How do you feel when you see a chubbier guy at the gym?

How do you feel when you see a chubbier guy at the gym?


To be honest, I barely notice anyone unless I'm waiting to use the machine after them.


Or watching them walk away with the bells I was gonna grab. Damn me!


Or walking away from the bells and not putting them back. Pigs.


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Thank you for asking that question. I badly needed to laugh!


I mean it's been two years he has to know by now right?


Uggh worst thing people do at the gym. PIGS!


The worst thing people do at the gym is not wipe down their ass crack sweat spot.


I somehow read sweet not sweat.


I like yours better


Right behind leaving the squat or chest press bar loaded to the brim with 45lb plates


Or getting a bunch of different plates to work up to a big bench and then leaving every single one of their plates scattered on the floor around the bench


Oooh I fucking hate that also. I can deal with the sweat (rather not) but when they leave all the weight on the bar AND expect me to take them off and racking them


Or watching them sit on the machine for 5 mins on their phone and then just leave


Fuck that's me, "where's that mawfk going with my bells"


Or hogging all the weights.


I notice most people, but I have 0 thoughts about 99% of them. Unless you're being a creep, unnecessarily loud or doing an exercise in a way that would injure even a contortionist, you're doing the same thing I'm doing. Nice.


Yeah, the social anxiety in me causes me to notice every single person in the building, but only to see if I recognize anyone. If I see someone I know, I'd like to be aware so I can 1: avoid them at all costs and 2: pretend I never saw them if they notice me, but without actually being surprised. But once I've gathered I don't know who you are, I do not notice anything about you.


I feel this 100%


Man I remember going to the gym once and seeing a guy from high school that I barely knew and I recognized him but he didn't recognize me right away. All I was thinking was "please don't recognize me" as I was lifting but then they walked up to me and were like "Hey (My Name)!" and we made small talk. Then in the midst of making small talk I found out that they basically lived across the street from me, pretty much literally did lmao. Nice enough person but there's only like 3 people that I like socializing with. I don't even really struggle with social anxiety thankfully I just hate bumping into people whether I like them or not.


I like to roller skate in front of my house most days and boy oh boy, if you want to make sure *everyone* talks to you, strap a pair of fucking roller skates on. People waxing nostalgic, commenting how hard it must be, and on and on I mean every human being has a comment they can make about roller skates. It would be great if I enjoyed socializing with people lmao I'm from the South so I can talk a cat up a tree out of politeness, so I try to wear my aviator glasses and keep my earbuds in just so I can get a good sesh in before being interrupted. Half the time I don't even want to go out because I've made the mistake of chatting with people too many times so now we're familiar enough to where it would be very rude if I didn't acknowledge them anymore 🤬 Can't win for losing.


This is literally me in the grocery store. Every aisle. Locate potential acquaintances out of the corner of my eye , all clear, grab the coffee.


Yeah I’m way more inclined to be judgmental of some muscle bound person who is slamming weights, making unnecessary grunts, or taking half an hour to wrap up his sets on the only machine/station in the gym than any thing else.


we have a guy at my gym who, tbh I don't think I've ever actually seen him lift anything, but he like DANCES in the gym. Like, throws his water bottle obnoxiously high in the air, and not even just vibing but full on putting on a show. He belts out every song he's listening to, etc, it's just like man, come on.


Had a guy like that at the gym I went to. He was so obnoxious and loud. He loved occupying the only boxing bag for hours but if he came after you and you were using it, he’d stand there making stupid comments and constantly asking if he can just use it with you. And then feel like he needed to comment on what you were doing like “oh damn girl, you got some anger issues”. The only anger issues I had were due to my very strong urges of wanting to punch him in the face. If he was by himself he’d lightly punch once in a while and mostly just slowly move around it in circles while yelling obnoxious completely idiotic stuff like “fitness”, “power”, “energy”. It’s been years since I went to that gym but I still get so annoyed when I think of him.


Was there something wrong with him mentally? I don't want to sound like a jerk but that person seems a little bit off.


