My opinion on 1.6

My opinion on 1.6


I'm SO thankful that I finally got to explore something.


it's been a while


,[Traveler's Name]




How have you been?


You could say that "this opportunity is quite hard to come by"


Amuse me then.


Surrender is a valid option


About 5 or 6 months.


"It has been 4 patches."


I’ve waited 4, no, 5000 years for this!


Everyone when Inazuma finally releases


Big mood as the kids say


keyword is "got" instead of "get"


It's been 84 years


This update has got me even more excited for Inazuma. All this time exploring the islands reminds me of all the exploring we will have to do in Inazuma. I feel like it was a nice ramp up to back to exploring after not doing any since 1.2 (dragonspine).


Yeah. Im gonna say goodbye to any genshin related community once inazuma drop coz Im pretty sure many people gonna speedrun the quests and exploration and post it everywhere. I learned my lesson, Im gonna take everything slowly and just enjoy exploring:)


Speedrunners who complain when they finish quickly are the worst kind of people


Then they ask "cicin mages are from fatui or abyss?"


Smh my head, cicin mages are treasure hoarders obv


They're actually hillichurls


But I thought hillichurls were all male? Unless...oh no...


Goblin slayer




Redo of Hydro Samachurl


Yeah lol. I've met a guy who skipped through the story but he was very high AR and I was like whaaa?


Them and those who speed run and then post all of the solutions to the puzzles without spoiler tags. Especially before it even makes it’s way to all the severs


Why though, if they push miHoYo to release less filler patches that would be nice (I know good and pulished content takes time, but the thing is story line was changed a bit that's why it took kinda long)


Well we either have filler patches between big updates, or we get zero patches between updates and what would've been in those filler updates gets put in the big update. Content in a vacuum would be the same but it means 6-10 months of literally nothing, not even new characters for a bigger region update. At the end of the day it's either filler patches, or no patches. Unless you want them to overwork their staff for the sake of pushing out content faster. We all know how well it goes when companies crunch after all.


My plan to, stay clear just so I can explore at my own pace.


Same here


I also like how it's linked to Inazuma


And it's enjoyable. I hated Dragonspine. I hate snow.


It's all coarse


And it gets everywhere


//leaks >!Except Inazuma would have areas that's like dragonspine!<


i thought it was just gonna be boring inazuma countdown but it is great


Is Inazuma next patch ?




This is what I started playing the game for. Mihoyo is incredible at making their open world jam packed with puzzles and challenges, and making it beautiful to boot. I’ve played other open world games, but something about this game just hits different.


And the music!


Yu-Peng Chen never misses


Well the only sad thing is the puzzles are too easy but its still enjoyable. I understand that they make it easy because this game is only casual gaming.


Not these puzzles, the water level one took me at least 1 hour


i think they mean the ball throwing/directing into target puzzles. Those are pretty easy.


Yup some just need trial and error and you will get it others need a little bit of timing but it's still good puzzles in my opinion. Can't wait for the rest of the patch to drop.


I forgot how good It was to explore in genshin. When I found the little clues about the rising water puzzle or the boat plank with the incision on it my eyes lit up because this is how I want an open world to be. Finding a random thing during your travels that triggers a quest, just like adventuring is supposed to be.


For me the plank wasn't random. Shit had a shining marker so I knew it had to be interacted. Voila quest Water puzzle is super cool though.


Not a puzzle but quest. That one damn quest about taking pictures of murals. Now that's adventure.


I can't even imagine what they'll pull with the Chasm and that underwater stuff. Maybe we'll finally get to learn to dive


The chasm is going to be lore galore, considering whatever bits and pieces we have about this region already


Questions will the map stay or will if be removed by the end of the midsummer event


It'll be removed. There's an ingame countdown if you open the archipelago map.


I definitely don't agree with there being whole areas that are temporary. I plan to let them know that I disagree in the survey that comes around in a few weeks. The weapon and special rewards and stuff can be part of the event, but the area should stay.


I'm fine with it since this probably means we'll get more interesting events in the future. The area isn't as detailed as the rest of the map. It's not the equivalent of Dragonspine or the Chasm. Think of it as a really big event domain. I prefer exploring a temporary map like this over being made to enter a special domain for a few minutes. The actual map expansions will be much more detailed. Temporary maps like these are easier to make and allow them to create more interesting events. We'll still get all the seven regions of Teyvat and a few mini regions like Dragonspine, The Chasm, etc. Occasionally we'll get a few temporary event maps like these as well.


