly. If you haven't done in a while, do it now. If you don't have smoke alarms on every level of your home, go out and buy them. Your life is worth the money.


Smoke is also *far* more incapacitating than you think it's going to be. My apartment building caught fire, and when I ran out of my door to get downstairs and outside, I took 1 breath and my lungs burned so badly, I couldn't breathe at all for the rest of the way. I felt like I was dying in less than a second. The heat was unbearable even though I never was close enough to the flames to even see them, and there was absolutely NO visibility whatsoever in the smoke. I couldn't even see the end of my nose, and definitely wouldn't have been able to get out if I wasn't right next to the staircase and knew the stairs well. It's just absolutely nothing like you expect it to be. It's *not* like when your kitchen gets smoky because you burned something.


And that’s forgetting the lung damage that it can do


I survived a house fire when I was 12. 25 years later I still have to explain the scarring on my lungs when I have a chest x-ray. I have also developed a long-term respiratory illness. I don't really complain, though, since if my dad had woken up 5 minutes later we would all have died.


Visine. People seem to have this idea that a few drops of visine in someone’s drink will give them diarrhea, and do it to prank each other, or get some sort of satisfaction with petty revenge. People are sitting in prison for murder for doing this. The main active ingredient is called tetrahydrozoline. Once it enters your gastrointestinal tract, it can be absorbed by your intestines and end up in your blood, causing your blood pressure and heart rate to drop to potentially life-threatening levels. It really makes me wonder how many people have died due to people copycatting that scene in Wedding Crashers.


In high school a kid that I knew, not really a good friend but same social circle, gave me a Gatorade and told me I could have it because he didn't like the flavor. I split it with my friend and we happily drank it all down. The next period some of my classmates were acting real weird and kept asking how we felt. Eventually one of them told us that he had put a ton of visine in the bottle. We go to the nurse expecting to be sick but then she looked up the ingredients and effects and yup, it can kill you. Both of us that had drank it ended up in the hospital with extreme lethargy and trouble breathing. I ended up sleeping for about 16 hours straight. I obviously didn't want my friend to get hurt too but in a way it was a blessing as if I had drank the whole thing myself I could have easily died.


What happened to the person who put it in the Gatorade?


He got pulled out of class in handcuffs and suspended for 2 weeks. Could have pressed charges but decided not to as he obviously didn't know how dangerous it was. Poisoning is a felony and it didn't feel right to ruin his life permanently even though he was being a shit head. Edit: Since it seems like many people want that "gotcha" moment, or are genuinely confused; for clarity whether or not he was charged wasn't our decision in the literal sense. The DA could have gone along without us; but, asked for our input.


Just never, ever put anything in anybody's food or drink that they didn't ask for. Ever. You never know what medication they're on, or what condition they have that could make them react to something seemingly harmless.


Acetaminophen. It's rough on your liver in large doses. I know a lot of people who ignore the recommended dose and pop them like they are skittles for pain. This is incredibly dangerous. https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/002598.htm


My pharmacy prof in med school mused that if acetaminophen hit the market today it would be a prescription drug for this reason


When I was in school to become a medical office manager, I took a class, I think it was about first aid and the history of medical care, something along those lines. Anyway, somehow we got on the topic of medication induced suicide. The professor mentioned people often try Benadryl first thinking it would work but it doesn't but it can cause horrific hallucinations and other really scary side effects. He then mentioned that acetaminophen would do it but it takes large doses and it doesn't always happen right away. He kept reminding us he's NOT recommending it, is NOT encouraging it and he's just simply being informative. But yeah, it doesn't even happen right away, imagine the pain of the liver slowly dying before everything else shuts down.


Engulfment and confined spaces. With confined spaces, people usually don’t realize that O2 runs out rather quickly. Engulfment because people probably don’t think about essentially drowning in non liquids.


Flowing solid materials don’t even have to cover your nose to asphyxiate you. Anything above belly button level will slowly constrict your diaphragm each time you breathe out. Just like a boa constrictor.


