Hasan has a revelation after beating The Nameless King and becomes a gamer

Hasan has a revelation after beating The Nameless King and becomes a gamer


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wait until you win against another person its like pegging but better


Absolutely, I was super huge into halo scene for halo 2 and 3, and being a 50 in the mlg playlist in 3 and randomly seeing my opposing team had pro players I was watching was always such a dope feeling.


Man i had this feeling recently with halo 3, I signed up for halo’s flight program where they give a select amount of people early access to test performance and everything before releases, and when they were doing halo 3 for PC the amount of old pros I ran into was crazy, like people I’d spent a good bit of my childhood watching just in a game with me now years and years later felt so crazy.


The halo player base is so small this is normal in mcc and h5


That’s cool to see, I haven’t touched any of the games past reach yet, just kinda felt off after that for me personally


H5 is the best halo from a competitive standpoint. Most pros past and present agree on this but you’re right in that it is different from classic halo. I’ve been playing H5 nearing 6 years - I wouldn’t have been able to do that with H3 as a comp. player


That's why all of those pros dipped out of H5 the second 343 stopped throwing money at it to get people to play? Come on man. H5 has its merits, but its got a ton of bullshit to go along with it. Most pros do not think it is the best from a competitive standpoint, certainly not the past pros. The ones who actually think that, unsurprisingly, are the ones who saw the majority of their success from H5. There's nothing wrong with them liking it the most, but it's hard to even consider it the best from a competitive stand point when its competitive settings included autos and splinter nades for the first year, then radar and other bullshit afterwards. I hear the settings are a lot better now, but like, no one plays. How can it be the best competitively if no one is playing. Shit is more bleak than MCC.


You don’t know what you’re talking about as is evident by, well, every point you tried to make. The fact you are so clearly out of touch with Halo, as shown by your referencing of autos, splinters and radar, and yet feel confident enough to write “Most pros do not think it is the best from a competitive standpoint” says a lot. That’s ok, I just won’t waste my time engaging on that front. I was watching Frosty and Snakebite stream H5 today, and on Sunday (and the Sunday before that, and the one before that etc) there was a pro H5 tourney with a ton of pros playing like Penguin, Stellur, Renegade, Tripppey, Eco, Snakebite, Frosty, Royal 2, Saiyan, Bound, Bubu dubu, Spartan, Ryanoob etc. The only notable pros who still play MCC are Tripppey (who plays far more H5) and Lethul. Everyone who isn’t washed (ie is a beast at all halos) plays H5. Edit: https://youtu.be/df-rr_4A3no might give you some understanding of the skill gap in H5.


Jesus man. Splinters and autos were in H5 for the first year and a half and made it such a shit game to play. Idk how you can even argue with that. Frosty saw the most success in H5 than any other halo game. Same for Snakebite. They like that game. That's fine. Odd how of all those names you listed playing in that tournament, the only ones who actually play H5 regularly are the ones who only were pro in H5. That's literally my point. They love the game that brought them success. You just don't see the pros playing H5 because it's not the preferred game for most of them. Even right now, just looking at whose playing H5 or mcc. No pros playing H5, multiple on mcc. Kind of telling, huh? Btw, shyway has very little idea what he's saying most of the time. Hard to take anything that dude says seriously. I'm aware there is a skill gap in H5. Never said otherwise. In fact, I said it has its own merits. It just has a lot of bullshit that comes with it. Honestly dude. I just looked at your shit and it says your 19. Not trying to be a dick here, but it's pretty clear you love H5 because that's the one you got started with. It might be hard to hear criticism of a game you love from people who play other titles in the franchise, but H5 is not really a well celebrated game among competitive players. If 343 had adjusted settings from the beginning to be more competitive, it might have changed how people view it. But the game was hanging on for dear life before anything changed. Also dude, Lethul and gilkey are always grinding mcc. If you think Lethul, one of the most winningest players in halo history, or Gilkey and his towel are washed, then idk dude. I think you might not understand the community like you think you do. Edit: So I threw your reddit name into waypoint to see if that was your gt. Honestly was surprised to see that you appear to be a pretty competent H5 player. Also a bit surprised to see you have literally played 0 games of the other halos on that gt. Maybe you think people love H5 because you only play H5 and only surround yourself with people who play H5? You should try the other games out some time. They are a lot of fun, but play different than what you might expect if you've actually never played them before.


