is drinking 24 cans of diet coke a week bad?

is drinking 24 cans of diet coke a week bad?


[Current research](https://examine.com/nutrition/is-diet-soda-bad-for-you/) is showing that diet soda isn't really that bad for you. If I recall correctly, the FDA recommended maximum intake for aspartame equates to something like 2 gallons of diet soda per day, so 3 cans a day is well within that limit.


Still not great for your teeth though what with the high acidity and all.


This research is funded by soda company manufacturers.


The article I provided has links to the studies it references. If you look at the full text of those studies, they disclose where the funding came from. It wasn't the soda companies.


There are worse things. Drink plenty of water and you'll probably be fine


Not gonna kill you


Well, you are talking about processed food (beverage, in this case), which means you are ingesting a lot of stuff your body doesn't need. To put it into perspective: You need water; you don't need Diet Coke. You may like how it tastes. Imagine if you ate 24 chocolates in a week, because you liked the taste. So, it might be wise to consider Diet Coke a treat, like a dessert, and consume it at the same ratio you would any treat. Once a week, perhaps, or only when there's a special occasion.


Unlike chocolate there are no calories or anything to raise blood sugar levels. Not even a close comparison.


It is more about being a processed food product, and checking the nutrition information to see just what you are ingesting. Even something that seems benign might be problematic if you are drinking three or more a day. They have the panel at [https://www.dietcoke.com/products/diet-coke](https://www.dietcoke.com/products/diet-coke) but it also mentions 35 servings per container (!), so maybe this is some sort of case, because a serving size is one can. It *is* a source of sodium, so if you are supposed to be on a low-salt diet, you might want to make this as an easy cut, even if it is a small amount.


Yes. That's a lot of artificial sweetener. Scientists aren't sure yet, if it is bad for us or not but I cant see how it can be good for us. Also that's a lot of caffeine to drink throughout the day. This will cause you body to build up an immunity to caffeine and thus reduce the effect that it has on your body.


You’ll [die](https://www.mashed.com/196752/this-is-the-maximum-amount-of-diet-coke-you-should-drink-each-day/) six percent faster than the rest of us. Lol


ALRIGHT 94% life speedrun time!


Yep. Technically, you win.


Not the best thing but not the worst either.


That's only 3-4 cans per day. No problem. No calories and it won't raise blood sugar levels.


Not the healthiest choice but it won’t kill you quickly