Why not make those areas free DLC's? You can download them when you want something new to explore and then uninstall when you are done to save space (or if you're on PC you will just leave it downloaded because storage isn't an issue) That way you don't need to rush it and make sure you didn't miss any chests, and new players will still be able to explore it in the future instead of being told "yeah there was a new huge area to explore but you missed it lol". It's a win win


Because this way they can say "play the game right now or you'll miss it". The same reason literally any game has time-limited events / skins / rewards


I preferred the way they handled it in Dragonspine - introduced a permanent region with bonus limited-time quests and events. There was still plenty of missable stuff that makes Dragonspine much emptier for players starting after 1.2 (especially since Albedo's quest now only unlocks at AR40, unlike back in 1.2 when it unlocked at AR20 and followed players' first exploration of Dragonspine). But I can understand how in this case, the Klee questline is integral to the region's introduction. There's no way and no reason for us to be in an archipelago no mortal in Mondstadt seems to have even heard of, aside from the letter she received.


except I don't know if we will get that many more temporary areas because from what i heard this is just something that was already being made for inazuma but was unused and recycled for this update not actually sure if it's accurate. if not, there might be more temporary areas which i would still love


Um data capabilities?


Remove it for mobile only then? Or make all bonus separated areas deletable/redownloadable to manage space.


*chefs kiss perfect However i think the area is limited so they can bring it back every year as their summer event


If they plan on reusing the same area every year, that would be pretty boring imo. The amount of money they get from this game, they have the capability and from what I've seen so far; the intention to do better.


I agree however I do think with the way Mihoyo designed the islands(with them rising under and above the water) they could change the entire landscape every time, new islands, new characters with their own events, I don’t think it’ll be as static as you think it would be


The islands will just get taller every year until the towers are absolutely massive and we've unlocked an ancient undersea nation. Eventually, they'll introduce Alice or something and she'll tell us about how she sank the nation in the first place and then felt bad enough about it to put it on a raiseable mechanical platform.


Sank the nation in the first place LMAO


If Klee's a walking nuke then Alice is the whole arsenal


Yeah but I mean, so every single time they want to do a seasonal event or anything like that they have to come up with a completely new concept? It sounds like a great wave to make them want to Take the money and run off to another game.


We could also get new summer skins though.


Why even? do you still visit Dragonspine for sightseeing these days? Unless you wanna farm the domain or cryo hypostasis, nobody bother to go to Dragonspine anymore. Why have an extra load of space when Mihoyo can bring it back yearly with more amazing content like this.


For people who didn't get a chance to do it...


I don't visit Liyue or Mondstad for sightseeing either, I "finished" these areas (100% exploration) just like I finished Dragonspine, I don't see a difference. Dragonspine even has dailies in there sometimes, so you people who need "infinitely replayable" quantity-over-quality content have a "reason" to go back there. Why would you even advocate for them reusing content and deleting it regularly instead of making new content?


Yeah once you’re done. What if you try the game for the first time in a few weeks and you find out a whole area is just being yoinked out of the game in a couple days? It’s not about you.


That’s literally the entire marketing strategy behind limited events. “Play the game *right now* for these cool rewards and a new area or youre gonna miss out!” It’s a strategy. It pulls people in to want to play the game for these events.


Then that new person dont get to play it until next year. That’s it. It’s an event thing. Not all year thing. You missed the party because you didnt get theresooner. Simple as that. Also, missing out this is not even a big deal as Festering Desire event.


It’s a shitty way to run a game. FOMO is bullshit that game companies push on us to make us commit like games are some huge thing we should be super committed to. The game should just see updates that last and not force its players to rush back or hurry and jump in or else you can miss out on not just a weapon or something, but a whole chunk of land and content.


I agree completely, i've been wondering for awhile now why the klee quest can't stay there and just have the islands explorable after the event, it makes 0 sense why this is temporary content when it can be permanent.


The game size would be huge. Many peoples already have issue with how much space it takes


The game is going to get like 10 times bigger with all the new nations they are going to add, if it doesn't suck for them now it's going to suck for them in a few months/years. Are you going to suggest we delete Liyue or Fontaine later so these people can play the game?


You’re strawmanning, I never said anything about touching the main regions. They’re saving space by making events limited including the map. Yes, eventually people will need more storage but by doing this it makes the increase in storage slower. The best option if they made it an optional dlc where people who want to keep the map can.


There’s no point for this island once inazuma comes out, it’s just islands scattered with no buildings or npcs


Well when i look at dragonspine... Yep definitely remove it instead of being a chunk of map that will not get any updates. As for incoming players, they will have 3 regions to explore when they play the game after 1.6.


