Somebody in my city won 2.5million lottery and I have a ticket

Somebody in my city won 2.5million lottery and I have a ticket


If you win don't tell a SOUL! You can stay anonymous...so my suggestion to you is to do so. Edit: ok....IF you can stay anonymous...do so. Btw...did you win OP?


Always refer to [this helpful advice](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/24vo34/z/chb4yin)


So many people have that comment saved... just in case




Now that am in the same boat, how do you know when you win a lottery ticket. Message, email?


I'm guessing they broadcast it on TV and you go to them.


OK but what if I don't watch TV? Or buy lottery tickets for that matter. What do you suggest I do?


I think you’ll never be in danger of winning the lottery so don’t stress


Phew. Thank God.


May be different from place to place, even in the same country, here (Spain) either you check numbers manually on the webpage/TV, or if you buy it online, a message will be received telling you how much you won)


["Luck favors the prepared, darling."](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/5602f08de4b0cb7ca5d4a933/1457898039548-3XRMV1ZDJGH0NUWVW6SQ/Edna-Mode-Luck-favors-the-prepared.png?content-type=image%2Fpng) - Edna B. Mode


I have had this saved for years and never played the lottery


I buy lottery tickets maybe twice a year. I still have that post saved, just in case.


>"Unless we have an unprecedented downturn the likes of which the United States has never seen..." >"You know you will be getting $638,400 per year unless the capital building is burning..." Oh well


Same thing i noticed. Like, “oh nooo.”


Aged like milk


Yeah, Britney Spears would be an improvement over some of the folks in Congress right now.


>If you are really paranoid, you might consider picking another G7 or otherwise mainstream country other than the U.S. according to where you want to live if the United States dissolves into anarchy or Britney Spears is elected to the United States Senate. Haha some irrelevant celebrity would never gain massive political power and fuck everything up...right?


The part about if you’re paranoid, choosing another country to run to in case the US dissolved into anarchy or Britney Spears is elected to the Senate seems less funny and more prescient now… although it underestimated how bonkers it would get.


>Always refer to [this helpful advice](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/24vo34/z/chb4yin) Only thing they forgot was to move away to where people don't know you. Also move to ideally somewhere like florida, which has a [homestead law.](https://www.jaxdailyrecord.com/article/homestead-law-understanding-the-definitions)


> you know you will be getting $630k per year unless the capitol building is burning, > 7 years ago ok but we got dangerously close didn't we?


It's always useful advice, though the line about 'unless the capital building is burning' has special resonance this year.


Just in case... u/froggfingers


This was before bitcoin


This will be after bitcoin as well, that's the point


That's the best comment I've saved on reddit. u/froggfingers you should absolutely check that one out


There’s some dodgy advice in that post. Why do I need the most expensive lawyer ever? No investment manager is also bad advice. There are stats available on why people do better with investment managers, and it well exceeds 1%. It’s not so much about picking winning investments as about having someone who stops you doing super obvious, but incredibly common things like buying high and selling low. I have an investment manager now. Why would I not have one if I was suddenly loaded? Having spent years of my life working in law firms, I’d also strongly dispute the whole “get the senior partner at a big national firm.” That’s a guaranteed way to pay astronomical fees and be the small fish in the pond and get lesser service.


You will almost never do better with an actively- managed fund than with index funds. https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/why-way-fewer-actively-managed-funds-beat-the-sp-than-we-thought-2017-04-24 You do not need an investment manager.


Unfortunately, not all states let you stay anonymous as far as I understand it.


This sounds weird but I think winning very large amounts of money usually goes bad for people- or at least all the ones you see in the news do. so maybe the ones who stay anonymous handle it better


Saying anonymous helps, but the winners also often bankrupt themselves without any help


Should I ever win the lottery I would merely buy myself a small home in my local area, (with a little garden) allow myself whatever needs/comforts I required and gradually donate the bulk to local good causes. Am 57 and in poor health with no family so wouldnt really need a lot. £250K would easily last me the rest of my life. Cannot understand how people can blast through many millions in the space of a very few years.


Easy. Expensive vacations, new cars and property, nice dinners. Many millions can be gone very fast when everything you buy is fancy.