"shyway has very little idea what he's saying most of the time. Hard to take anything that dude says seriously"... way to discredit yourself. "Odd how of all those names you listed playing in that tournament, the only ones who actually play H5 regularly are the ones who only were pro in H5." This is laughably false. All I am claiming is that H5, in it's current state (last 4 years, no one argues for splinter nade H5 lmao the only reason you brought it up is because you're not familiar with current halo discussion), is the best halo comp. wise. Please explain to me how a piss easy game like H3 is as competitive or skilful as H5. The thing with players like Frosty and Snakebite is that they're at the highest level in all the halos and win in whichever title they play except, very recently, H5, as the game is just so much more demanding than the classic titles. Snip3down has been very open in saying that H5 is the most competitive halo and it was by no means the one he found the most success with, winning one official lan. I think it's telling that the teams winning the MCC tournaments in 19/20 were primarily H5 kids against people who legit had not got off H3. Also, I started with H4 and I think that game is the second worst in the series. And I never said Lethul is washed. Did you see that dude's sniping on PC Reach? I feel as if you've baited me and I've indulged. Congrats. Edit: Worth noting it's not me that's downvoting you






Kinda true, but I wouldn’t say top 50 is easy. You would get bodied by anyone in the top 50 in comp. playlists. Top 200 is definitely doable for an above average player if they put the time in though. And it depends which playlist you’re playing in as the only truly competitive playlists are Team Arena and 2v2 Competitive.


Honestly one of my most memorable moments in life is reaching diamond 2 in league of legends by stealing baron and backdooring enemy nexus.


>its like pegging >backdooring Checks out.


Xpeke king pegger








Maybe not as difficult as ranking high in league or other super competitive games, but I've always wanted to play competitive Pokemon, but never did due to having difficulty figuring out a team. After the rule change to allow certain legendaries, I made a rain team (the only team I fully understand) and was able to reach Masterball rating! It took me around 40 matches! After that I was only able to reach around top 2k, but it felt great! There is something so sweet about setting a goal and accomplishing it!


Pretty sure on the newest games you just need someone's team code and you can just use it how they have it set up. For as much shit as the new games get, which they completely deserve, they've kept making it much easier to hop into online battles


I've always made my own teams/builds in games like this! It might not be optimal but I'm playing the way I want to play. But I can confirm, I played a lot of the same teams even at the lower levels. I think it goes to show that ripping Wolfey's teams will not help you win. I believe I got into Masterball with around 40 wins and 20 losses, not 40 matches like I said before!


league of legends lol play a real mans game like dota 2


Yeah but you're also miserable for 50+% of the time because of matchmaking


“50+%” PepeLaugh


100% is technically 50%+


so true. thank god i quit that cancer game.


Back when Overwatch had more than 10 players, I had a match where I got POTG as Bastion where I went tank mode and killed two players before shooting a Pharah out of the sky. The in-game chat went fucking wild and for 5 seconds I felt like a god.


Theres reason a lot popular games are competetive. Not only it adds more replayability thanks to every match being different due to human element but also feels much better when you win.


My first Smash tourney win felt like actual crack


pvp in the original Darkfall EU server was that for me. The adrenaline rush from getting a kill and they had some amazing loot on them, or even getting chased by a group and getting away with a bunch of loot was exquisite.


He finally realises, it took him all these years but he got there


Tier 3 female simps in shambles


Its too easy for him to get laid, there’s no thrill in the game of love for him.


That's a good point actually. When anything is too easy we take it for granted. Dark Souls is a great game series because of the challenge of it. If there's a boss you've ever gotten stuck on, you know how satisfying it is to beat it. It's the same in life - often the things you work hard for feel incredibly satisfying once you finally get them.


I was half memeing, but yeah I know what you’re talking about. Dr. K has mentioned a similar idea before in his streams. With that said, i don’t think Hasan gets laid as much as people meme about. Especially when you realize that despite his good looks, he’s actually a socially awkward political science nerd on the inside. Or maybe that’s just the copium talking #keepsgettingawaywithit


>Hasan gets laid as much as people meme about. Son he has a kill count in the 500+, he practically has~~Mods~~ fucked half of Lichtenstein


Yeah I knew you were memeing a bit but there's still an element of truth to what you said. Personally I've never been much into casual sex anyway, I prefer being comfortable with someone. I'm pretty socially awkward myself. I'm nowhere near as attractive as Hasan though, and I've seen how many women fawn over him so I'm pretty sure he could get sex on demand if he was inclined that way. It's pretty difficult to know what goes on beyond the stream, but since Hasan streams a lot of hours we can infer certain things about the time he has to dedicate to such pursuits.


its not the amount he gets it these days, its just the fact that IF he wanted there are many takers hasMods


political science XD


haha true guess im not missing out Copesen


Sex is too ez for Hasan. Game is the way for him to feel the thrill again Gaming > Sex EZ Clap


that makes sense. Gaming is easy to me, My thrill comes from Sex... one day i'll have it maybe.


