Why is all of the really old tech build from that beige plastic material.

Why is all of the really old tech build from that beige plastic material.


Probably because it was the style. Just like all of the PCs being made of black plastic nowadays


At the time, computers were considered appliances. It didn't matter how they looked, so companies went with a neutral colour that would fit reasonably well in anyone's home or office.


I think some plastic can yellow with age, so the color may have looked better when new.


That was the “style” back then. Was it hideous and boring? Yes


Oh it absolutely was plastic, and it wasn't that yellow beige color when we bought it, it was more of a light grey, like how some greys have a hint of brown to it, and others have more of a hint of blue, this was that grey with a hint of brown. It looked just fine in an office setting under those harsh florescent lighting all those office buildings and electronic stores used, kind of futuristic looking at the time when in previous time everything would be covered with fake woold grain. It's just when you actually got it home and saw it under your normal standard incandescent light bulbs that were used at the time that gave off more of a yellowish tinge that they looked all crappy like that. Also that plastic absorbed everything that touched it, making it look dirtier and dingier over time. Plus people smoked everywhere back in those days, People would smoke walking around in a Walmart, all the floors in supermarkets were vinyl tile back then, and they'd just smoke as the walked around and flick their ashes right on the ground and then throw their butts out and stomp on them out the ground. Didn't matter if you didn't smoke, the guy in the cubicle next to you did, and it was perfectly allowed. My Dad smoked two packs a day back then, all around that computer of ours, and that plastic absorbed every bit of it. I mean, even old photographs, when people still use to print photographs, they all yellow and fade over time, so good luck finding a photo of a new computer back the that hasn't aged and yellowed just as badly as that plastic they used on all those electronics did. If you could actually get your hands on a brand new, still in the box computer, monitor or keyboard from back then that had been sealed away from the elements, you'd see that it wasn't that beige yellow color that you see now. And you want to know the deep dark truth, the keyboard and computers are made out of that same plastic, just died black instead to hide the stains better, that's really the only thing they learned from all that, it still absorbs every single thing it comes in contact with, it's just too dark to see it.