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Because the plot demands it. Well, yeah, I guess Leon personality does keep Luxion pacified (Luxion did say that he didn't expect anything from Leon but do acknowledge him as worthy being his master, thus trusting his judgement). If it had been another isekai protagonist, it wouldn't end as well.


Yeah it kinda like his program to serve a master who he believes to be worthy. But his criteria are not someone who capable but a human who belongs to the old humanity who can get the job done in other words not someone who values friendship and what not but can't deliver results but a person who can win regardless of the method and Leon just coincidently meet that


My personal theory is that Luxion knows that the old humanity won't be restored during Leon's lifespan, so he just goes with the flow while slowly adapting the world to be one were the old humanity can live in.


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I think Luxion does like Leon as a master indeed, though they butt heads all the time Luxion knows Leon is by no means a total loser. \>!In WN Luxion asks Leon would he pick him up if he reincarnated in the same situation again, Leon said he will hate it for that Luxion kind of seemed dejected!< \>!In vol 6 in Olivia's dream luxion says olivia is his master so probably anyone could become old human ships master, their loyalty might be completely different issue like in ideals case!<


As for the dream itself seem like a connection to the parallel world where reincarnaters didn't exist or didn't show much participation maybe it could be used to add some depth in plot for future novels.


In one of the final chapters of the webnovel >!after Luxion and Leon die, Luxion tells Leon that he'll keep on waiting for Leon until he comes back for him, no matter how long he has to wait for his master, he'll happily wait for his return!<


My main question is why is Ideal so loyal to Serge?!


Ideal is using the hate serge has to get passed the strict things the other girl has forbade him from doing


I have a theory that all the a.i were once a person but due something like mind transferring before one death or their personality are due to mimicking their host in the past