Post nut clatiry


"sex is overrated, gaming is forever" ONE OF US




Henry Cavill understand this






No no no. It's THE twohanded sword.


The asscandy remake was so sexy


The highest highs I've felt have all been from gaming , I've done drugs and met 'god' but clutching by aceing in csgo made me feel like one


Yea I don't think anything will beat clutching in CS and having all your mates yell


Its truly peak dopamine


That's what I have been saying. Not to hate on valorant, but clutching in CS is a different type of experience.


Drugs are fun, sex is fun, but I gotta agree with you, getting an ace in LOL got me the hardest I’ve ever been


Server first Yogg-Saron is an accomplishment you can and should be proud of. That's pretty cool


Right there with you. Our guild got a Server first Deathwing and nothing in gaming has ever come close.


The buildup to that one moment and achieving something you put all your heart and effort into is not something you can get from drugs or any other instant gratification.


Yep. Me being the leader of the biggest guild in Travian 15 years ago was the best feeling too.


Server first Ragnaros and Alliance first (Server second) Kel'Thuzad. I just about came when we downed loatheb, 4h, sapphiron and KT in the progress raid. Also when I equipped my atiesh for the first time. Classic btw


Shit being a middle of the pack guild in vanilla and downing Nefarian is still probably the best feeling I've ever had. Gaming is life.


The transformation is complete


Sex is overrated. -Sex-having person.


Wouldn't that strengthen his argument since he knows what he's talking about?


Not really. It really doesn't matter what the object of desire is. To feel a huge high two things have to be met 1) you really want something 2) that thing is really hard to get For some that may be sex, others money, others beating a boss, etc.. Once you do it enough times, the ego gets bored and moves onto the next challenge or form of escapism. We do this to distract ourselves from the reality that life is inherently meaningless, and we're extremely bored off our asses.


By that argument then nothing is better than anything and the only reason we enjoy things is because we don't have them. That's a very reductionist point of view that saves you from the burden of looking at and reviewing things objectively. Even if you are of the opinion that things get boring after you do them a few times, you can still compare the highs of those experiences to a different experience.


That's an interesting perspective on life, I wonder if we're the first species to reach this point, because every other species is too busy to survive to be bored Maybe our comfort will be our downfall


It's an ancient old problem, here's one of my favourite Buddhist suttas >Then, late at night, the glorious god Kakudha, lighting up the entire Añjana Wood, went up to the Buddha, bowed, stood to one side, and said to him, > >“Do you delight, ascetic?” > >“What have I gained, sir?” > >“Well then, ascetic, do you sorrow?” > >“What have I lost, sir?” > >“Well then, ascetic, do you neither delight nor sorrow?” > >“Yes, sir.” > > “I hope you’re untroubled, mendicant, I hope that delight isn’t found in you. I hope that discontent doesn’t overwhelm you as you sit alone.” > > “I’m genuinely untroubled, spirit, and no delight is found in me. And also discontent doesn’t overwhelm me as I sit alone.” > > “How are you untroubled, mendicant? How is delight not found in you? How does discontent not overwhelm you as you sit alone?” > > “Delight is born from misery, misery is born from delight; sir, you should know me as a mendicant free of delight and misery.” > > “After a long time I see a brahmin extinguished. A mendicant free of delight and misery, he has crossed over clinging to the world.” https://suttacentral.net/sn2.18/en/sujato


Thats basically the future in Brave New World. 1984 predicted wed be in a future controlled by power and corruption, while Brave New World predicts well be in a world controlled by our boredem and addiction which I think is far more likely.


Well it’s like a person whose eating great food telling a person eating bread to survive that good food is overrated


Yeah, that's why we never have sex


Bro I’m bad at games AND I don’t have sex gigaSadge


I’d choose gaming over trying to get laid any day. Getting laid is expensive af. Gaming is a bargain comparatively.


Same here lmao


Getting laid doesn't have to be expensive at all (especially in the Tinder age) unless the only way you're getting laid is literally paying someone to have sex with you.