I fell into a de-flashing vat of shirt buttons once when I was about 13 years old. My dad was the plant manager of a shirt button factory in Knoxville, Tennessee back in the early 1980's. He and I were there on a Saturday morning. He was doing paperwork, and I was exploring the plant. Got to the section were the de-flashing tanks were and tried to lean over and scoop up a handful of buttons. Lost my balance and fell in. It was about 5-6 feet deep, but filled with plastic shirt buttons. I went all the way to the bottom. I was able to stand up and and stand on the top of the mixing blades that were turned off. Took forever to get out. The buttons like "squeezed" me as I tried to move. Scariest moment of my life. I don't even let my kids do the whole "bury me in sand at the beach thing". Terrible memories of that.


I know of a dude who was being buried in sand at the beach by his family and died when the rocky layer underneath the sand shifted, opening a void into which he was sucked. Scary shit.


Hey thanks for the brand new nightmare.


Holy shit I don’t really know why I never though about it like that.


I was taught young to never, NEVER, climb into a silo. It may look cool, till the corn shifts and sucks you down.


My grandparents lived next to a grain factory and I remember how one kid apparently died inside a silo for that exact reason. Still, we’d go to the factory and play hide and seek, but never climbed the silo.


Other thing about silos is that the dust is highly explosive. I explored an abandoned grain silo in high school oblivious to the risk.


My aunt told me this story of these kids she went to school with who loved hanging out at the gravel piles in town. They would climb them after hours on occasion because it was fun and they were young and did not know any better. It was all fun and games until the gravel shifted and one of my aunts good friends fell into the gravel pile like quicksand. He suffocated. My aunt told me this story because I grew up on the outskirts of Houston Tx. And always thought the piles in the construction areas looked fun to climb. She is a very smart woman who taught me an important lesson when I needed it. I love you aunt Reanette!!


I spent like half my childhood climbing up & playing on those giant piles of rock and dirt. It's crazy when you consider how many close calls you've probably had throughout your lifetime.


We would jump off the top of them and land in the loose debris at the bottom. How we all managed to avoid engulfment and shattered ankles is beyond me.


Lack of sleep. Increased risk of basically everything you can think of, not to mention that accidents are far more common when you're tired. The less sleep you get, the shorter your life-span.


Fine, fine. I’ll go to bed.


Eating a slug. Obviously it’s nasty, but kids do stupid shit as dares or even in hazing rituals. Slugs contain parasites that will get into your brain and fucking kill you slowly.


I just read a whole article about rat lungworm in snails and slugs that is haunting me. Ewwwww


I remember seeing a post from a woman on reddit who discovered her boyfriend was putting slugs in her food. Apparently she was having all sorts of shitty symptoms. Thank god she dumped his ass, fucker should be in jail. Found it: https://www.reddit.com/r/relationship_advice/comments/fi7t0o/i_found_out_my_partner_has_been_putting_slugs_in/


I always tell people I know with abusive partners to ask r/relationship_advice because that sub always tells everyone "dump them" and people in abusive relationships need to hear that from a pile of strangers before they'll actually listen.


Posted Safety Precautions. When there are signs saying something, lots ignore thinking they know better. I used to work IT for a place that makes big tractors. Different stations are restricted from using certain PPE. One day this lady was wearing the wrong gloves. Her station is only supposed to use latex. She didn’t take that seriously and wore thicker reinforced gloves. She was using the lugnut machine that tightens 12 giant lugs at once. Her glove got caught and instead of ripping the fingertip off of her latex glove it ripped her thumb right the fuck off her hand. I witnessed it and her mistake haunts me to this day. They had to restrain her while two men held her hand up in the air away from her. Her wails and screams were terrifying. All because she ignored a well placed warning. Edit: thanks for the awards and upvotes. Never posted anything that received that much attention. Thanks for the dopamine hit!


If there's a warning sign posted I usually assume it's because someone already f-ed up and had that exact thing happen to them.


Safety rules are always written in blood.