Well, my needs and mobility are minimal. Don't drive, don't eat much. My dream would be a little permenant semi-rural home, a small pet or 2, a sunny outdoor area and the means to pay for transport when required without worry. Maybe an occasional housekeeper as I struggle myself, and basic reliable income. Had I my own home £10,000 per year would be perfect. Would have no use for ten million pounds or more.


I feel the same way. You sound like a good person. I wish the best for you and your simple dreams.


See my SO and I have talked about this a lot. We own our house which will be paid off in 2 years. HOWEVER, we want more land. Lots of land. We want to see less people. At least 100 acres. I could easily see us spending 1 million on a nice place in the middle of no where with a bunch of acres. Preferably far more than 100.


You want plenty of animals then?


I have plenty of animals, lol. But yes, that is part of it! But I meant when I said we want to see less people, for various reasons. They have messed with our dogs before - throwing shit at them, etc. It would just be nice to be able to get away. Have less light pollution and actually be able to see more stars. We live in the suburbs now so not a major city or anything. We went to the mountains not long ago (this is all in NC) and it was amazing how much more you can see of the sky.


Honestly if you win the lottery and don’t want to do any of the proper work for whatever reason, even if it’s just that you’re depressed or lazy or whatever... just throw it all into very conservative securities of some kind. Something that’ll keep the cash from being immediately available, I think that would help a ton of people. “It’ll take me three business days to get the money at the least” would probably save a ton of these people the wild impulse purchases.


That’s a myth. It does happen but not often. People win the lottery multiple times every week. You don’t here stories about all of their bankruptcy cases do you? You only read about the bad ones.


In Illinois, lottery winners are announced as transparency against corruption, to demonstrate the winner isn't the lottery commissioner's BIL or something, because that used to happen.


I think I heard it on the podcast Criminal where like 3 acquaintances of the dude who wrote the algorithm won the lottery. The guy went to prison for a time.


You should listen to Swindled. That’s a great podcast! One of the first episodes is about the lottery scam!


Sad truth is that people who aren’t particularly good with managing money dont cure that by suddenly having more money.


Think of the demographic that usually buys lottery tickets. Yeah you have people who spend money like they don't have money. The people buying shitloads of tickets are usually people who are poor because they don't know how to manage money. They have never had more than a grand in their bank account and go buy 10 or 20 tickets because they think they can win. Then when they actually win they have more money than they think can run out whether it be $100,000 or $10,000,000 and they spend till they can't spend no more. If I won 2mil I'd probably invest $1,900,000 in an early retirement account and go on a spending spree with $100,000 then just continue working and retire in my late 40's, early 50's. But I don't buy tickets frequently, so my next to zero odds are even lower than the guy who is scraping by but buys 20 tickets a week.


Fortunately, you can create and use a blind trust, the person who accepts the check ends up being a "paid employee" of the law firm you set it up through. No one need be the wiser, because the blind trust is a person on paper.


We received a seven figure windfall from my FIL. We told my family that it happened but not the amount. Still your life changes and it’s hard to hide. My house is bigger than many of my friends with whom I work. My wife stopped working to be a SAHM and didn’t go back. You won’t be able to hide the fact that your life had changed but nobody needs to know by what amount.


Yes, never tell a soul. But I have no soul, make sure you tell me, long lost cousin. No but seriously, don’t tell anyone cause people will come out of the woodworks claiming to be a long lost cousin, your dads best friends son’s wife that knew you when you were little, all looking for a slice of your pie etc etc. or someone finds out who you are and where you live and robs you or worse. Keep it to yourself!


Just asking, if someone wins, are they required to disclose this as their income? In other words, is it taxable?


Yes. Lottery winnings are taxable in the the US. You will pay both Federal and State taxes unless you live in a state with no state income taxes.


Taxes are taken out before you ever see a check.


On the big prizes, anyway. The smaller ones are unearned income. And they know you have it. I think there's a flat rate for the big prizes. 25 percent sounds right. Dont really know


It's called a double tax honey. They do it on purpose. Government is greedy fucks


Yep. [This guy](https://www.timesnownews.com/the-buzz/article/lottery-winner-hides-identity-by-wearing-darth-vader-costume-to-award-ceremony/624670) surely took that advice to heart.


