Hasan take on stealing from Walgreens

Hasan take on stealing from Walgreens


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300 upvotes 800 comments oh no no no PepeLaugh


Oh yes yes I'm here for the drama boys


Look no further, the comments are full of braindead socialist Azan frogs defending literal theft and calling you a nazi if you don't want your neighborhood/community to be a dirty crime filled shithole. Also he essentially brigaded the thread too by watching it on stream and malding at comments and his crime supporting followers are still getting rolled LULW. Edit: Also people acting like a guy would steal 40 bottles of shampoo for personal use are delusional, there are [complex shoplifting rings in San Francisco with warehouses full of product](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8iKPRYfugA), this isn't a starving guy stealing bread to feed his family.




I've read it in Knut's voice, this sub has ruined me.


i know what you mean. every time i read the word knut, the sentence "he is from norway" pops into my head


You wouldn't download shampoo


You know, I wasn't expecting him to explicitly say it but he did.




Vaush- submit yourself to the mob Hasan- just let people steal Amazin


nothing will top vaush's take, pure peanutbrain


Destiny- "we need more..." what amazin thing was it again?




socialism, baby!


what's going to magically prevent someone from stealing from small businesses if they're willing to steal from the giant corporations that aren't impacted by it?


Lots of theft happens to small businesses but usually when closed or couple items at a time. This type of brazen walk in and steal massive lot of stuff at once tends to mostly happen at chain stores. They know 100% people won't fuck with them at CVS or Walgreens because of company policy. Its basically an entire industry here in SF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8iKPRYfugA


Corporation owners won't be impacted but their employees in these stores may well be.


Have you absolute apes seen the video? Dude's not stealing he's fucking robbing the damn place. You're all morons if you defend any stealing in the first place but seeing idiots defending someone dumping a whole shelf up their ass to resell is baffling to me.


This logic is extremely stupid. "Just let them steal it, bro." Okay where does it end? Why pay for anything anymore ever? Everyone should steal. Fuck it. Lmao actual zero head take.


Just make a mental note that if Hasan ever starts a business he would probably be fine with theft of whatever he's selling. Free stuff for everyone.


Oh you bet your ass I would yoink his shit until he looked back and reflected upon his stupidity of a take.


lawl just let them do it that totally won't fuck up society lawl


If you pay enough attention you will realize that is their actual political motivation. Can't overthrow capitalism when society is doing great. Have to create civil unrest and paint the entire system as corrupt and racist.


All the comments here defending this saying it’s not a big deal since it’s just stealing from a corporation. And yeah that’s 100% true. But it’s more so not condoning this behavior as a whole. Because if everyone decided to just steal from a corporation, I mean that just wouldn’t make for a functional society. That goes for a lot of things. Like yeah, if one person does it it’s not a big deal. But if everyone did, it just causes chaos.


I got my covid shot at this walgreens lel


shoulda stole it




As someone that worked in an office of a retail outlet for a number of years, stealing DOES affect the employees. They will usually have a system called something similar to "Shrink". Which is the acceptable losses due to theft/waste/damage. Employees were incentivised to keep this number to a minimum since it directly accounted for their bonuses each year. Not only that, the upper management used to look into losses and if a store wasn't performing, it would result in job losses and de-funding of stores (not saying i agree with the approach of fucking the little guy, but this is the sad fact of what happens.) EDIT: Since Hasan is reading the thread on stream i feel like i should qualify some points; - I worked ACTUAL retail for 6 years, the office part was 70% of my job (commercial department NOT HR) 30% shop floor work which would include inventory management, pricing, POS, cash loss. - The company i worked for DID give bonuses for exactly what i mentioned above, i don't know why he would say i'm lieing but if he really cares that much i have an old pay slip somewhere that can prove this.


not to mention how annoying and potentially dangerous it is dealing with scumbags who just come in and steal shit all the time


I worked at a beauty supply place and we’d get people stealing a lot. Sometimes they are slick and it’s whatever, but when it’s more blatant like this it’s like you say, feels more dangerous. We’d have all the weaves all locked up and they’d just pull up with channel locks or w/e snip em and grab the whole lot & a dude would be waiting right outside with the car. When you are a min. Wage worker it’s pretty stressful to deal with.


Not entirely. Employees are implicitly told NOT to interfere with a shoplifter, just reporting it to security is enough to be considered doing their job well. High value items for shoplifters in particular (mostly: alcohol above a certain value, razors, electronics, clothing) must be fitted with some form of tag which gets removed at the checkout. Security would also walk the store and check a few of these 'hotspots' everyday and if they weren't being tagged, you can guess who gets blamed.