He was just a jerk unfortunately. Well known at the gym. Also a personal trainer (though not employed by the gym). Other trainers knew him but avoided him at all costs. They couldn’t forbid him to come to the gym because technically he was just “training” there. But I definitely saw him try to poach some clients. Including putting down my boxing technique and telling me he could help me improve (he had zero clue what he was talking about and another guy actually came over who was part of a boxing gym nearby and told me not to worry and completely ignore what he was saying because none of it was in any way accurate. Not that I doubted myself anyway - anyone watching this guy could tell his ego was massively oversized while his brain and any understanding of boxing was basically nonexistent.


Sounds like a real class act, I'm actually impressed he's a personal trainer that people would willingly go to him. The last thing in the world I would do is go to up to someone and critique them but some people have no filter and will do or say anything.


When I briefly joined a gym they were giving out 4 private trainer sessions with the membership. Day two she has me on a treadmill to see how quickly I get out of breath just walking and talking. Thing is, she picks a treadmill *RIGHT* next to some guy out of the 50 empty ones. Whatever. So we're talking and all of a sudden this guy who looks like the typical short, stocky, college bro - who is walking at top walking speed and stomping while breathing like Hulk Hogan in a wrestling promo and listening to his iPod - just belts out something like "DATS RIGHT BITCH, LEMME SEE YOU GIT LOW, SHOW ME HOW U GON WORK THAT POLE." Hand gestures and all with his eyes closed. Then he stops rapping. I almost fell off because my gut reaction was to stop moving and stare. So the trainer and I make that ( * _ * ) kind of eye contact, snicker and continue talking. Then he starts belting out some time 50 Cent lyrics or some shit before going back to the heavy breathing and loud stomping-walk. After a few times of this he casually removes his ear buds, wipes the handle down and walks out to the parking lot. To this day I'm still like "wtf?"


shoot while we're here, story #2: Had this guy who would bring a bluetooth speaker and play it out loud, like LOUD and it was always metal screamo stuff. Whatever, your music tastes are idc, but this is like breaking gym etiquette rule #1. He then would dramatically get on one knee in the squat rack, pound a quarter bottle of honey, and then start squatting. Doesn't help he was a drill instructor at a training command so none of the trainees could/would ever say anything to him.


A quarter bottle of honey?


Does anyone pound just straight sucrose/glucose/any sugars to up their energy like that while exercising?? I know Olympic athletes and the like will need to eat a ton before a competition sometimes, but that much honey?


I've known/seen body builders and competitors to carry around those big 5lb bags of sour patch kids or gummy bears at the gym before. But to be frank, this guy was most definitely not to the level of needing to down a quarter bottle of honey. Mainly, he was obnoxious and annoyed me lol


I know what you mean. But I’m also a little bit “aw, bless him” … I mean if he’s genuinely having a great time, good for him too, right?


I KNOW, like I really try to just let people live their lives. Really, it doesn't prevent me from getting my workout done. Almost more power to him for having no shame, there's just always that "but..."


I don’t know, I kind of love that energy. If he’s not making me wait for something, live your best life water bottle man


> unnecessary grunts Which ones are unnecessary though? It's scientifically proven that I can lift 200% more while grunting


There are grunts and then there are the guys that sound like they got their dick stuck in a weight machine.


Dropped the weights one time, I thought I was going to die


I used to go to a gym with a clear "No dude-bro-ing" rule.


The only thing I can think of that I've recently been judgmental of is that a woman doing floor exercises in front of some weight machines asked a guy to not use the machines. There's a designated area for floor exercises and the machine he wanted to use wasn't even right by her ... maybe just uncomfortably close post-covid? Anyway - she should have moved, not him.


Thank god I work out in a home gym.


Thank YHWH I’m doing incline push-ups with my feet in the jail cell toilet bowl.


This. Or if I do notice someone who is “chubby” I think, Good for you! We all start somewhere my dude


I agree. How can you judge someone who is working on their health. The social anxiety related to gym shaming is so unfair. Good for you (universal you) for working out. Lots of people aren’t. Ya know?