Whenever I see a rule/reg/law that seems asinine or ridiculous, i stop and think that there's almost certainly some unfortunate sequence of events that led to the rule/reg/law being enacted because it was deemed retroactively necessary. I work in a highly regulated industry though and have experience in the compliance side of things so that's just how my brain works at this point. It's a pretty bleak outlook but on the bright side my expectations never get too extravagant..?


Abscessed teeth can kill you.


I had an abscess at 21 that I didn't get treated until I was 28 due to a fear of the dentist, by that point it was a root canal and an extraction and I now have a section of my jaw missing. Get it early and avoid this shit.


My ex had an abscessed tooth that he refused to get treatment for until the couldn't stand the pain. His attitude got 1000x better once he got the tooth removed. He also tasted better during kissing.... which is horrifying to think about. I started dating him when his tooth was already abscessed so I thought the flavor was natural. Once the tooth was gone and he no longer tasted funny I was mortified to realize I was tasting INFECTED AND ROTTING TOOTH




This! I work in a dental office and the amount of people who brush off an abscessed tooth is way too high. I have one patient who had an abscess for 4-5 YEARS and never got it taken care of because it didn’t hurt. It would swell up periodically, he claimed it was due to his sinus issues, repeat over and over. Well finally he comes in as an emergency with the entire side of his face swollen up like crazy, my boss personally called the oral surgeon to make him an appointment immediately. Ended up having 3 teeth pulled. Then this guy tries to blame it on us because “we never told him about it”. We had X-rays of it over the last 5 years as well as notations in his chart, along with numerous copies of referrals to a specialist to take care of it. Not my fault you don’t listen, sir. I’m very happy nothing worse happened to him, but it could have been really bad.


Tylenol. Its actually a lot easier to overdose on than most people realize, and it slowly destroys your liver over a period of days. Not a fun way to die to put it lightly.


For all you high-functioning alcoholics out there, just avoid Tylenol.


“Tylenol is perfectly legal, but if you take 13 of them mfs, it’ll be your last headache." - Katt Williams


Real black licorice root extract contains the natural sweetener glycyrrhizin, which is over 50 times sweeter than sucrose. This ingredient has various pharmaceutical properties. It acts as an expectorant (facilitating removal of mucus from the lungs by coughing) and it increases blood pressure. The latter effect can become significant with a daily consumption of 50 g or more of licorice candy for as little as two weeks. Glycyrrhizin can cause potassium levels in the body to fall, triggering abnormal heart rhythms, as well as high blood pressure, edema (swelling), lethargy, and congestive heart failure in some people.


I always loved going to Europe as a kid and finding the licorice candies with the “may cause hypertension” warning labels on them. Felt dangerous eating them. Haha.


Wow, funny you mention this now actually. I had bloodwork done about a week ago and it showed my potassium levels were rather low. A month prior I'd been sipping on some licorice root tea on the daily, sometimes twice a day. Maybe I should lay off the licorice root.


hypokalemia caused me the worst physical pain I have ever experienced, caused every single muscle in my body to seize up and I couldn't breathe or talk either. scary shit


Infections can still fuck you up easily if you don't seek medication attention in time


Exploring abandoned places. When I was a kid I would do it all the time and take photos without any form of facial protection. Fast forward years later and I learn about how toxic certain molds can be, how many older buildings used materials like asbestos which can be in the air when places are left to rot, etc. At this point I just thank God I never had to deal with the aftermath of any of that! Also to anyone who enjoys doing this, I get it. I just want to bring awareness to the fact that if you participate a respirator and goggles should be a must! Also as a side note, be wary of scrappers and individuals looking for a place to do drugs had a run in like that during one of the last excursions I made and it’s not fun.


When I was about 16/17 (not really a child anymore) I found out about this cave relatively close to where I lived. Obviously, I got my best mate, some ropes and lights and off we went exploring. There were thousands of bats flying close to us in the first few areas of the cave (rabies isn't fun, or so I heard). We had no clue what the cave layout was like and we didn't say a word to anyone about what we were doing. Luckily everything went okay, apart from a few scrapes here and there, but when I think about everything that could have gone wrong I get a chill down my spine...