Reporting it to security would be considered dry snitching according to Hasan in this example.


Regular people reporting crime = snitching LULW


Those aren't employees recording those are random shoppers.


I don't condone stealing but man fuck any company that does shit like this. Using variables an employee has no control over to fuck them on their bonus. Sure its 'bonus' not your wage, but bonus wages are benefits to be considered when looking for a job. Its like a bait and switch


I mean you don't have a real way to affect it as long as it is within normal limits, but if there is 0 incentive for you to limit it, it can skyrocket.


Also, it's multiple different factors that go into the shrink cap, not just stealing which is unavoidable. I also worked retail, and the incentive is really about limiting damage/"lost" merchandise.


I work in a grocery store/corner market in Serbia. Its part of a small chain of store. I am responsible for all of the inventory that I and my coworkers sign we received. If it goes missing we pay out of the pocket. They don't care if its stolen or otherwise. Straight up we need to pay it. Not reducing bonuses or some other shit. If an item is missing we pay for it. Obviously if there is a theft that is witnessed or can be proven that someone actually stole a particular item than we don't have to pay. But people steal all the time and you alone in the store cant see it all nor the cameras.


Thats Serbia.. your anecdote doesnt apply to a Walgreens in America


that is not how it works at a damn walgreens


From what i remember, you would get up to 4% of your annual wage as a bonus depending on the 'score' of the store. Employees do have control over variables for the most part. In terms of theft, you would tag stuff. In terms of damages, don't throw throw stock around like an ape (some damage is unavoidable obviously) For waste, the threshold was super high for obvious reasons. If they were abnormally high, it usually meant an employee didn't rotate fresh stock properly.


So employees are punished for customers stealing? Sounds like a shitty store policy and the fault of the retailer.


It’s okay because this incentivizes workers to put themselves in harms way for the sake of the company or it’s bye bye job!


Employees are generally told not to interfere with people stealing. You can down information but you aren't there to arrest people.


Not saying it's right either. But I worked in retail in the UK for 10+ years before i immigrated to the USA and it worked exactly the same way.


Tipping for service is also a shitty system, but not tipping just punishes working people so you should still leave a tip.


> fault of the retailer You cant justify intentionally causing harm to random people by saying "lol, not my fault!"


It's pretty fucked that the employees of that store suffer greater consequences from stealing than the CEO of Walgreens.


he said he worked in the office. i worked retail a while and can tell you the grunts in stores do not see shit from better shrink numbers. the managers who were department managers did. shrink isnt even just theft. it depends on the type of product being sold but a lot of it is ordering issues causing stuff to expire or scanning issues. for example, fuck up the UPCs and most of the cashiers will just not scan it, give it for free, so product "disappeared". people saying they get fired for shrink or either lying, not telling the full truth or are rare cases of really bad management. department heads arent firing good employees over shrink lmao.


At the few places I worked they’d start handing out less hours if the shrink kept up and kept being high. Your store would also get dinged and you wouldn’t get the good merch or a lot of it. Also high shrink stores just suck to work at, everyone is automatically accused that you may be stealing with things like, you have to use the clear bags and managers rifle through your shit when you leave.


I've never worked retail anywhere that offered any kind of bonus


walmart has quarterly bonuses. lowes has bonuses. those are 2 i know from previous experience. both places the bonus is impacted by the shrink numbers, sales, margin and forecast.


Can’t believe he would honestly accuse you of lying on them part about store employees getting bonuses based on shrink and sales numbers. It’s literally the incentive structure for any sort of managerial role in retail


>Employees were incentivised to keep this number to a minimum since it directly accounted for their bonuses each year. Except for employees are the ones that cause shrink and steal the most. Almost all significant theft comes from employees in fact. Most retailers will straight up tell employees in training that it's the workers not customers.


This. Usually because high priced items are locked up or kept in the back. Employee shrink > Paper shrink > Customer shrink.




I've worked at two different grocery stores, our bonuses were also tied to theft. I never once stopped someone from stealing and have the same view as Hasan. Your view that his job history is somehow a factor in the merit of his argument is a bad faith bullshit position. The problem is corporations punishing stores for customer behavior. Any repercussions felt by employees for shoplifting shouldn't incentive justice against people stealing, but justice against corporate greed. This mentality is exactly why giants like WalMart or Target can get away with this shit because they put the target on someone else's back and you fall for it.


Right. People here think it's "helping the little guy" to be against theft when it's just corporations putting the onus on the workers to stop it while those higher up see no losses.