Indeed, no one cares unless you follow poor etiquette, that people don't like.


Yeah. No one is watching anyone in the gym. I'll zone out and stare in one direction, and that's pretty much it




This, and if you’re trying a new exercise and are doing it very wrong, more often than not someone will offer to help you! I remember being your age and being so surprised at how supportive my gym community was.


This for sure. I’ve stopped people who are using equipment wrong and are definitely going to hurt themselves a few times and show them how to use it right. I’ve thrown my knees and back out doing something wrong, like hell I’m going to let someone else do it


No thank you. I'd rather have potentially crippled knees and back than deal with the crippling anxiety of someone showing me I'm doing something wrong in public. Edit: /s take care of yourself


sounds like your social anxiety is literally crippling


Me too. I'd rather get hurt than have someone noticing I'm doing something wrong. Except then I fear explaining my injury and have people think I'm an idiot.


> if you’re trying a new exercise and are doing it very wrong, more often than not someone will offer to help you also if you're a girl and doing olympic lifts 100% correctly, more often than not someone will offer to help you even though you don't need it and they won't go away


Seeing a chubby guy doesn't bother me. What bothers me is seeing two chubby guys sitting at the neck machines, not using the neck machines, but talking. I mean, you're just there to talk and look at girls or guys working out?


Ok, but ripped guys can be as guilty of this as anyone. Having 4% body fat isn't license to be a dick around the machines


Or the free weights. Put.the.bells.back.


Once I left a 45 plate on either side of the vertical leg press thinking well, this is a more advanced machine so it probably won’t matter if I leave something there. A few minutes later I see this guy struggling to take them off and I’m like geez... okay I go over to fix what I’d left there and he turns and has a huge scar running the length of his scalp, says he’d been in a car accident and “wants to be strong like me.” He could not have lifted these things off without assistance. I already reracked the bells but I rerack every single plate now, every single time, after learning my lesson from that poor man.


I usually do the same, thanks for sharing your experience though. I'll make sure to rerack even that last 45 from now on.


nothing annoys me more than someone hoarding weights by their feet and switching between the ones theyre using and the ones 'that are theirs' and 'gonna use'


That's why I work out at home now. Too many people just hogging all the equipment I want to use and slowing my workouts down.


thankfully they give me a chance to workout my weakest muscle: patience I'll go to another machine or two, and if times are really tight, Planet fitness has another rack of weights (<20) to use, so i'll grab those.


I hate planet fitness. If you are really getting after it and getting in a great workout, you will be asked to leave for intimidating others or being too physically fit. I get that their business model is to cater to the average Joe. I’m a former two sport college athlete that has since gotten very fat. I want to lose weight. I want to work hard. I’m very knowledgeable in how to work hard. That shouldn’t be frowned upon.


Honestly, yes i agree. I don't like their business model (but i understand it.. i guess) of suppressing people who take their workouts seriously. [example: this commercial](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7gzmoqmL7g) and their 'lunk' slang for people who 'slam weights, grunt and wear tanktops'. As if this is a bad thing. I understand that people who are absolute units can be somewhat intimidating but i find these people aren't the strawman ridiculous gym bro they are made out to be. Some of the most supportive and helpful people ive met at the gym are the super buff guys that would be asked to leave. Obvious gym ettiqute should be taken into account, GRUNTING however is fine. The big guys arent doing war cries, they aren't judging the skinny people or the big people, they aren't stopping anyone from working out. If you stop working out bc youre 'intimidated' by bigger guys at the gym, youre gonna get that anywhere; which i guess is the point of planet fitness: an accessible gym for anyone and everyone (except if you workout seriously.)


This is just a stupid rant, but you gave me a stupid fucking gym flashback. I had a 24 hr gym that I would go to after work. 11pm, so I had the place to myself. Quit going after I could never use the squat spot (people would stick it up high and I wouldn't be able to get it down) or I'd spend forever putting up like six of the heaviest plates that someone decided to leave on the bar thing that you lift while you're on your back. People are so self-centered. Also, apparently I forgot all gym-related terminology lol.