Hahaha! Thats brilliant!


Smart man right there.


Isn't it exactly what he's doing? Not telling a soul. Congrats, OP!


so extreme, he isnt even tellinghimself!


If it’s in the US it depends. Some states don’t allow you to remain anonymous


My old flatmate randomly sent me a message on Facebook last month to say he had won a 3 million dollar house and a million cash. I told him it might be a scammer. It wasn’t, it’s a lovely house.




Same. Same thing with those HGTV dream homes. Most people take the cash option, some accept the house and then sell it, and the fewest people actually accept the house and keep it (either to live in or to rent out). I would do one of the first two. (Maybe the second option in today’s crazy market!)


This is it https://youtu.be/9DYBZXv-NvM


I would keep the house and just invest the million. Whatever interest gained on it per year should be more than enough to maintain that house. Home values rise with inflation generally so it's basically like a guaranteed equivalent to $3,000,000 whenever you sell it


Most likely you'll use that million to pay the taxes on what you just won. $500,000 to taxes for winning it and then you can use that other $500,000 to pay your income taxes. The IRS sees house and money a as earned income for that year. So expect the entire or almost entire million dollars to go to taxes.


I assumed he was British since he said flatmate.


Yeah he is selling it in about a year, he paid off his mortgage for about $60000 so he has a house anyway. He stays over the new house on weekends, it came with all these Smeg appliances throughout and he has not used any of them so he can sell it like as new. It’s this one. https://youtu.be/9DYBZXv-NvM


Expect an invite soon then !


Best wishes! Also I am your long-lost Nigerian Prince relative that emailed you in 2007, holla at me. Seriously if you do win, tread lightly!


Hey Op! If you win it's me your cousin


Frog fingers, I am sure that I am your long lost brother


OP, I'm your father!


no, i'm your father!


I am Brian. Abd my wife is also Brian.


And I'm your mother.


Mom, I'm hungry


Let's go bowling!!


Let's go bowling, Roman!


OP I'm your grandpaaaa


OP, I am also your cousin


Me too!


I'm his Aunt's mother's uncle's cousin's step-dad's grandfather's best friend's grandson, I get a cut too, right?


Of course!


Who best to decide who OP gives their money to than us, his family. Am I right?


You are!


Hey op! If you win its me, the real OP


Hey cousin! Remember me from camp? U said if you ever won the lotto, you would help me out!


If you lose nvm I don't know you.


Schrodinger's lottery ticket.


I like to do this. Where I live you can enter the national lottery online, and if you win they send you an email. Sometimes I receive the email saying I've won, but I won't read it, because until I have read it, it "could be" the jackpot and I can fantasise about it. I know it's not real but it's fun to pretend. Eventually I read the email and discover I won £3.


Oh my god Dee, that's so sad


Holy shit that was funny, you should buy a ticket


I was only looking for this comment.


Ooh, good luck! My family almost won the lottery many years ago when I was a kid. We were at the dentist and my mom was filling out a ticket. She asked me for 7 lucky numbers, but I only have 6 lucky numbers during that time. I just said a random digit for that 7th number. We found out later that we got 6 out of 7 correct. We won tens of thousands in consolation prize so that was life-changing.


"I woulda won the lottery but I didn't have another lucky number as a child." That is just hilarious to me, you fucked up by "not having a seventh lucky number" lmao.


that's nice.


The lottery gives consolation prizes??


It could be you! I hope you win!


I'm still waiting


Hope you're the winner. Have some fun with your new acquired wealth


Just in case you need this, here it is: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/24vo34/whats_the_happiest_5word_sentence_you_could_hear/chb4v05?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


This. I hope you manage well op if you did win


I’d be shitting myself right now if I was you!!! How can you calmly wait until the morning?!


Because going to bed with the feeling of possibility beats going to bed with the feeling of dissapointment 🤣


I would do the same. Good luck and good night.


I can’t believe you can even go to bed! You have amazing will power!! Good luck. Update this post once you know. I’ll be checking for sure 😀


This is amazing. Only ppl that have had certain kinds of life will understand this. My wife and I totally get it.