Dating is generally expensive. Going out to the bar/club/restaurant IS expensive, especially in LA. Not sure who all these people are just casually getting laid from tinder alone


If you're already going out with friends anyway to a bar/club it's not like you're spending that money specifically to get laid (I mean plenty do but you get my point) but you can still hook up. Also, if we're simply talking about dating (we weren't you just mentioned getting laid) there's nothing wrong with just grabbing a coffee / go for a walk during the day, which isn't an expensive date at all. I'd say a better argument would be that it's a time/effort investment not specifically a money investment. And yes, plenty of people get laid from casual Tinder hookups.


Idk mb it’s different in the US but I pay like an average of 2-3€ per first date? Get a cheap bottle of wine, some glasses and sit down in the nearest park - works great to get to know people from my experience and if a girl ever did decline to go because it wasn’t super extravagant, I‘m honestly not interested anyways.*. [disclaimer: student dating other students, actual functioning adults with jobs may have to do this differently, idk]


only way to get laid when youre ugly is to pay for it


Untrue and a loser mindset if you think this about yourself.


hard not to have a loser mindset when you are so ugly people treat you like an alien


Clearly I don't know your situation but it's very likely that a large part of this exists in your head alone like how people with social anxiety might think people around them are judging them/looking at them in certain situations. Either way, no matter how bad you think it is, there's so many things you can work on and so many other qualities you can develop. This will sound like a cliché and you've heard it before but it's true. Learning how to dress better, getting a fresh cut, good hygiene, working out, change your sleep schedule, eat better, etc. So many possibilities, even tackling ONE of those (and doing it consistently) will make you feel better about yourself and you go from there.


Been working out and watching my diet for years. People don't treat me any different. It got even worse actually since they think I can actually physically hurt them now. Hard to get a haircut when you are bald by 22. Add on top a fucking deformed head that makes me look like earthworm jim


I'm sorry to hear that dude. You can always try out a cap if you feel that way about your head shape. I've seen people post on reddit before about head size issues and caps and trying to find what's right, there are some options. Maybe caps aren't your style, still, worth a shot.


Bruh I guarantee there's some hot girl out there that wants to fuck an alien.


Nah, but I do think there are girls in general that he could get. But he should and will have to lower his standards, you can't be a 4 going after 10s. That's just not realistic unless you bring something other than looks to the table


that's why MTX is working. It's still cheaper than sex.


I felt like this when I beat my first boss. Shame I was fired afterwards and charged with assault though


wow, finally hasan has said something based


"America deserved 9/11" wasn't based enough?


9/11 was a national tragedy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8semdd0ZTko


At least Hasan [clarified](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcH7TUBz5-M) his comments.


cenk is big cringe


Not a real gamer until he drops a few n-bombs here and there


COPIUM i knew it


when you have sex as much times as this man has, i would probably feel this way too


This is like bill gates saying money is overrated


This is why I think fromsoft games should not have difficulty options. When you win, you will feel the highest high of satisfaction. I want everyone to feel that. Playing it on a lower difficulty will not give you the same satisfaction.


Only reason id want lower difficulty in those games is when a certain weapon or item gets locked behind a story decision and you cant get it. So ill replay the game on a new character in a lower difficulty just to get that weapon for PVP.






Why does this sub have a hardon for hasan? LSF is such a cesspool


Why do you have such a hate boner for him? Did he strike a nerve? Must have considering this isn’t the only comment you left hating on him.


2 comments = Hate boner ​ AHHAHAHAHAHHAH are you slow in your brain??? I found the leftist!!


please don’t comment anymore this is just embarrassing


Why should I care about the opinion of a leftist clown like yourself?


Bro, literally every other post in this subreddit is Mizkif and Nmplol. God forbid an Hasan clip slips in here to mix things up.


At least miz and nick doesn't have each an echo chamber in their chat Just so cringe when 99% of his chat are agreeing and patting each others backs on literally EVERYTHING LMAO it's actually amusing


Hasan literally fights his chat all day.


Whatever. I think people who are apart of these twitch communities are cringe af


Sex is temporary, gaming is forever - Froste


Doesnt he still have the dlc to do? Needa see his face when beating Gael


that feeling of satisfaction when you beat a hard boss, no other game franchise can provide it better than the Soulsbornekiro series


Sadge both would be nice


this guy games


300+ body count gonna turn into 300+ games