My gym checks the cameras and will fine the person $50 for repeat offenses.


That's awesome. And smart for the gym, because they lose customers when all the crap they pay to use is behind a workwall lol.


WTF lmao what a dick move. i explicitly remember seeing some replies on a thread on /fit/ saying they purposely put high weights on the tallest setting to 'mog manlets' . So chad-like


hey sometimes matching shapes is hard... :(


Yes. People of all sizes & levels of fitness can be guilty of hogging the machines & not actually using them. Generally speaking they'll move if you ask them but you shouldn't have to do that in the first place. But to answer OP's question, I personally admire a larger person that's going to the gym. You see something in yourself you want to change & you're doing something about it. That's a very admirable quality & gives me motivation as well.


Yesterday this buff dude was standing leaning on the leg press on his phone with his towel on it. He would do ten reps then stand there for ten straight minutes between. Infuriating.


Why does the fact that they're chubby matter at all here? If I need the neck machine and fuckin Arnold Schwarzenegger is sitting there dicking around not using it I'll still be annoyed


Unless they are on my next piece of equipment, I do not notice who's in the gym.


Totally. I remember feeling very uncomfortable the first times I went to the gym. Looking around and thinking "shit. Every single one of these guys looks *way* more fit than me" understandably makes one feel like an outsider. Now I've been going for years and look like 'those guys' and can honestly say I don't even notice when someone who looked like I did back then is in the gym. I'm there to work on my own shit, not judge other people for being at the beginning of a very positive change in their lives. If someone is so unfit that they actually do stand out, I think "good for you!" Sometimes I even want to introduce myself and show them some stuff if they seem a bit unsure, but I don't want to seem patronizing or make any assumptions.


Absolutely this. Also, it’s weird to judge people, especially if you can see them actively working on the “issue” in front of your eyes.


And if people seem like they are looking at you, they aren’t judging you. They are most likely just people watching as I do. People intrigue me too much


Or I’m creating my grocery list in my head and staring off into space, oblivious that I might be staring at someone.


Unless they’re taking up 2 cables for cable flys on a Monday at 5pm


If anything the wall-length mirrors at my gym make me feel more uncomfortable than the other people.


Maybe I’m an asshole, but I kinda try to compete against others in my head. It motivates me.


I think, "Someone trying to get in shape" Nothing to worry about. Do it! Even if you're 650lbs, they would even lend you a hand. (Show you how to use a machine etc.) All in your head..


> Even if you're 650lbs, they would even lend you a hand. (Show you how to use a machine etc.) I was actually highly encouraged by a really large dude at my gym. He would come in, hit the stair climber and not leave until he was beyond soaked in sweat. Dude had to be over 400lbs. Every time I was feeling a tiny bit lazy, not wanting to do another set, I would be like, "That dude is freakin' killing it, what's my excuse?" I was just a 150lb dude looking to put on a little muscle. I have it easy. I had no excuses.


I agree. Same thing at my old gym. There was an older man who was overweight and, but I seen it as inspiring and motivating. I worried that he might feel self conscious. Once you're out of highschool people don't notice as much as you think they do, and 9/10 people are thinking positively and will be supportive.


> Once you're out of highschool people don't notice as much as you think they do Yup, unless a model qualify female or maybe some punk rocker with a neon blue mohawk... I don't see a single person when I'm in public. It's just a blur of average folks.


Greetings from the blur, fellow blur. Now carry on...


Blur de Blur my fellow Blur


I'm with you. I always notice everyone but that's just my personality to notice details. The main thing I think about is that big or small, strong or weak, all the badasses are inside the gym right now. The ones not making the effort are the ones outside the gym. Everyone inside putting in work deserves props no matter what they look like.


