Why do conservatives deny climate change?

Why do conservatives deny climate change?


A lot of wealthy business owners have a vested interest in denying climate change because the solutions to climate change would interfere with their businesses and cost them money. Those people influence Conservative politicians and cultural leaders through lobbying and propaganda.




I'm not doing anything wrong. Your post comes across as accusatory toward me in the first sentence. I just asked a question


i feel like it isn't so much "denial" among many conservatives as it is "skepticism". no serious person can deny that climate change is happening--it's been happening since the beginning of time, long before humans existed. that's an incontrovertible fact of science. they're skeptical that the impact is as bad as science claims, and/or skeptical of the reporting sources. many conservatives are also wary of "hippie" causes and organizations like PETA, Save the Whales, Greenpeace, etc, because of the age-old connections to communism, rebellion, and deviations from the "norm". they don't want to get on board with anything Sea Shepherd supports. still others believe the "liberal media" blows climate change way out of proportion as a fear tactic, and that the human impact is grossly overstated. yet others believe it's a big government plot to hamstring big business by imposing environmental regulations. ​ you got your choice, pick 'n mix.


They generally no longer deny climate change. Now they say it is not being caused by people. Conservatives believe what the media tells them. The conservative media is controlled by corporations. The corporations do not want to have to pay to stop climate change, so they tell their followers that climate change is not caused by people and so corporations should not be expected to do anything about it.


>Conservatives believe what the media tells them In all honesty, each "side" believes "their" media, as they consume media that agrees with their world view. I am neither a conservative or a liberal, really. Both sides can get hung up on ideas that do not stand up to rigorous analysis. It's called being human. It's not new. Bear in mind that educated conservatives outside the US are far less likely to be fundamentalist Christians, or even Christians.


They believe that climate change is 100% natural and that it is arrogant for humans to believe that humans can destroy something that "god created".


There has been a concerted effort to spread misinformation about climate change, led by industries that stand to lose a lot of money from action around climate change (oil and gas, transportation, etc). These campaigns have in particular been targeted at conservatives, weaponizing both religious peoples' mistrust of science and also small-government conversatives' fear of government regulation and control.




Because to accept it is to accept things need to change. The engine of climate change is capitalism,and conservatives fundamentally do not want to entertain the idea that there could be a better system that benefits the majority of people AND the environment.


​ >If you don't want to support climate change policy/funding, fine It's a lot easier to spread support for not doing anything if you also spread the idea that it's a myth. >fundamentalist conservative Christians treat climate change or global warming like blasphemy to their religion? They treat it like a sin or something. Indeed. This is a segment of the population that is basically taken over by a disingenuous propaganda machine, it's hard to make any sense of their beliefs. They treat it as a sin because they are told to by billionaires in the oil industry. >What does global warming and believing in Jesus have to do with each other at all? Not a whole lot. But the political right in the US has made tremendous efforts to align themselves with conservative Christians - there is no reasoning for it other than "they need votes" so they found an extremely gullible, scientifically illiterate major segment of the population and decided it was easier to manipulate them than come up with any actual solutions to modern problems.


Along the same lines, the chance of someone being an anti-vaxxer is much higher if they identify as a conservative Christian.


Or evolution denier etc. It's a segment of the population that prides themselves in eschewing facts and reality - really the perfect target to miseducate about climate change.


It would eat into coal and fossil fuel profits to acknowledge it and do something about it.


Regardless of whether you're liberal or conservative, many of the proposed solutions are unreasonable, unusable, impractical, dangerous etc., so of course they are understandably dismissed. Unreasonable/unusable include: electric cars, occupancy sensors on lights (which either turn light off while you are still in room or don't let light come on till you trip over something in the dark), ride a bicycle to work, hours on public transit vs 15 min in car to get to work, not use A/C, set heat or AC to uncomfortable levels, not use clothes dryers. Dangerous includes nuke plants (Fukishima in your backyard).


Greed and selfish denialism, are some factors. Opposition to change is another.