Just want to throw a story out here. I am a dentist. I have a colleague who had a patient that needed a root canal. The patient put it off he had a vacation coming up. He was going to Alaska in bush country to go hunting. By himself. Now Alaska bush country means you are alone. He was dropped off and his ride wasn’t going to come back to pick him up for a week or 2. Well after his ride left the tooth he needed to get his root canal on blew up. Had severe pain and was all alone no one to help him in the middle of nowhere. This was mid to late 90s so no cell phone either. Well his ride came back to pick him up. Finds a dead body. The guy killed himself. He couldn’t take the pain anymore. Pain was so bad he couldn’t wait the one or 2 weeks for his ride to come back. Shot himself left a suicide note telling his story. Moral of the story. Don’t put this shit off. There is no pain like tooth pain.


On my way! to brush my teeth


I had my first dentist appointment at 15 because my doctor threatened to call CPS. Got my 6 front teeth removed. Fast forward ten years of brushing to no effect, and I just got all the rest out a month ago. 4 support teeth rotted away, 90° impacted molars, and only one that was worth salvaging. Take yourself to the dentist, but especially take your *kids* to the dentist. No one should have to go through what I did


I’m sorry to hear your story and I wish you all the best moving forward. I’m a dental assistant with my own fair share of dental issues that all stem from not getting adequate dental care when I was younger. Stories similar to yours are not uncommon unfortunately. When you’re young, it’s hard to understand the importance of dental care, especially with no one guiding you. Help kids help themselves.


There really isn't. My top 3 are 1. Teeth 2. Migraine 3. Childbirth


Doing cocaine on birth control pills!!! Seen 20 somethings wind up with strokes and DVTs


Ditto with viagra and poppers.




Touch screen consoles in cars. Mazda now disables touch functionality in their vehicles because they found that when drivers interact with the touch screen they drift the vehicle to the right. Taking your eyes off the road to press 3 buttons in three different positions on the touch screen, with a latency each time you press a button, because your seat heaters are literally burning your ass, while trying to maintain control of the vehicle during freeway traffic *is God damned dangerous*.


A driving instructor once put it this way: If you’re on the highway, and you look away for three seconds, you’ve driven the length of an American football field without looking at the road.




Insulin, looking at drops on a table you can barely tell the difference between the therapeutic dose and a lethal one Edit- if anyone can find the actual image of 2 doses of insulin on a table I’d super appreciate it. I was going to post the link for reference but I couldn’t find it


Shift work. The disturbance in your circadian rhythm takes years off your life.


Poor or insufficient sleep in general is a seriously under-discussed issue in the US.


Yup, pretty much every physiological trait can be affected by poor sleep. Blood pressure, cholesterol, cognitive function, emotional well being, susceptibility to disease etc. It's not talked about nearly enough because of the Western world's workaholic, sleep when you're dead attitude.




That should be considered a form of torture


Rusty sharp objects. Ugly scaring and the best kind of blood poisonig you can have.


Medication. Those dosages on the labels are not just suggestions, y’all


Standing under waterfalls Edit to elaborate: loose rocks or debris from the river or stream above could fall and crush you.


Great, now I'm scared of waterfalls.




This is the first thing in this thread that actually surprised me, because it's so obvious and yet I've never considered it. Of course standing under waterfalls is dangerous!! Making a mental note to never do it ever again.


Birthdays, you are 8% more likely to die on your birthday than on any other day of the year.


That’s interesting do you know why?


Probably a combination of factors... parties, substances, extra travel increase risk... also probably includes suicides, holidays often bring out the worst when your mental health isn’t good...