Exactly what I think. Anytime I see someone on the chunkier side doing any sort of exercise about the only thing that goes through my mind is “Good on them for exercising”. Also most if not all gym bros are actually pretty nice people, working out is their hobby so if they get the chance to infodump/impart their knowledge onto you, you best bet they’ll be overjoyed to do that


>Also most if not all gym bros are actually pretty nice people, working out is their hobby so if they get the chance to infodump/impart their knowledge onto you, you best bet they’ll be overjoyed to do that This is exactly what I was thinking...even the douchiest dudebros I've ever known wouldn't make fun of a chubbier person for going to the gym, if anything they'd be even more enthusiastic about helping them with exercises and, if they're decently acquainted, even helping them create a personal exercise plan. Edit to clarify: I am in no way saying that guys who go to the gym are automatically douchey; just that there are definitely douchey guys who treat the gym like their place of worship, and even those guys would be happy to help a newcomer learn what to do.


I'm an Uber driver and I once had some muscle bros in my car. When I told them I used to lift in college they were super encouraging and said stuff like "dude if you start lifting now you'll get fuckin monstrous bro, you'll look so good." It was pretty damn affirming and I still think about them when I need some motivation.


Yeah - most of those guys are bros. The only gym where folks can be a be a bit judgey are the “seen and be seen” gyms where it is about being part of a gym that costs $300+ a month and wear Lululemon to. But those gyms don’t tend to have the kind of muscle heads that can help you get really in shape.


Right? "Don't mind my boob sweat, it's hot as fuck in here."


Bodybuilding is one of the most wholesome sports, even at the pinnacle of "gyming" these ultimate bros are super nice and encouraging to each other


Same here, all the people at the gym are trying to get in shape or stay in shape, we all have to start somewhere! Plus the more you do it, the less you concern yourself with what others think. You got this bro


Honestly when I see people that are heavy and are walking or trying to run or running or whatever I think "Man, good on them" They are burning more calories than I am watching TV.


My thought is always: “Mad respect getting out there and trying to change your life for the better.” Anyone who might judge you harshly is not someone whose opinion you should give even the smallest shit about.


Man if I saw someone that big at the gym I’d be proud of them! I’m a fairly fit weight and I still struggle getting motivated to go, that’s a lot of willpower for the bigger people that I really respect.


I go running every day and part of my run brings me onto a local school’s track where I do a lap or more and then go on. Most days I see a really big guy out on the track covered in sweat. He’s smaller now than when I first saw him. Dude is getting healthy!


"Good for you, man. Go get you some!" is what I think to myself. I remember how it felt to first join. Might also offer a bit of encouragement and welcome if it's appropriate.


I always think “wow good for them” but I would never say anything because I don’t want them to feel like I’m patronizing them


Sometimes a welcoming smile is enough.


In some of the gyms in my city, the curt head nod is the most friendly and sincere greeting you can get. When the power lifters in the corner with their chest length beards and biker tattoos started nodding hello to me.... I kinda felt like I'd made it haha.


This one I feel, I knew when the local powerlifters offered me unsolicited tips on my deadlifts that I'd made it. I think everyone is being encouraging to the OP which is exactly as it should be. But know that when you're joining a gym, you are joining a community of fitness minded people. The price of admission isnt fitness, its dedication... fitness is the result. If you see anyone giving you non-positive vibes, they arent judging your appearance or fitness, they're sizing up your dedication.


Yeah I’m usually in my own head, but if I’m on an elliptical or other cardio equipment for 30 min and notice somebody “bigger”, no matter what pace or anything I just think “fuck yes, way to show up for yourself!” You never know if someone is recovering from an injury that set them back or it’s their first time ever in a gym. No judgement at all because you never ever know what someone’s situation is and to be honest it doesn’t matter. We are all there to better ourselves. And, as anyone large or small who has gotten in shape knows, the hardest part is usually the very beginning, so I’ve got nothing but respect. If I happen to lock eyes I’ll give a warm smile, but not condescendingly. Sometimes I’ll give like an upward nod of acknowledgement/encouragement like “welcome to the team” kinda cheering them on. Just whatever feels right.