> putting the onus on the workers to stop it Also, no big company wants the stock dude stopping theft. They have an entire division called loss prevention filled with ex-cop types that do it. Employees are taught the best way to stop theft is: A) provide good customer service because people are less likely to steal when you are in their space asking if you can help them and b) dont steal because a majority of theft is from employees and not customers.


i've worked tons of retail jobs and have the exact same take as him. even our managers explicitly told us not to do anything to shoplifters


Except this is completely avoidable if your employer is not a psycho corporation with no regard for its employees. As a euro frog I will never understand why Americans defend a system that is so blatantly against their own interests.


I'm from the UK.


>why he would say i'm lieing Cuz Hasan pretty much always says people are lying or are doing something worse than that when they say something that opposes his views/statements.


Can confirm as someone who worked in retail for years, every month we would have our Shrink written on a board in the back room and there were always meetings about how we need to somehow prevent theft. If the shrink was too high people would start getting fired (happened to me), so while I don't really care if people are stealing from the rich, stealing from stores has a greater affect on the employees making minimum wage more than the CEO's at the top.


Should've paid the employees more. Most shrink is caused by employees stealing shit they aren't paid enough to buy.


lmao idk what the fuck world u live in where u think the cashier at walgreens has any kind of bonuses. i've worked these jobs and none of the employees were punished for this shit and no one cared


Are you gonna tackle someone for stealing a $5 item? I'm sorry you don't value your health.


Guaranteed if they did they'd be fired as well for going against company policy and putting yourself in harms way. Funny how that works.


Fuck yeah


So how rich does a company or corporation have to be for it to be wrong to steal? Fuck might as well steal a few pizzas from my multimillionaire friend’s pizza shops since he can easily replace the ingredients without even noticing the cost. Fucking braindead take, how about we just acknowledge that stealing isn’t ok regardless of the company. You are still affecting the customers, employees, and quite possibly endangering them.


We're all watching the moral decay of society in real time.


At least Hasan has attractiveness going for him because the dude is just plain dumb.


how about we don't be ok with teaching people that its just ok to steal. I'd rather not live in a society where people think its just fine to steal


I’ve worked in retail and people rarely ever stole necessities. It would always be stuff they could sell off later to fuel their drug addiction. One year we had loads of people trying to steal baby milk formula so they could sell it at a high price to people in China due to a shortage.


Pretty sure that baby milk formula is used in a drug making process, but I ain’t googling that shit. Edit: From the CBC - “Drug dealers sometimes use the powdered formula to dilute heroin and methamphetamine or to stretch the product when supplies run low.”


It is but it's mainly stolen because it's compact and very expensive so it has greater resell value. A ~20z container is like $50. So it's more like a supermarket sweeps mentality.


>"I’ve worked in retail and people rarely ever stole necessities. It would always be stuff they could sell off later to fuel their drug addiction." Yup. Used to work in a retail toy store. Crack head waited until I turned my back to steal a handful of action figures and sprint out the door. I've had numerous valuable possessions stolen from me over the years, so it pisses me off to see shit takes like this. "LeT tHeM sTeAL". Fuck thieves.


hasan shoplifted shampoo from a hotel. this story fits with his values.


And what did we learn from Hasan today children? Its okay to steal as long as its not from another person.


So short-sighted from him too, once you set the premise that stealing is okay and the law is unimportant, it will snowball out of control.


It's okay to steal from giant corporations, yes, of course. Why wouldn't it be?


It affects the employees though.


Yeah I dont care if people steal from corporations as long as the employees arent getting hurt. Go crazy


17 stores just in SF closed. Do you think those employees were “hurt”? These short-sighted comments from the intellectuals in this thread are astounding.


The defenses and excuses made for a agreed upon degenerate behavior (stealing) is outstanding. So woke, so brave I know this is a really controversial opinion but even if it just affected the corporations and not the employees I still think it would be completely unacceptable and no excuse should be made for it.


These people don’t realize the law that enables this behavior not only creates food deserts, particularly in poorer areas, but it also leads to the huge increase in car break-ins (which affects normal ass people and not the big mean corporations they hate). This is pure degeneracy.


Cvs and Walgreens are closing stores due to theft in some areas but go off


Cringe take from someone who was pampered his whole life, nothing new


>Dry snitching Who cares, the only people upset by “snicthes” are criminals and wannabe gangsters.


Based and true. Actual decent people with integrity would snitch in no time. Its only people who got something to hide and don't want people to expose them for what they are that complain about snitching.


Not to mention that district that harbour “snitches get stitches” culture tend to be the shittiest.






lmao this can't get answered because then they would be saying it too directly. Gotta keep it obfuscated, its the rap music that's making the kids bad.


cmon u/5warningsignsfor say the word


Why say it when you're already thinking it. Deep down you know that the emperor wears no cloths.