I always get depressed on my birthday lol


Quitting antidepressants cold turkey after regular use. ps: did cold turkey Prozac, olanzapine. Right now tapering lexapro(escitalopram from 20mg to 2.5mg now). And worst evil cold turkey of all time awards goes to Benzodiazpines & pregabalin (Lyrica). Took clonazepam always. Quitting these medicines cold turkey 99% of the time gives you a seizure. I had too. But guess what I'm already epileptic. So more seizures yaayyyyyyyyy!!! Thank you for awards and Upvotes. Ps: people saying taking antidepressants at first place is bad for you. No, it's not. It saved my life. I didn't know I had depression, but I stopped eating, had extreme stomach issues, gas, acid reflux etc. Lost 15kg weight in 30 days, stopped eating at all. I have seen 5 gastroenterologist, so many tests like endoscopy, colonoscopy, liver function, blood, stools etc. Everything was normal. Suffered whole year, I was close to death. Then I was recommended a psychiatrist, she told I have somatization. Meds started working from day 1st. I felt happy and started to eat. Gained all that weight back in again 1month. That weight losing and gaining thing was like some Christian bale thing. Haha.


Been there, done that. Don't recommend.


Same . The brain zaps just about killed me


Those are the worst. On the occasion that I forget to take one and can’t get to my prescription they start. Brain zaps is a great way to describe it.


Deer - over 120 people a year die from deer directly, and another 175 to 200 from car accidents caused by deer (with some 10,000 injuries), and more deaths and injuries related to deer hunting. By the way, deer are pretty mean and terrible parents. I have seen a deer push her fawn ahead of her near the food, to see if there is a predator, then, if the fawn is ok, go out and hit the fawn to get at the food herself.


Windows. It’s easy to think they’re more secure than they actually are, which is especially dangerous in taller buildings. Falling through a broken window has a very high risk of a major laceration. Broken glass on the floor can again mess your body up spectacularly, and on certain surfaces it’s really hard to spot even moderately sized razor-sharp pieces. Edit: LPT for those living in areas that are earthquake prone: keep a pair of slippers or sandals by your bedside. If there is an earthquake during the night, the chances are you will have picture frames that fell and shattered around your home, and you should have something hard-soled to walk on in that situation. Edit 2: Be a thoughtful human. If you break something made from glass, don’t just toss the broken glass. Put it into a cardboard box, tape it so it’s sealed, and write “broken glass” on the box (my parents use layers of newspaper and tape it up). You have no idea who might handle the bag with your rubbish in.


Leaving potatoes for too long. Produces solanine gas that can kill


Would that be before or after they start sprouting little stalks?


If they turn green or start to sprout, that's a sign to throw them out. Source: [https://www.poison.org/articles/are-green-potatoes-safe-to-eat-191](https://www.poison.org/articles/are-green-potatoes-safe-to-eat-191)




It's why I categorically refuse to get in the car with my sister. My family thinks I'm overreacting, but that shit don't fly with me.


Just got back from visiting my sister in law- it was like something in her brain says “key in ignition->phone in hand. My wife and I both told her she’s going to hurt someone (maybe the two young kids she drives around constantly) and all she did was accuse us of being back seat drivers. Just drive your fucking car, it’s not that difficult.


We can separate these two as well. I know of instances where people died crossing roads or railway tracks because they were staring at their phones and didn’t see the thing that killed them. Bonus points for wearing noise canceling headphones and having even less awareness. And folks get increasingly careless the longer they drive. There’s no question of how dangerous driving is. Edit: I’ve had so many folks tell me how safely they drive, and how “good drivers” can drive quickly and be safe. Driving is dangerous because you are putting your life in the hands of *everyone else* on the road. Whilst I am a major advocate for defensive driving, there is no driving style whatsoever that can keep you safe from that guy who’s had 4 beers, driving a shiny BMW at 105mph and misjudged the corner you’re going around. Yes he’s a total fucking idiot, yes he’s going to kill himself, but most importantly *he could kill you at the same time*. Folks if you’re that person who tells themselves ‘I only merge quickly into *safe* gaps’, or ‘I know how to drive at high speeds safely’, I want you to know that **It isn’t about you**. It’s about you being **unable to react in time to someone else doing something unexpected**. And *that’s* why it isn’t safe for you to drive like that.


Just yesterday at the grocery store, someone was looking at their phone while walking & almost walked into a freezer case. He avoided that, then nearly crashed into my cart. I got a dirty look & mumbled curse because he couldn't be arsed to watch were he was going. I resisted the urge to sneak around & trip him at the end of an aisle. I kinda regret that now.