You’re right, at most places it’s not usually appropriate to welcome someone new. At my local gym/fitness center, new members are actually celebrated and our members are encouraged to make others feel welcome and accepted.


Subconsciously, "That person exists" Forgotten as soon as you aren't in the line of vision. Seen again, subconsciously, "That person still exists"


My object permanence is low and my apathy is high


I'm barely aware that it exists, but I dont care


I barely exist..


Idk if I'll ever find a better way to describe myself than this comment


The attention span of a goldfish, the apathy of a three-toed sloth.


Three months later "oh hey, that guys back. Hes been coming a bunch and looking slimmer. Good for him." *turn and immediately forget he exists until next time you see him*


Do your eyes exist if you can't see them?


Only when Im awake.


This is it right here. You will realize that 95 percent of the world does not care, at all. The last 5 percent are either important people and good friends or people who are not worth the time of day.


Basically this. Once I’m pretty sure we won’t collide I stop noticing.


Making fun of fat people in the gym is like making fun of ill people in the hospital.


"HA! look at that IDIOT who got cancer and thought SURGERY might help"


"He thought his insurance would cover it! Have fun with crippling debt for the rest of your life... which is longer now because it worked"


I’ve been in and out of of the hospital all year and the thought of a nurse pointing and laughing at me because my liver is killing me seems like an episode of black mirror. A bad one though. Great analogy


*“Look at this jackass recognizing that he has a bit of a problem and actively doing something to fix it! What a pussy!”* -Only the biggest of gym assholes. If you ask a built guy who isn’t conceited for advice, he will recognize the compliment and give you some quick tips if he isn’t short on time


I *knew* there was a good reason to have that award saved up. Fantastic way of putting it


Just wipe down the machine when your done and put away the weights. That’s all I care about.


Yeah this. The only time people will take notice of you at all is if you avoid basic gym courtesy. If you’re worried about crowds just go off peak hours. Since you’re 17 I assume you’re not in school right now. So for instance if you don’t have a full time summer job go midday when other people are at work. ETA: Also, headphones. Music in your ears will make you way less aware of what others are doing around you.


This is the best advice. OP: no one is going to pay you any mind except when you might be on the machine that they're waiting on. Once you have done your exercise and moved on, they'll forget about you. Off-peak hours are the absolute best, you get the whole gym to yourself. Bit envious of ya, I used to have a job that I worked 4 10s. The three days off were bliss at the gym


It’s tough, but I used to start going at 6 am. I was always alone and it’s a great way to wake up (but admittedly extremely hard)


Yeeesss! This. There is a guy at my gym who always seems to use the leg press machine just before me and racks up 200+ kg and leaves it on. I'm a 5'2" woman and barely able to press 20kg. I cannot lift that off the machine don't be a dick and put your weights away.


I think it’s fine to ask him or one of the pt’s to help do that. But yeah it’s super annoying having to rerack other people’s weight i agree


I was also self concious about this until it hit me. People are here to be healthy and to become a version of themselves they want to be, so it actually makes more sense for a chubby person to be at the gym than for them to not go to the gym. Its like who would make fun of a 1st grader for going to school, you were in the same place when you started. (Assholes might, but they would also do that to anyone anwhere so i don't take it personally, i just think about how sad their life must be that they need to do that to get by)


So, theres a psychological tendency we have called the spotlight effect, where we tend to overestimate how much people pay attention to us. I notice that when I'm a bit uncomfortable or anxious, I might think people are paying attention to me. In reality, everyone is in their own heads caught up in their own lives, and you're just one more person in the background. Don't worry about it, everyone is focused on their own thing.


It’s weird cuz I’m guilty of this. I’ve been able to get over it in like public speaking and stuff because I realized that literally everyone will forget about what you just said in like 5 minutes. But I can’t help but be super self conscious in public because I’m overweight


See, that's the thing, it's emphatically not weird cuz you're guilty of that. It's frankly normal.


When I’m feeling anxious about this, I like to try and remember the last time I saw a stranger embarrass themselves in public. I can never think of a single example.