Can’t there be multiple winning tickets? OP said they’re not gonna check if they hear someone else won- could be a split pot they’d miss out on for not checking the ticket right?


Only if that fact goes unmentioned (and OP doesn't spot the fact the winner only won at most half the total)


Because if he observes the results it instantly collapses the universe where he's won the lotto.


I’m rooting for you!


If you do win! Can you send me 100 for believing in you 😂! In all seriousness I do hope it is you!


I will, ill give you 1000


If you do win, read up on how it went with other big winners. You’ll see a trend. Avoid that. Good luck, it might be you this time.


Damn OP you’re gonna run out fast if you keep adding zeros like that lol


Hey is this the line for hope?


C...can I have a few dollars too? xD


I remember a case a while ago where a couple were struggling financially. She got a win on the lottery, but **didn't tell him**, and they struggled on through until she revealed it to him at Christmas. I don't think he was impressed, but relieved to know they didn't have to work anymore.


You’re right about already well-off people winning the lottery more. I had to stop buying the occasional lottery ticket because I was too disappointed each time I lost. I read about 80% of all lottery winners blow it all within the first few years. I’d like to think if I won I would change the world in some small way and not spend it on myself. You seem like a genuine person and I would be very happy for you to win over someone else. If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be:) the last ticket I bought I prayed to god I would win because I wanted to show up and surprise the kind lady who sold me the ticket. It just wasn’t meant to be for me. Good luck!


man i’d love if i could just get a cool few k to throw on my student loans lol


It's a nice thought that we would try to do some good if we won that amount of money. I would like to as well, certainly if it was a figure well into the millions because you surely wouldn't need it all to have a nice life. I wonder how many of us actually would though - I've heard that for some winners it actually became more of a curse and people wanting favours from them because they had money.


Oh yeah, horror story after horror story. “I wish I’d never won” is the recurring theme. I truly believe the right person CAN win and do great things with the money and avoid the family drama, but most of us are probably not those right people 😂 It takes so much discipline, and if you want to be charitable with the money, that probably becomes a full time job on its own—starting a foundation, vetting charities, meetings, etc. I would LOVE to be that rich person who just walks around writing $10,000 checks to people who are trying to adopt, or paying off people’s huge medical bills. But would I manage the money that well? I don’t know. But I know most of my extended family would not. I feel like most of my extended family I’m not very close with, so I wouldn’t feel guilty cutting them out. Would they send me some if they won? Probably not. I come from a poor family (cousins all did drugs and/or got pregnant or got their girlfriends pregnant very young, one of them has 4 kids and lives on welfare and KEEPS HAVING KIDS AND SMOKING). My sister and I went to college. We were the only ones. Idk what my sister makes but her spouse is a high earner for sure. I make a decent amount. Enough to live in a nice house (which my little cousins think is a mansion—it’s not lol) and save money and pay cash for big expenses and have a now-paid-off-car. To my extended family, I am RICH. But to me, I’m still middle class, maybe approaching upper middle class depending on the threshold you use. I do not make so much money that I can retire in 10 years, or go buy a yacht tomorrow. But my family probably thinks so, so if they ever won the lottery they probably wouldn’t send me anything because they think I’m a millionaire, and I wouldn’t be shocked lol. Statistically speaking, their chances of winning are way higher than mine, because they play more often. So I should maybe worry more about this scenario 😂 Since they make poor life choices, I would not entrust them to anything. From what I’ve read about lottery winners, if you give a mouse a cookie…that sort of thing. So just don’t ever turn that money faucet on in the first place or they will drain you. I guarantee you if I gave them $10k they would blow it all on a Disney trip and then be reaching out to me for more. And if I put away for their kids’ college, it wouldn’t get used because they don’t prioritize education.