Having any object loose in your car. If you get in a crash they all become projectiles and even a cell phone can kill you.


Sitting for long lengths of time Edit: this got a bit more popular than expected. To elaborate, recent studies have shown that prolonged sitting can be linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression and some cancers. Generally getting up and walking around every 1-2 hours is a good thing. This is the Australian governmental advice page: https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/sedentary And here’s the British NHS advice: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/why-sitting-too-much-is-bad-for-us/


Liquid oxygen. It allows fire to reach such insane heat that it will burn through steel. Not melt. Burn.


It doesn't need to be liquid, just oxygen gas at like 20 psi will do it. That's how oxyacetylene torches cut steel, by heating it and then shooting a stream of oxygen through it that burns the steel Edit: Another deadly fact about oxygen! Too much oxygen is actually toxic and can cause seizures. Breathing pure oxygen at sea level is fine, but increase the pressure by 1.6 times and it can cause oxygen toxicity. Which is a major factor when it comes to calculating gas mixtures for technical or commercial diving, because if there's too much oxygen in the mixture... oxygen toxicity isn't deadly in and of itself, but having a seizure while scuba diving can cause you to spit out your regulator among other things... Edit 2: actually I was mistaken, oxygen toxicity *can* kill you in and of itself.




Hippos. They kill more people in Africa than lions do.


My father in law is from Egypt. 2 things scare him: hippos and rats.




Putting feet/legs on dash of car


There was a news story about a woman who did this and got in a fender bender where the airbags deployed. Everyone else walked away. She will never walk without pain again.


I stopped doing that after hearing a horror story from an EMT who went to a crash site where they found a passenger's legs thrown over their shoulders like a scarf. Fuck that. Edit: 6k karma? Wtf.


[I read this story a while back](https://news.sky.com/story/x-ray-shows-horrific-injuries-of-crash-victim-who-had-feet-on-dashboard-11917217). If you’re not used to reading X-rays, this is NOT where the leg bones should be.


A crash will send your knees straight into your rib cage


To add on to this one, driving with wee dogs on your lap. Airbag goes off and the last thing that goes through your mind is Fluffy.


This happened to a friend of mine. Fell asleep at the wheel with her terrier on her lap. She crossed the centerline and hit a car head-on. Her dog was killed on her (all over her) by the airbag. Horrific.


I’ve heard enough horror stories from my parents who are both nurses to last me a lifetime. Legs on the dash of a car are not allowed while I’m driving for this reason alone


I'm an insurance guy. I tell people the same thing and seatbelts in the backseat too. Had claims where people flew thru the windshield from the back seat.


Seatbelts in any position in my car are a given. I’ve heard too many tales of people getting turned into meat crayons for me to say no to seatbelts as well. Accidents that might’ve been completely non-lethal had everyone been wearing seatbelts can easily become lethal because you didn’t get stopped from the seatbelt and were ejected with extreme force because you weren’t wearing one


Uber driver here. It’s so unbelievable how many passengers refuse to wear their seatbelts.


Choking during sex. There a right and wrong way to do it, and people definitely don’t realize they’re doing it the wrong way.


i remember hearing a 911 call recording years ago from a guy who was frantically trying to revive his girlfriend/wife because they were doing choking during sex. it was awful hearing him slowly realize he had killed her.


My husband was choking me during sex (I asked him to), and I ended up passing out. Scared him to death


I had a girl tell me to keep going when she got dizzy once, she said “if I pass out, I pass out.” Much too “extreme” for me.


Falling down. A single mild fall can easily kill you if you happen to land just right. Usually on the back of your head


Don’t walk down stairs with your hands in your pockets


My friend got temporarily blind for a few months and still has permanent vision damage by a simple fall that hit just right.


Friend of mine died last year falling off a small step ladder while painting a ceiling. ☹️


My mom was a teacher in a working-class area and over the years she had a startling number of kids come through who had lost their fathers to ladder falls. My own father spent months laid up after his ladder fall. Ladders, stairs, and tubs are very dangerous.