This is the advice that cemented it for me. Thank you!


The most freeing thought is realizing that no one cares about what you’re doing as much as you do.


Everyone is looking around to see who is stronger than them, not who is weaker.


Don’t slam the weights, and wipe the equipment down. No ones worried about you. If you’re super self conscious invest in some flattering gym clothes. Underarmour is particularly good on dudes.


the caveat here is that if you do accidently slam the weights on the off chance, you're now legally obligated to yell "light weight"


Is there any for tall guys? I’m 6’5 and like 225 so I’m not crazy overweight but still big enough to be self conscious. I already struggle to find any well fitting clothes cuz most of them only go up to like 6’2


my SO is 6’ and 250 with a long torso, broad shoulders and long monkey arms and he can usually find something that fits great. Under armor stuff usually has long arms and long bodies which is something he struggles with. Worse case scenario you get a bigger size and have the waist taken in a bit.


Don’t care. If he becomes a regular I might nod hello after 6 months.


Hah, so true about the 6 month nod probationary period.


I'm the opposite. I been going to the gym for nearly 20 years. I love helping others, especially new people who are definitely not wealthy enough to buy personally training, which I wouldn't recommend. Why? Because most personal trainers are helpless. And no one one helped me when I was starting out. Wanted to quit when I didn't get any results when I started out.


I swear if you make me slide my headphones off my ear one more time dude.


What you going to do? Cry to your mom? I'm sorry I hope you don't do that. She is a nice lady. Let's be friends.


What am I going to do? I’m gonna fully engage in conversation. Now none of us are working out and you’ve just committed yourself to a lifelong friendship buddy.


The beginnings of a bromance taking place right here ladies and gentlemen


Take one day and just go on the treadmill and walk for an hour or thirty minutes and watch everyone You will no doubt see people doing all sorts of weird things even to a newbie you'll probably see someone doing something that just looks wrong The more you watch and the more you learn you'll keep seeing things like that But you know what? I've never seen anyone confronted about it, or anyone laughed at. Because the majority of people are so focused on themselves at the gym they won't even give you more than a glance even if you mess up


It can pay to watch people, especially if you're figuring out everything on your own. Every now and then I'd see someone doing something odd and I'd give it a try later, and sometimes it would turn out to be something useful like side bends and straight leg deadlifts.


That can go sideways real quick though. I've watched guys much further along do shit that I know they're gonna pay for in the long run. Risking blowing out their knees or shoulders, or fucking up their backs. You can watch someone do an exercise and be intrigued by it. But look up the proper form from a trusted source, or get a pt to teach you the technique before you give it a go on your own.


This advice is genuinely the only thing that helped me get over my anxiety about going to the gym. It was really reassuring to go there with no pressure about using machines I don't know, and instead just jog and look around at the place. No one paid me any mind, I noticed lots of other people my size doing their thing, and I got to marvel at an old lady doing a wild amount of pull ups! Now I'm just waiting for my area to be less covid-ridden so it opens up and I can get back on that track again :)


I'm in decent shape and work out regularly and i have to remind myself this, even a week or two ago I failed a squat on a low weight, i was already tired and didn't use proper form and i felt so embarrassed falling until i realized no one is even paying attention. Even the guy right next to me


Then there's the other side..... People who want to talk while you're lifting. I'm not a novice lifter, I can move some weight and I can do some interesting body weight exercises. I'm a headphone in, head down kinda guy though so I block the world out when I'm working out. In case anyone is wondering.... don't do it. Don't walk up to someone and complement them on their form or what they're doing or anything! Some old guy came up to me when I was literally upside down doing HSPU's and started telling me how impressed he was. HE was in my fall zone, I was stuck upside down until he stepped aside ffs. He broke my concentration and I nearly fell on him. Just dont do it. Wait till they're getting water or something.