Well-off people don’t win the lottery more often, though it may seem like it because they stand out compared to poor people winning (and that’s just psychology, like shark attacks seeming super prevalent when the flu is much more likely to kill you than a shark). The reason well-off people don’t win the lottery more than poor people is because well-off people generally don’t play the lottery as much. The lottery is known as a tax on the poor. Poor people take their meager earnings into the gas station and buy $20 worth of lottery tickets not understanding just how slim their chances are of winning. You are more likely to get struck by lightning multiple times than to win the Mega Millions jackpot. It is super fun to think about what life would be like if I won, and every few years when the jackpot gets crazy big, I let myself get sucked in and I buy a few tickets. But really if I wanted to go for my best odds I’d avoid the newsworthy jackpots and just play when the jackpot is $50M. $16M (after taking lump sum and paying taxes on it) is still a life changing amount of money and I wouldn’t have to work another day in my life if I chose not to. And my odds of winning that jackpot are way higher than the record breaking jackpots where everyone and their mom who normally don’t play go by a ticket (like me IRL lol).


Well-off people don’t win the lottery more often, though it may seem like it because they stand out compared to poor people winning (and that’s just psychology, like shark attacks seeming super prevalent when the flu is much more likely to kill you than a shark). The reason well-off people don’t win the lottery more than poor people is because well-off people generally don’t play the lottery as much. The lottery is known as a tax on the poor. Poor people take their meager earnings into the gas station and buy $20 worth of lottery tickets not understanding just how slim their chances are of winning. You are more likely to get struck by lightning multiple times than to win the Mega Millions jackpot. It is super fun to think about what life would be like if I won, and every few years when the jackpot gets crazy big, I let myself get sucked in and I buy a few tickets. But really if I wanted to go for my best odds I’d avoid the newsworthy jackpots and just play when the jackpot is $50M. $16M (after taking lump sum and paying taxes on it) is still a life changing amount of money and I wouldn’t have to work another day in my life if I chose not to. And my odds of winning that jackpot are way higher than the record breaking jackpots where everyone and their mom who normally don’t play go by a ticket (like me IRL lol). Edit: to continue on my original thought (got sidetracked a bit), the reason rich people don’t generally play the lottery is because most of them understand that 99.999% of people will not become wealthy that way. Rich people, whether by inheritance or their own hard work or being a crook, understand that whatever way they became rich is more reliable. The ones who inherited their wealth may blow it if it wasn’t properly put in a trust and they have no understanding of money. But the people who earned (however ethically) their fortune are generally smarter with money and understand the math is not in their favor. If/when they do buy lottery tickets, it’s occasionally, not a habit like a lot of poor people. This is not at attempt to bash either group. Just observations.


I certainly hope it's you! I definitely would need to check but I totally understand why you would want to hang on to that feeling! Good luck!


Can we get an update ? I’m hoping it’s you !!!!!


Good luck!!!! I always like for people who really need it, win.


I hope it’s you!!


[So you won a million dollars, here's the plan](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/24vo34/What%27s_the_happiest_5-word_sentence_you_could_hear%3F/chb4v05/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


This kind of makes me sad. I mean, I totally get it. That ticket may have been a waste but as long as you don't know, you can have a little positive feeling thinking about it. In that way it was worth the money you paid..well to have hope. Maybe that's why people play the lottery, not to actually win but just to have some positive feeling of uncertainty for a few hours. Because most of the uncertainty in life is negative. Vague pressures bearing down on you in all directions. I should go to bed, anyway I feel like giving you a hug.




I’ve heard that 60% of people go bankrupt after they win so they probably don’t go to 90 year old property owners Basically if you do win don’t just spend all of it on random crap like inflated sports cars that are uncomfortable to be in or a giant fixer-upper mansion


Yeah, the same money habits that go into habitually buying lottery tickets are not the same habits that will allow someone to manage that amount of money well. It takes a BIG adjustment and probably some babysitting by your lawyer.


How in the world can you fall asleep without looking? That's incredible will power.


Right? I could not do that at all.


I do this anytime I buy a ticket too. I'll pretend it's a winner for the whole week. I think about all the things I would do with the money (mostly buying houses and cars for my family, paying off all my debts, and quitting my crappy minimum wage job). It's nice to pretend for a little while that life could be easy.


That’s the benefit of purchasing the lottery. It’s the momentary flights of imagination endorphins. So long it’s not an addiction, lotteries offer a positive. I won’t mention any analogies to beliefs in religions.


Best of luck mate.


Wrote down your dreams tonight! Edit: or, Write. (did you, OP?)