This is why throwing a punch is such a potential life changer. It's not the punch, but the fall where someone bangs their head just the right way and now you're up on a murder charge cause buddy scuffed your pumas.


When I was a graduate student I visited a prison as part of my dissertation research and spoke to a 45 year old man who was sentenced to life for punching someone in a bar fight when he was 19. The guy he punched hit a table on the way down and died. And that’s it, rest of his life in prison.


Machines. If you get casual around them they will eat you.


Oh the videos I've seen of people getting stuck in machines.... *shudders* stay safe around equipment


Even very small electrical motors will seriously injure you. I work on a flight simulator and we use motors for feedback on the controls. If the force transducers die or get messed up, they don’t care if your hand or leg or foot is in the way. We’ve don’t “safe” experiments to prove a point. You have whoever thinks they are strong try and hold back the motor while making sure their aren’t any pinch or break points for them to get caught on. The motors don’t even struggle. Not even a change in pitch of the whine from the motor. Very humbling to understand how little power we as humans actually make and can withstand.


In my 25+ years as an industrial mechanic I have a list of body parts that I have had to extract from machinery, it's never a pleasant experience.


When I was a medic we were always taught that crush injuries were some of the most painful out there. I don’t relish the idea of standing next to your buddy in 10/10 pain shrieking at you to hurry the fuck up goddamnit


Had to pull a woman out of a belt that she had reached into. It grabbed her and pulled her in, wrapping her arm around the tailpulley of the belt, just snapping and crushing as it went. Yeah, her screaming in my ear while trying to get the pin out of the belt was just bad.


They’ve done studies that show screaming is an extremely effective tool to cope with pain and makes it feel less severe. Poor ol gal was just trying to hold out til the morphine got there.


Adam Savage has a good explanation about respecting workshop equipment. Last year, he had an accident with his lathe where it almost destroyed his hand. Seeing him get emotional about not only the accident but also that he allowed it happen was quite sobering. I think he claimed that the brief lapse of judgement was almost akin to him putting too much trust into it and he felt like he didn't respect it at that moment. Edit: since my comment gained a little traction, here's the video in question https://youtu.be/eaGnyaR2B7s


Horses. They weigh 1200 pounds, they're extremely jittery, and they can crush you or kick you to death on accident. And that's just horses in general. Stallions will try to hurt you just to assert dominance. And these are animals that have been known to *bite each other's throats out* when they fight. Don't mess with horses unless you know what you're doing. Always be careful, even if you do.


A friend of mine from school always had horses, and was a truly excellent rider. She lived her life around horses, rode competitively, the whole deal. One year out of school, we heard she died - got kicked in the chest, I believe attempting to get a nervous horse out of the float. So absolutely sad and definitely reinforced for me how much care to take. I'm also reminded of a relief teacher we had missing a finger - apparently bitten by a horse when she was younger.


One of my friends sister in laws fell from her horse and got kicked on the way down. The horse KICKED. HER. EYE. OUT. Her face disintegrated and the eye was gone. She still rides now. They're so beautiful.... from a safe distance


I once read the diary of a French cavalry officer from the Napoleonic Wars and he said that his horse bit the face off a cossack that was attacking him once and on another occasion disembowelled a stable boy. Horses can fuck you up!


I chased a horse once, when I was much younger. It was *almost* the worst mistake of my life. If I'd been a little bit faster, it would have been. Feeling the wind on your face from a horse's kick is something else.


Oh god yes. When I was younger a foal accidentally stepped on my foot. I broke 3 toes and lost the toenails as well. And I was lucky it was the 2 month old baby, because his mama was a big Frisian horse and probably would have completely crushed all the bones in my foot.


Yep absolutely correct. I trained horses for 15 years and all it took was one day the horse got spooked while I was riding and I hit the ground HARD. Cracked my helmet open, had a seizure and was unconscious until I arrived at the hospital in an ambulance. Ended up with an inoperable cyst on my brain from the head trauma that still 6 years later causes me extreme issues with balance and dizziness. Don’t fuck around with horses.


Garage door springs. They will kill you.


