RTTS players being traded is an issue every year

RTTS players being traded is an issue every year


Yeah being able to play with major leaguers that you like is the best part of making it to the MLB IMO. I wish they’d fix the trade logic. I really like in 2K how when you get to the league it’s in the current year and you get to play with the current rosters. I know that wouldn’t work for baseball because of the minors system but they really should work out the trade logic so teams aren’t just getting rid of their long term guys and star players for randoms and trash.


I just made a post that didn’t work about this because I was confused as a new Xbox player. In year 2 on the cardinals literally 60% of the starting lineup is gone and replaced with nobodies. I’m playing the Padres and they have also traded tatis and machado it’s insane


There's actually memes from years past with John Trovolatas character (it's known as confused travolta) from Pulp Fiction looking around with the caption, 'Looking for talent after being called up to the show' or something similar. It's been an issue for a long time. It's seems like the rosters canabolize and make it hard to win. Previously we could turn down the trade sliders so they didn't trade as much, but if you do that this year, you won't get XP/Advancement.


You can lower the trade slider. Won't effect your XP since it's not a gameplay slider


Same but instead of javy, they kept bryant and he regressed pretty quickly. But they also signed Tim anderson so that's cool