Winning during the pandemic would be great. Some places require your photo with the big cheque, but during the pandemic, no one will blink if you show up with a mask on.


I think one person made the news by showing up with like a Halloween mask or something? I don’t remember. But their state didn’t allow them to remain anonymous (total BS!) so they at least disguised their face, and there was nothing in the rules preventing them from doing so.


congratulations, you are schroedinger's millionaire!


Oh man same boat with you. I've lived in an apartment almost my entire life and I've bought some lottery tickets hoping that I'll never have to worry for myself and family. Fingers crossed for us both, hopefully one of us makes it big uwu.


Any updates?


We want an update!!


That reminds me of a time, bout ten years ago, someone had won 25 million, ticket bought at the corner store I always use. Nobody had claimed and the year was coming due. I checked and rechecked every lottery ticket I had, just in case. It was a nice thought


The ~270 comments and 4600 karma are worth *infinitely more* than 2.5 mill, regardless of currency <3 *in a post-apocalyptic nightmare realm where all of consciousness is reduced to browsing reddit and karma becomes the only means of chemical stimulation


You should be able to log into your state's lottery website to check the winning numbers. Others have linked to the awesome AskReddit comment about what to do and what not to do. One thing I will advise, is don't succumb to what I call windfall syndrome. This is the behavior where people who suddenly come into a large sum of money, like lottery winnings, end up blowing it all within minutes (figuratively, although in some cases literally, depending on the amount) on extravagant items that will later be deemed useless. Besides the examples listed in the frequently-linked comment, other examples could include buying major name-brand items, and maybe not a Lamborghini or Ferrari, but even something made by Lexus or BMW. People don't take into account that these higher-end items not only cost more to purchase, but they cost more to maintain. Some higher-end name brand clothing can't just be thrown into the washing machine and dryer on a regular cycle with regular detergent like the clothes you get at Walmart or Target; you may have to use a "color-safe" detergent that may cost more, and you may have to wash on the delicate cycle. Or they may require dry-cleaning. They may require drying on a lower temperature and delicate setting, and if your current dryer doesn't have such a setting, you'll have to purchase a brand new one that does. Same with the washing machine. If it doesn't have a setting for the clothes you purchased, you'll have to purchase a new one that will have that setting. Just for that one outfit or even single article of clothing. A vehicle made by Lexus or BMW may require the mid-grade or high-test gas instead of the regular or low-grade gas, which will cost a few cents more per gallon, and routine maintenance costs, like oil changes and tune-ups, will cost more, even at your favorite shade-tree mechanic. The parts cost more than the parts did for your broken-down Toyota or Honda, the Lexus requires synthetic oil whereas that old Corolla or Civic required good ol' regular 10W30 or 5W30, and there's a good chance your shade-tree mechanic isn't well-versed in the ways of maintaining a Lexus or BMW. Not to mention the ad-valorem taxes and other taxes you have to pay to renew your registration will be higher, and most insurance companies charge higher premiums on high-end vehicles, making your monthly payments higher. If you buy a new house, make sure you can afford the upkeep and property taxes. Some people who win the lottery go out and buy a much larger house (such as a "McMansion") on a slightly larger parcel of land than what they had before, only to realize they can't afford the upkeep and maintenance, utilities (higher electric, gas, and water bills), and the property taxes. If you're buying a house that was previously occupied, ask if they have copies of the previous homeowners' last three bills, or find out the utility companies that service the property. Ask them if they can give you a usage history, showing how much the house used each month over the last two or three years, and what the average cost was per month. Do this with the water and gas as well. Compare with your current utilities. It can be quite shocking, and you have to ask yourself, "Could I afford this on my regular salary?". If the answer is "no", then don't buy the house. It looks nice, yes, but if you couldn't afford it even if you didn't win the lottery, then you have no business buying it. Really, that should be the question you should ask yourself anytime you want to buy something extravagant with your newfound wealth. "Could I afford this on my regular salary?" Even if, with your regular salary and current expenses, you managed to save up enough to purchase the item outright, you still wouldn't be able to afford the upkeep, maintenance, and other costs that come with owning the more extravagant or expensive version of something you already have, then don't buy it.