Actually true and unbased, perfect description of azan pepeLaugh


This is one of the most retarded takes I've seen from Hasan


Ok so I wont snitch if someone gets kidnapped. It doesnt affect me or my family. Nice logic Hasan OMEGALUL


Hasan has the dumbest fan base and it’s not even close.


I mean it's full of teens and college kids who literally operate on "capitalism is bad, i have no other politics"


Ricegum even has a more intelligent fanbase.


ricecums fanbase is just ignorant, hasans fanbase is actively and agressively dumb


Next he is gonna get outraged because there is a anti-theft device on shampoo bottles.


Ya broooo everyone should just steal shit. No more paying for anything.


225 upvotes with 469 comments PepeLaugh


Ahhhhh I love the smell of burnt Hasan viewers in the morning. Imagine defending criminals LULW


lawl just let people steal shit. Dude teaching his audience some real good stuff here


Surprised that Hasan has a retarded take on this? Me neither.










Dude has millions and would be calling the cops if someone robbed him. Dumbass hypocrite justifies it as long as it happens to other people.


Yeah I'd be ok if he was stealing some food to survive, but this dude is stealing a fucking bag full of shit. Fuck him and Hasan's shit take


Yes, he is a very dumb, privileged moron.








remember fellow plebs, if you don't agree with everything this guy says, you're a "debatelord"


What a debatelord thing to say


Let people keep stealing from shop, owners see this and realise they're in a shit area and close the shop, rinse and repeat and you have a shit area now with nothing good in it.


Yeah, he says it doesn't hurt anyone. It hurts the whole community once the shops realize it isn't worth staying there and pulls out. Then they cry about food desserts and corporations discriminating against urban areas.


"Let them steal" lol, nice morals there...


This is typical of him. Basically the point of his entire existence is to excuse shitty people like this. Time and time again he shows the mentality of a criminal, but that's epic to socialists I guess?


Hasan stole millions from his stans :)


From a previous “retail operations manager” our entire district’s cost for “shrink” was absolutely dwarfed by a single workman’s comp claim. We literally didn’t care, we made money on your fuckin prescriptions. Profits are literally 80 back of house 20 front of house.


Imagine my shock that a lefty is saying stealing is righteous


Being a leftist online is such such a pained existence man. This reminds me of Vaush having to passionately argue with his chat, that yes, having a good work ethic and discipline is good, and that no, being a lazy ass loser with zero life skills would not really be acceptable, even in their utopian socialist society.


He says who cares if they steal but then where does it stop? If people steal and get away with it than more will steal. 1 shampoo bottle doesn’t hurt the company much but overtime when more people start doing it then it starts to add up. It’s about following the law and not being a thief, if we don’t stop it at the root it doesn’t stop at all. Dogshit take




Imagine defending stealing. Jesus christ.


I agree. Billionaires should be in jail


Agreed plus millionaires like Hassan should also be in jail.


POGGERS Mao is back






It's frustrating because I agree with his overall point and share a lot of the same values but he is such a bad representative of left leaning ideologies. You already see a lot of snide comments about how the left condones stealing in this thread.


Like I want healthcare and to help the homeless but I think theft is bad. Am I a socialist, nope BOOTLICKER TO BILLIONAIRES


>Lately Good one LULW




PepeLa /r/neoliberal user


That's not the own you think it is.


Most successful streamers never had a real job, no wonder lots of them have shit takes about stuff related to real work outside of streaming. You can like them and all, but sometimes it's inevitable wanting to mute them, whenever they want to talk about economic issues of common people with a common job.


500 upvotes 1.2k comments monkaW


NA logic lulw


Don't lump me in with this chucklehead


How the fuck can anyone take this bozo seriously?


This whole thread is full of rich white wannabe socialist teenagers who have no understanding of how crime negatively affects areas saying "It's just property LULW". You're not owning some big corporation by stealing from some franchise business, stop finding excuses for theft.


Yea lets just all start stealing and turn into anarchy


Anarchy is when stealing shampoo


At what price does an item become no longer accpetable to just steal? $20? $100?


I love it when people dumb it down to the worst Straw man representation of what someone is saying. Have you ever heard the saying 'if you give an inch, they'll take a mile'? If we start saying it's okay for people to start stealing stuff, well guess what, more people will do it. Then you get stores (that are run by bad corporations I'll admit) finding it's not profitable to be open in areas where theft is commonplace. So the place shuts down, then you have one less grocery store in the community. Eventually you could run into a food desert type situation. Also, do you think the average criminal will distinguish between a chain store and a small, local business? I get that some people are desperate and I empathise with anyone that has to resort to stealing to get basic necessities, but we certainly shouldn't promote or normalise it. If someone breaks into Hasan's apartment and steals his belongings I wonder if he'd be okay with that. I mean, he's wealthy right? He can deal with his stuff being stolen every now and then because of his wealth.


