Are Game Warranties Worth It?

Are Game Warranties Worth It?


Especially good for kids if they aren’t going to take care of their stuff, or if you have a dog that likes to chew on shit. For most people they don’t need it. But it really benefits some


I figured it was best for kids.


I replaced a game once for my nephew. Super Smash Brothers on Wii U. Never again, $2 to $3 is better than the $50 it was to replace a game. For kids, or gifts. Why not


Especially with first party nintendo games. They never seem to go down in price.


If your OCD and put on white gloves everytime you grab your disc then its not worth it.


Most people aren't though, I've had games come in for trade that looked like they were used as drink coasters and then held up to a sanding belt.




As with any insurance, it solely depends on how much risk you are willing to take. To some people, even $500 is not enough money to warrant insurance. Many people would rather just buy a new one. You should ask yourself (not just for game discs, but for anything in life) how much money is the threshold where I couldn’t afford to replace it, and I need to buy insurance? This should decide for you, and also decide how much your car insurance deductible is, etc. For me it’s $1,000. I won’t insure anything worth less than that amount. A console, a phone, etc.


Fantastic perspective! Thank you.


Ive had a customer buy a game with the warranty and come back to me 5 minutes later because he accidently slammed it in his car door... You never know what could happen. On a side note I think its always worth it on a game you're getting on sale.


A warranty wouldn't be necessary though in that situation. Considering they'd still have the receipt, swapping it out would've been free


A warranty would be necessary in that situation, because the 30 day exchange period only covers defects, not damage.


[https://imgur.com/a/fOLxWSc](https://imgur.com/a/fOLxWSc) [https://re-turns.com/gamestop-return-policy](https://re-turns.com/gamestop-return-policy/) **"If an item you purchased is defective or was damaged, let us know within 30 days and we'll replace it with a similar item."**


"was" damaged, meaning before purchase.


Why isn't it phrased "is defective or damaged" then? "Was" could be referring to if the customer had damaged the item. I can see the downvotes here but honestly if a customer comes in the store complaining about the 30 day policy also covering damaged items, I'm sure ya'll would bend the rules either way.


That seems to be specifically for the online site. The language could be better clarified but I interpreted it as “was damaged” prior to being received, such as in transit.


My friend had a game get destroyed by a roommate.


You’re just protecting an investment. Maybe you’ll never need it, but if you do…


Unexpected things happen, it’s not common but disc can be scratched while inside a console or being taken in and out of them. So in my opinion the $3 is better than another 60 is something we’re to happen


I get them because I’ve been known to have discs break, scratch so bad they’re unreadable and having that protection on it allows me to get a new copy.


For a while the PS4 discs just suddenly stopped working. No scratches, no cracks, no damage whatsoever, and yet they would just stop. I don’t know if that ever stopped but I dont want to take that risk That’s why I always protect my games. Cartridges are a bit more resilient but I’ve had my fair share get damaged by my animals. (My go to phrase is, “it’s better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it.”)


Games usually go down in value and it’s better to have the money in the bank or invested on the off chance a game breaks assuming you don’t have destructive kids/dogs


I have a cat who likes to chew on anything she can find. And I know games go down in value doesn’t mean I don’t want to protect them for however long I have them for. Also 3 dollars a game every 5 or so months isn’t gonna put me into bankruptcy


There's a lot of typical employee responses here, but honestly? No, it's not worth it, it's pure profit for the company. The *only* way they make sense is if you have children that you don't train to not touch your game collection. That being said, it's a major number that's tracked and it keeps our boss off our ass, and our store open. For an extra $2 or $3, it's worth it.


I'd recommend it for a collectors edition or a less common game (NIS America releases, other smaller release games etc.) For stuff like CoD, Madden etc. it's easier to get replacements and often they get cheaper after a year so there is less worry about replacing them. The smaller ones can retain or gain value, so the warranty it more worthwhile.


I get it for discs since I don't know exactly what condition the disc I get will be in. It could have worked when brought in but that doesn't mean it didn't get scratched if an employee moved it into a slip to display the case or when being put back in a case. I haven't had to use the warranties but it's peace of mind incase the game doesn't work or something happens to it.


Only if there’s little kids in the house. Teens, young adults, and adults really don’t need a disc warranty.


if you have kids, or a finicky system... it may be worth it on games that you know you'll keep over the year.


I'm incredibly careful with my stuff and typically don't need a warranty for a game disc, but there have been times where I'm 100% sure I have a solid grip on it and it turns out I was wrong it falls and it hits something and causes top damage, which cannot be repaired.


No, they're a waste of money. Accessory warranties are where it's at and if you really want to succeed selling GPGs you should be bundling the total price. "Protection for everything is only $8 total and you won't have to worry about paying out of pocket to replace anything if it's ever needed. *give example of something ridiculous that you've seen here*"




I understand that it helps the employee, but in my case and I'm sure many others, I just don't generally have the few extra bucks to insure it. Generally I have to save up for a bit to get a new game, and even then sometimes I have to trade in a few old ones as well. unless there was loss/theft protection (which there very well could be, I've never looked into what it covers but I seriously doubt there would be) I just can't justify putting a warranty on it.