I mean honestly, after you collect all of the chests and complete all fo the quests how much will you come back to the area? How many times have you gone back to Dragonspine outside of daily quests and domains after completing that area? I know I for one enjoyed about a month of it before everything was done and I hardly go back, and I think a lot of people are the same. Does it suck for the people that *would* go back? Sure, but you also have to consider how much file size it'll take just to satisfy that small group of people.


Not a hardcore guy but I go to dragonspine daily to kill the big frost guys for 600g and the big robot Also cicin mages for 200g I skip the little ones tho In the new islands there's not much of the 600g and 200g enemies


Fair enough. I probably should farm those enemies, but a mix of "I'm too lazy" and "*only* 600 mora?" deters me


Yeah shit is boring, but resin goes fast like poof bye genshin so i had to do smash something with the characters i built I do it until i get 10-50k mora


yeah it could totally fit somewhere really far to the northeast of mondstadt where there won't be any new regions (sumeru, fontaine etc are to the west i believe)


I think Fontaine could be to the north of Liyue, in the river-y area you can see the shapes of north of Qingce from the mountain near Chang the Ninth. Of course, I could be wrong and they could end up reshaping the out-of-bounds terrain to be a whole different country.


I mean they have to manage this game storage since this archipelago is only gonna a start for temporary area and imagine the amount we would have as the game progress. Furthermore this is Mihoyo, expert at using the lore to their advantage, they have the island be able to rise from the sea for the reason that once this is over, they could just say that Dodo king, theorize to be Alice Klee's mom, just sank the entire archipelago and it would work since that maniac of a woman is known for doing crazy stuff already.


Great so I can't collect the chest later


If you mean that Luxurious chest in the center of the three peaks it doesn't take long to unlock it


But can we explore everything's in this area in a month?


Took me about 4 hours without a guide/map, so definitely yes.


took me about 6 hours and a guild *don’t judge me i’m slow and using lv60 character in ar55*


Are you also using a Traveller-Klee-Jean-Barbara team for the “authenticity”? They make a surprisingly good team for this event even when they are underlevelled and untalented with the first three easily drowning or dropping the vast majority of mobs and the latter two providing more than enough healing.


i am too poor for jean and klee so i gotta mix and match


traveller barbara xiangling noelle / traveller kaeya amber lisa type beat




look i recently got Eula and wasn’t gonna let her sit in my character selection


I cleared everything in 3 days without a guide (not that i am good or anything, just average joe) Then I used a youtube video and found 3 more chests


I may need to speedrun this on the last week then I guess since I may not be able to log in for a while


It made me feel like AR25 again


What a great time to be young


f2p: it’s free real estate (endless primos basically)


This is just the beginning, Inazuma will be even better


i want content like this... recurrently.


I’ve been looking forward to new content like The Chasm for months now (I thought it was coming before Inazuma would) and I completely disregarded the announcement of this island event. I thought it would be a small island like in the teapot with some mini games like Windblume spread around, but the archipelago is on the level of Dragonspine it feels like! Content like this reminds me why I got so hooked on Genshin in the beginning


This update is the best, getting to explore new waypoints, tons of primogems


it is so genuinely big i'm honestly kinda blown away! i still genuinely struggle a bit with figuring out where everything is but i think that's just my poor sense of direction lol. i do love this update though. the reveal of it being bigger than it initially seemed was SO good


I also had some trouble with that. Try using pins on the map and using the navigation button to get there. It makes it so much easier, and I pin all the islands I’ve already explored


that's smart... thank you! i tend to delete my pins once i reach where i'm needed to go, but leaving a marker is definitely something i never thought about lol. next time i hop onto the islands i'll try that out :–)


And it's probably going to get bigger. All the light blue areas in the ocean on the map are probably going to rise up during the next phase. The outlines are way too detailed for them to simply be shallows. We'll have a lot of new areas to explore.


The start of the patch had me super disappointed. "What, the archipelago is 4 small islands? That's what we get for the next 6 weeks? Fuck off". Doing the second quest, and watching the archipelago grow in size so much has me legitimately excited to explore it. I just wish it was less time gated.


I saw the banana leaf that they failed to hide in one of the islands so I knew the water level is going down. Much to my surprise that the islands went up instead. I thought it was just their plain old time gated thing but they gave it all in 3 days. They were just being creative with the islands rising. The island enveloped in the bubble and samurai robot is definitely time gated


If it wasn't time gated people would be done everything on the first day and would complain even more. It's not a great solution but it's what they got.


honestly i kinda appreciate that its time gated, that way once the event ends its not much of a sore eye like dragonspine, where you can't do anything but remember all the fun the event was


Yea honestly I really like the fact that it's gonna be gone after this update and hope they do more like this. Because aside from the puzzles and the story it's really just some generic island landscape. It's been really fun to explore but there's gonna be no point to coming back once it's done.