I agree that defending stealing is a bad take, but isn't it a bit dishonest of you to start off your comment by calling out a strawman logical fallacy and then basically base your whole rebuttal on a slippery slope fallacy?


First they came for my shampoo, and I said nothing. Then they came for my conditioner, and my hair has been it knots ever since 😟


If I see someone stealing from a target or walmart I don't care. I won't snitch, I wont record, Ill let them be because its not my concern and I don't give a fuck about some billion dollar corporation and they surely don't give a fuck about me




>Everyone here pirates games, anime, movies, software, porn and etc Piracy doesn't cause Food Deserts. Chicago had to beg stores to open up in poor areas because the theft was so high stores didn't want to operate there. I guess you don't care about poor families having to take long trips across town just to get basic necessities.


how can a guy with such garbage takes be so popular? no wonder NA is fucked


If you use a large amount off buzzwords at random, you can get any amount of idiots to follow you. It has happened a lot in the past


He learnt how to grift from his uncle.


please tell me thats out of context...


It is, he elaborates further


This is why I can't watch him. He has some good takes, but then he just goes way into the deep-end on some things and looks really stupid.






I'll take bad takes for 400, Cotton


remember it's probably a franchise, what if everyone shoplifted they would go out of business, can't believe he is serious with this


fucking privileged moron


I wouldn’t tell anyone because I couldnt be bothered to


Average tankie take.


Does he have merch? And if so he won't mind if I just steal some, right?


What a fucking r word.


Imagine thinking that taking something at any time that you do not own isn't immoral.


Lsf is full of nerds Christ most of you are so lame


Half of them would call the cops on kids for smoking a joint.


Normal humans: "Stealing is bad" Online lefties: "Well, acksually ..."


Anyways uhm... I bought a whole bunch of shungite, rocks, do you know what shungite is? Anybody know what shungite is. No, not Suge Knight, I think hes locked up in prison. Talking shungite. Anyways, its a 2 billion year old like rock, stone that protects against frequencies and unwanted frequencies that may be traveling in the air. So thats my story. I bought a whole bunch of stuff, put them around the la casa. Little pyramids. Stuff like that.


hi stream


So how many viewers got permered for bringing up alternative view points on this one?


wtf kind of moronic take is that? When the fuck did stealing become legal?


Woah bro just let him take it bro [https://www.sfchronicle.com/local-politics/article/Out-of-control-Organized-crime-drives-S-F-16175755.php](https://www.sfchronicle.com/local-politics/article/Out-of-control-Organized-crime-drives-S-F-16175755.php) It isn't going to affect anything bro just Mr. Wal and Mr. Green, not like average people go to buy things there for their daily lives and other businesses will gladly open up when Walgreens ups and leaves bro. You're just being a snitch bro Champagne socialism at its finest. 100% the type of guy to complain about food deserts too.


You guys shouldn't give your opinion on this in here cause when you do hasan bitch bois come screaming at you.


Everyone pretending to be outraged by this has definitely pirated movies and tv shows over 4 times the price of this bottle of shampoo


Would it still be okay and justified if the thief was white? Would he still be underprivileged and "doing it to survive"? Or would people be calling him a junkie?


That’s even worse take than Hasan’s


Y’all seem to be missing his point. It’s not “Just steal lul” like he thinks everything should just up for grabs. It’s that if you as a third party see someone stealing small necessity items like shampoo or soap you shouldn’t go out of your way just to make that persons life worse than it already is.


Yes, instead we should let them ride their bikes inside the store and grab a whole trash bag full of stuff...


They make their own life worse by choosing to steal instead of pay for it like the rest of us. Actions have consequences, what a novel idea!


"lol you shouldn't care that people are stealing and you shouldn't do anything about it" Society becomes actively worse when a mass amount of people adopt this kind of mindset. And not just with stealing. Like if you were to see a kid getting abused, you wouldn't just say "not my problem" unless you were a coward or you were a bad person. Not to say these two things are on the same level but the concept still applies.


Is he mentally ill? oh nvm he is just from the left


Already 200+ comments and less than 100 upvotes PepeLa


People couldn't wait to get in here and show how virtuous they are by defending the suffering corporations against the evil, abusive shoplifters.