Please elaborate. I've never given these things a second thought.


Had to redo ours recently. They're big, and really tightly wound. They're designed to hold a majority of the weight so the motor doesn't have to be monstrous. But resetting/changing them requires unwinding them turn by turn by hand, which is a full 85kg body weight (with leverage) job. If you aren't really careful you lose control and they'll break you with your lever tool.


I consider myself pretty handy and mechanically inclined. I was just making an adjustment to save the $120 service charge and a spring let loose. Ripped the wrench out of my hand, smacked me in the fingers with it twice and then threw it across the garage and INTO THE DRYWALL LIKE A GOTDAMN THROWING KNIFE. I broke two fingers and paid the $120 happily.


The springs are under incredible tension. If you’re not understanding of how to replace them, they can be very dangerous.


Even if you are not working on one, they can break and if they do, just hope you are nowhere near it.


One afternoon, we had just shut the garage door and heard the spring let go. Not only were we lucky it was contained by the garage, but holy fuck it was loud.


That happened at a previous rental I lived at. The garage was shut. And one day we just heard it break. It was terrifying. That shit was loud as fuck. Very startling.


When installing garage door springs, they can pop off with a lot of force and kill you. If you have to have them serviced, pay a pro


Anything to do with the thyroid. It's a bit more well known nowadays, but when I first was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (they told me it was Hypothyroidism at first), I didn't even know what the thyroid was. For people who might not know, the thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland in your throat. Without getting into it too much, it releases hormones that regulate many things. You wouldn't expect this tiny little organ to be so important, but holy crap it is. I found out I had thyroid issues when I was 15 after I was constantly tired, had irregular periods (I've gone two months without a period before), my weight was out of wack, my mental health was constantly declining, and I had issues with breathing among other symptoms. Apparently if I hadn't started taking thyroid medication when I did, I would've gone into a coma within 2 weeks. It didn't help that I had a dad who constantly made fun of my weight and appearance even after finding out I had thyroid issues and learning how hard it was for me to loose weight. Turns out, his two sisters had Hypothyroidism and his brother had Hyperthyroidism. It took quite a few years to finally find hormonal balance and I'm 20 now, but I'm doing a lot better than I was before, physically and mentally. EDIT: Thank you all so much for telling me your stories and experiences, it's made me smile seeing that you guys are recovering/recovered. I'm not good with words and there's probably a lot I'm not expressing, but The test they do to check your thyroid/lymph nodes is painless and easy. There's a lot that can happen due to these glands, so have your doctor check if they don't do it automatically. You can never ask too many questions when it comes to your health :) I wish everyone here the best 🧡💙🧡💙 https://www.thyroid.org/




Oh wonderful, now I'm stressed about my stress levels


Shouldn't have read this at 1am while thinking about gearing down for sleep


One of the deadliest things out there. It contributes to and exacerbates many, many existing health problems, not to mention creating new ones.


What's the best way to deal with it though? I always hear how dangerous stress is. I'm stressed out to the max thanks to work. I don't really have any options on removing the stressors so how can I decrease my stress level?


I like to find tiny things I can control. I know it sounds silly but choosing my favorite coffee mug, my music in the car, my special brand of tea, my favorite scent of shampoo, etc, all kind of stacks up. Like if you get to choose your own thing 20 times a day, even if its really mundane things, you get a little boost in your brain thats like "hey I have control over some stuff!" And that helps me, anyway.


Fights. People are way too eager to prove who's the bigger badass. Hit someone the wrong way or start something with the wrong person and someone's not going home. Then if the police show up, someone's getting charged. Depending on the severity of the other parties injuries and the word of witnesses, you could be going away for a very long time. Not to mention the civil suites that may bury you in debt.


Yup. I got sucker punched right above my left eye. 6 stitches and a fractured orbital socket and had to stay overnight at the hospital for observations since it was a head injury. Since the injuries were from an assault charges were automatically pressed and we found ourselves in court a few months later. All from a single punch.


This. A coworker’s son was 18 and got in a bar fight. Fell backwards, hit the pavement and that was the end of him.