Plug a mini fridge into a light socket adapter

Plug a mini fridge into a light socket adapter


You're trying to draw 800 watts through an adapter rated for 400. That can be a fire hazard, or (if you're lucky) , it just won't work.


Do not do this. The 3-prong is meant to provide grounding protection but it will not since light sockets do not have a ground connection in them. Further you're pushing well past the safe limit of the fixture (light sockets can go as low as 60 watts safe rating). If you really want to have a mini fridge outside, if you own the place schedule an electrician to add a circuit for some outside plugs.


1) If the mini-fridge is not specifically designed and labeled for outdoor use, do not use it outdoors (or leave it outdoors) when there is any rain or moisture present. (Including dew or damp surface, which could form overnight.) Shock/electrocution hazard. 2) 800 watts through 400 watt adapter is a fire hazard. 3) Do not use a 2 prong outlet with 3 prong device. This eliminates the ground and could be a shock hazard, particularly outside where moisture or condensation may be present or occur. edit: 4) Those light socket adapters are usually not specifically labeled for outdoor use either, and the grounding adapters usually aren't either. So that could be another shock hazard if it gets rain, moisture, or dew on it.


Highest I've seen any light socket rated for electrically is 660w. Normally they list far less than that for lighting due to heat output. Regardless, that lamp socket is absolutely NOT rated to carry the amperage (current) from your mini fridge, regardless of whatever code violating adapter you use. And you want to know if it's cool to use an adapter rated for 400w to plug in a 800w device? How would you think this is acceptable? Those ratings aren't for lolz. Exceed the rating and you legit create a fire hazard. Don't hook up your mini fridge this way. It's extremely dangerous. You'll melt your socket from the inside out and create a nice little fire eventually. Hire an electrician to install proper outlets for your mini fridge. If you lack the knowledge to do electrical work, just know that just because something works doesn't make it safe. This is how most of those home fires you see on evening news start.


What kind of mini fridge are you using that’s 800W? That’s a monster fridge.


It's the weakest link in the chain - in this case the adapter rated for 400 watts - that is the limiting factor. Even if you had an adapter rated for more, I'm skeptical the light socket itself would easily and safely give you 800 watts of power. That's a lot of power for a light socket.


If the mini-fridge is not specifically labeled for outdoor use, I'd also wonder if condensation from a humid day might be dangerous. Since the fridge will be colder than the outside air, even if there is no dew outside on other objects, condensation may still form. (Like when you take a cold drink outside.) Wheras indoors with A/C, there'd be lower humidity. Don't know if this is an issue or not (since an indoor fridge may be used in a home without A/C), but it is something else to consider. And any dew that normally forms outside on all objects WILL be an issue on a fridge designed for indoor use only.