Excellent advice. Know one ever thinks of these things. I know if it was me I would be thinking generational wealth.


My favorite is when people go broke buying a McMansion and then can’t afford to furnish it. What is the point in an 8B/8B home if you don’t have the money set aside to make each room functional? 😂


Exactly. Even if you're not going to use each bedroom as a bedroom (one for you and the mister/missus, one for each kid, and one for each set of parents-in-law, if you wanted to be nice and have them move in with you), like turn one into an art studio, one into a playroom for the kids, and two into offices (one for you and one for the mister/missus), there's still the expense the furniture, not to mention repainting the rooms or remodeling them to best suit your needs. Like if you wanted to turn one room into a play room for the kids, you'd need to install shelving, paint it light, bright, "fun" colors, perhaps even let the kids help decorate with their favorite cartoon characters (stickers from Fathead or elsewhere), and other stuff to make it complete. For an office or library, there's the desks, chairs, bookcases, and decor. For the arts-and-crafts studio there's shelving, tables, storage, and other stuff you'll want or need, depending on the art or craft at hand. Then there's the bathrooms. I'm sure you won't be using all 8 bathrooms, but you still have to clean them. Mold and mildew build up in damp places like the bathroom, and if you live in an area with hard water or any kind of water that can leave rings or stains on hard surfaces, you still have to clean them at least weekly. Even if the only time you went in there was to change out the Air Wick.


If you win don't claim it right away, read about it first. Winning the lottery actually ruins people's lives most of the time.


You got this!! If you wake up and see that it’s not you, always remember it one day could be you!




See now, this songs works for both before and after you find out the Truth, regardless of what is the Truth. Just a smalltown Girl, living in a lonely world. ..........


OP you'll finally be able to afford that surgery to remove your Frog fingers and replace them with human fingers! This is huge, I'm so pumped for you (potentially!!)


If I won the lotto tomorrow well I know I wouldn't bother going on no spending spree, I'd pick a business school and pay the entrance fee. maybe if you're lucky you'd stay friends with me


I hope you win, definetly need an update.


Hope you win dude!


How on earth could you sleep knowing there’s the possibility you won all that money


If it was you, it is proven that you should not tell anyone, because it will probably ruin your life if people know. Most people who win the lottery lose it all fast, and even if they don't, a lot of them die. So if it's you, stay anonymous and keep it to yourself. Actually, this puts it better than I ever could: https://old.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/24vo34/whats_the_happiest_5word_sentence_you_could_hear/chb4yin/


If you win. Remember me please 😂 goodluck!


This is actually a really excellent strategy. Buying a ticket has negative expected outcome in pure cash value, so getting as much intangible value as possible out of your investment makes perfect sense.


This is the sweetest and most optimistic post I’ve seen in a long time. Totally made my day.


guys is it possible to be hacked through reddit coz man this guy may be screwed


schrodinger lottery


Winning the lottery can do more bad than good. Dont tell anyone and don't go on a spending spree. That's all I can say. Congratulations if you win though :D


I think we need an update.


My dad once taught me how the lottery worked and the dangers of it when I was a kid. He asked me to chose the numbers and write it on a paper so we didn't lose a dime and then we'll check the results when they come out for fun. We could've won 500$.


So what happened OP?


Winning a 6 figure lottery increases your chances of being a homicide victim by 120%.


Didn’t someone bury a SO in a concrete pad behind their house because of a lottery winnings dispute? Edit: yes, I did not make that up. Abraham Lee Shakespeare: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Shakespeare


Sheesh you got rocks for a brain or something? Why would you not check it?


Don’t forget about me!


Don’t forget about us OP! We believe in you. Best of luck.


Keep it secret, people are messed up.


this is so exciting!!


Sweet dreams!


I do this once in a while as I lay in bed. It's fun.


wishing you luck!


Good luck!!


Do you know the process of winning the lottery?


I hope it's you :)


Fingers crossed, I hope it's you!!!!


Crossing my fingers for you!!


Good luck!!! I hope it is you and not someone who doesn’t need it.


Did you win? Don't keep us hanging!


Did you win man?


I hope you win!!


Are you awake yet? We need to know!


That's great! I hope it's you that won!!!


You never know