I choose minecarts to get across the ocean, boats are slow...-;)

I choose minecarts to get across the ocean, boats are slow...-;)


I like to imagine how scenarios like this play out in a real world setting. "Would you like to use this rowboat to get across this ocean?" "Nahh I'll just play leapfrog down this line of metal trollies floating on an upwards current of bubbles made of screams produced by cremation of the damned I dug up from hell and sprinkled along the ocean floor.


You know,the fast way


Wait, boats are real?!!


Sounds like a Takeshi's Castle challenge. Back to you, Ken.


Cremation of the damned?


Soul Sand


That's how you get bubbles to push you up?


yep, underwater soul sand makes an upward current, while these magma block pull you down. i think it should be the other way around because heat makes water rise over colder water, but whatever


bubbles from magma blocks leave more air and the little water that's left is unable to hold you up, i think it makes more sense this way


but how do you explain soul sand A) producing bubbles at all and B) somehow pushing you up with said bubbles.


Because it’s releasing souls that float upwards!


but wouldn't it then turn into regular sand


Nah, too many souls


ROFL LMAO you got me there. That line should be in a movie....


Mine Craft. Starring Steve


Expert level


Wait, how?


thanks to the soul sand on entity's causing them to float on top of the water. When you have magma on the floor, they will sink to the ground. So in the next [image](https://i.snag.gy/ZME0pz.jpg) I utilize that with slabs to keep the cart from moving, than put glass blocks above so you can breathe as you know, minecraft physics, and created an underwater tourist thing, I can send map download of it. Not done of course. Reason I did it the second way as in first image above, mobs collide with them and cause them to be knocked off which isn't best method.


I think recessing some of that glowstone wold look better and not obstruct the view.or put it under the carts.


I was using glowstone in creative for light as I have no clue how you can see better underwater in 1.13, I wish they make an ability to see like if there is no water, as it's still way to dark for my eyes to see even on the brightest mood. But you are right, I should have put it underneath the carts below the magma blocks that are keeping the carts there. -;)


Maybe you can jump from one to the other by right-clicking on the minecart ahead of you?


How do the minecart float?




Its done with Soul Sand, which now makes bubbles that push entities to the top of water.


I was a bit confused by the tracks falling into the water myself.


Seeing this kind of reminds me of boat bridges in wurm online. You can cross servers by swimming if you’re not skilled or wealthy enough to sail. So people set up boats every so far for you to regain stamina in before continueing.


but boats are cheaper...


I like that water hue.


yes but I still can't see under it, at all.


well this blew up faster than I could imagine, wonder if this method vs blue ice is faster now...hmm...