Same. Me on day one: oh, some empty island, mihoyo give us some real content! Me on day two: thank god you gave us this, I love it.


Archipelago is honestly really amazing. I explored all of it just for the puzzles and the rewards are just the icing on top.


New regions to explore = best patch


I just got seriously into the game maybe two months ago at most, so the update dropped just as I was mostly finished with Mondstadt, Liyue and Dragonspine.


This world truly is drowned on inequalities ​ (It's a fake salty, good for you OP!)


I know right like seriously. Not only do we have a new area to search but the story from the conch shells are very interesting to me too. And they gave us quest to do


Why are they removing it tho? Its great content and exploring for new players


There's really not a whole lot to do there, and once you collect everything there'd be no reason to go back, sort of like Dragonspine, but worse. It'd just end up taking a lot valuable storage for mobile devices and give nothing back


Oh dang that is true, I am pretty spoiled by my 128 gb so I never thought of that, and it makes alot of sense


Same with me and my 2 TB hardrive lol. But i think I've heard that most of Genshin's players play on mobile (especially in China), so Mihoyo's gotta do the least they can do to keep the mobile players happy


And the bajillion regions won’t?


Mainly data limits. Plus it’ll probably come back next summer, so it’s not like it’s gone forever. There’s no way Mihoyo will put so much effort into a beautiful area to only have it in for a short while


Actually we might get a different summer area and hangout with new character, that would be fun


save data space


Imagine how AMAZING it will feel to explore inazuma, I’m so excited I could cry. I’ve loved 1.6 a lot tho


This patch is so much fun. When the water recedes it's so overwhelming, because there is so much to explore. I really hope we get some new enemies in Ianazuma though. It gets a bit boring killing Hilichurls and the occasional mage.


Agreed. But I’m most excited for new materials, bosses, land to explore. Basically everything lol


Also, got 50 Sea Ganoderma and am curious what that's gonna be for.


It's a new regional material. Will be used by Kazuha, the 5* of the next banner. After 1.6 it will be an Inazuma speciality


- New place to explore - Actual voiced interactions this time (not just having to skim someone's fan-fic via text) - Some novelty mechanics to try out What's not to like?


The exploration was great


It's really good and brings me back. Lot's to do, lots of new stuff. Everywhere I look is a chest or something to do. Feels like when I first started playing. Really happy with this update and plus I get to use my characters I am so invested in.


basically Mtashed in his [new video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykzj3PiiZ28)


I looooove this update. Miss exploring and getting chests so much.


I saved up about 7k of those stars, you guys think i can get klee ?


You can try. Hope u will get klee!


Even though I completed this update in like a day.. I absolutely loved it.. the puzzles were better and the area itself was huge.. thanks for not making us swim all the way.


\*AR 25 flashbacks\*


I’ve gotten 10 wishes just from the archipelago-


it waa fun till the realization that you might have missed 10 gems worth of common chests somewhere even tho you've thoroughly done your exploration


The only thing I didn't like in the exploration is how the mural quest was such a big bait with how the quest items for that quest were named. I spent hours looking for a non-existent pudding isle mural only to find out that there are 2 nameless island murals, one I already gotten thanks to the quest with it and one that I somehow completely missed. But, then again, it might just be me.


Don't worry, you're not alone. But after 5mins of searching on pudding island i told myself that its not there because its impossible to not find easily. So i decided to go on some islands that have no names and found it


did no one watch the trailer, livestream, or even leaks?! we saw the huge archipelago in all of those. did people forget or something? i always thought that calling this update just filler and stuff was harsh. i mean sure but there's a new area!!! why wasn't it as hyped as dragonspine


What is ar55 if you don’t mind me asking


Adventure rank 55 The level of your account pretty much After ar50 you are mostly out of new things to do (quests, exploration, collectibles) so any uptade with a new region like Dragonspine feels really good as it's a lot of new content you wouldn't have seen for a long time


My account is shit and i am ar 43…


All accounts under ar 56 are shit. So hang in there and plan carefully. Cherish the moments you have 20+ books and 1m mora.


Does the End game really feels bored??


No more world quests left, you've pretty much explored everything and gotten every chest, all you do everyday is daily commissions and def/hp artifact farming. End game is *sooooooo* much fun. Peak gameplay, if you will.


Here's a joke! What did one elevator say to the other elevator? I think I'm coming down with something!


Here's a joke! What did zero say to the number eight? Nice belt.


All good except for the bullshit story about "dodoking". Really, mihoyo? That's the best you could come up with to justify the filler arc? At least make it believable. There's no way the Jean I know would take that story seriously. Not even the traveller. Maybe paimon


But they don't... They're there because they DON'T know what's going on and they're trying to figure it out and explore this uncharted territory. They just pretend to believe the dodoking stuff for Klee's sake. But either way, with whatevers going on in the islands, someone very powerful is behind it. Thats why Jean and the traveler need to get to the bottom of it


I think jean was just riding along with >!Klee's mum!<


That's the point tho, they thought this was a prank for Klee and now suddenly they're facing someone that could literally rise an entire freaking archipelago like it's nothing. Ye, I would shiz myself if that's what someone set to prank a kid. Jean as current guardian of Klee will probably be in high alert mode and the Traveller have seen less impressive stuff than this from gods.


Unpopoular opinion but I hate exploring that place because the terrain is so hard to climb and stuff, and I wish they just gave the rewards w/o us having to explore the whole place


They force you to unlock the waypoints on day 1, so you can explore practically everything else by starting at the top and gliding down.


Nah, still boring


naaah sugondese was boring


sugondese nuts


A blessing from the lord! Honestly this is my favorite region so far, and it seems like some of the puzzles are more complex finally. Though it is making me really wanna go somewhere tropical which I can’t afford.


lmao same was honestly not expecting much this patch but exploring the new sea area is so damn fun


I really liked that Update even tho I’m kinda new (gonna be AR55 with tommorow Dailies) The sense of adventure and Infinity (Kinda) gets me. So I really appreciated it bcz the old world got kinda old even tho I didn’t 100% find everywhere


I'm addicted on riding the waverider. Help me


This is actually my favorite update in such a long time. I like this area better than dragonspine. Wish they’d make it permanent


Best beach episode ever


Just finished, myself. I'm fairly confident that I didn't leave any chests behind. Now to wait for the pretty bubble to go so I can really finish.


I’m very lost can anyone help , just imagine you read this post liked it and would like to know more, you know.?


I wish they would keep it instead of making it limited time


I fricking love the boat, hope we can keep it. I'll spend hours and hours just exploring the whole map


To me it shows why genshin impact will have a lot of trouble in the long run. When it first came out, people were amazed by the huge world they could freely explore. And no matter where you went, there was always something meaningful to discover. It was so much fun. Everyone knows that this game was heavily influenced by zelda botw and they did really well copying the exploration part imo. But after a while even the most casual player will have explored the whole map. So then what? I know we got a lot of updates and new features, bosses, even more story-content. But the lack of new areas is something you cant compensate with loads of events. They are fun in their own right, but its not why I started playing GI. I know it takes a lot of time to create huge new maps, but I dont think they will be able to keep their playerbase if it takes nearly a full year for them to drop the next (large) map.


I understand what you mean but I think the creation of new areas will probably accelerate from now on since they now have a higher budget which means they could hire more people, after all Genshin was created by the same team that made Honkai so this is quite new to them the whole open world thing but I think they'll get the hang of it soon. Also they might already start planning and making Sumeru considering how they like to split up projects and the earliest leak of Kazuha and Sayu was in late 1.2 so they plan pretty far ahead .


In my team I have a lv70, two lv60 and a lv50 characters. I was ar 35 and I finally tried to beat childe which was surprisingly easy. And after that there came the 1.6. right now I have like 2M Mora and a few ar worth of exp stacked up.


I am desperately trying to collect all of the lullaby sconches so i can sing it


I started playing two months ago. I don't have much time to play in the week days but I make sure to do the dailies to earn those primos. This means I still have main quests up to my throat. Once Inazuma drops, I will be so overwhelmed lol.


You could at least credit that the original is from r/chicken_thoughts


I also just appreciated the patch yesterday when i went around. Got like 1k gems 😳😳


So true. Im fucking AR56 and I forgot how fun it was to find things and play again


Did you draw this? The bird looked cute on the final photo.


same lol I was so upset that they were only giving us a temporary region bc “why is that necessary” and “it’s just a tease update” but then I explored every square inch in 2 days and loved it


Yup. Ngl I was tearing up during the cutscenes and simply going around


it takes just like my mother's cooking digestive biscuits I mean


Bro I gotta admit. All those filler patches made me bitter and cold. 1.6 was such a surprise. These are the types of updates we need.


I just took a break from the game when I saw it was a summer event. I'll come back when Inazuma drops.








You play genshin impact


"you play genshin impact so your a pedophile!" and i presume you're a 56 year old that grooms underage girls


they can switch dragon spire for temporary and throw the islands for permanent


Hey…um , is anyone AR60?


none because the exp gap for each ar level is too huge