I posted this under another comment but I did ask these two guys for help with the machines once, but just like you said I waited till they were kinda just standing off to the side getting water and chatting. I might've looked like a creeper on the treadmill looking back at them every now and then to see if it was a good time, but they went above and beyond showing me what machines to use and proper form. I'm one of those people who completely falls apart when I'm interrupted though so maybe I'm just more aware of not doing it to others.


That doesn't make you a creeper. That means you have etiquette. Just about everyone I know who spends time in the gym is thrilled to help another gym goer out..... But they don't want to be interrupted to do it. I can hit a putt with three people yelling at me while I'm lining it up.... hit a free throw while guys are squirting water at me. I still don't want you talking to me while I have 300 lbs on my back or I'm upside down LoL.


There's a guy who regularly appears at my gym who appears to be on some kind of drugs and spends most of his time dancing around whatever machine he's using doing what looks like some kind of weird summoning ritual. I get a kick out of how little everyone actually cares about that. "Oh, look, Meth Clown is here today. Anyway, looks like the leg press is taken so I guess I'll do calf extensions next...."


I️ get fired up in a prideful sense when I️ see anyone at the gym trying to make a change. Walking into the building is the hardest part because once you get in there, you realize we’re all here for the same purpose: be healthy/get in shape. I️ have never met someone who willingly pays for a gym membership to judge people.


Not a chubby guy nor at a gym. I am a fat girl who has started walking to start to lose weight. I walk with similarly overweight women. We had only been doing for walks for a couple of weeks weeks and were still a bit self conscious about it til one day we were waddling along approaching an intersection. A car passed us and as they were slowing down for the stop sign the very athletic looking driver started cheering for us. “Woo! Way to go!” Didn’t feel self conscious at all after that!


I see a person who’s changing their life and respect it.


Seriously you're going to be congratulated by a few of the really muscular dudes and some of them may even ask if you need help. They only look mean because weights are heavy as shit and it's frustrating when you're tired, but you do feel great when you exercise and you're gonna feel that energy for sure.


Former fit guy, now slightly chubby. I SEE A BRAVE AS FUCK PERSON. YOU ARE KILLING IT JUST BY COMMITTING TO YOUR HEALTH!!! I have not had the confidence or drive to go back to the gym for some time and honestly seeing anyone who is overweight braving those doors and dawning a machine/rack/hell a pair of shorts gives me so much hope that I'll swallow my pride and go back soon. It's tough for me since I had to stop due to injury and have just let myself go, I'm worried I'll get reinjured and that I'm no longer my fit self. YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION. You go out there and inspire people!


I'd suggest you go up and say hi to one or two. you'll see just how hard it is to get the attention of someone concentrating on getting the most out of their workout.


Sometimes you gotta go rounds to find a free guy to spot you 😂


Dude, no body cares. If anybody has the semblance of caring they are going to be encouraging to you and friendly. After being there a week, you will be a regular and will be one of the people the newbies would want help from


I don’t see chubby, skinny, black, white, brown or any other type of people at the gym. I see people who are there to workout just like me. Anyone who feels any different needs to gtfo.


Chubby dude here too. Everyone is so focused on what they're doing no one is really paying attention to any one individual. I've never been given grief at the gym nor paid any mind by anyone. ALSO, not sure what gym you're going to but if someone helps point out form to help with a move you're doing, great, BUT beware of trainers trying to drum up clientele. If you DO want to work with a trainer, observe how they work with their clients. How they train and interact tells me whether or not I'd be willing to work with them and pay for their services.


I’m a gym rat, in pretty good shape. To be honest, I’m probably the exact type of person you’d be intimidated by (tank top, big arms, occasional grunts, etc.). Just remember, none of us started that way. I too was once the intimidated chubby kid that thought all eyes were on me. Trust me when I say, we won’t be judging you. I’m much more likely to judge a chubby person eating a families worth of food at McDonald’s. If you’re in the gym and making an effort to work on yourself, then I’m rooting for you! If someone is blatantly watching you whilst you’re doing your set, they’re most likely thinking about helping you with your form, or want to give you some tips, but are too worried about coming across as “that guy” to actually come and say anything to you. Could always talk to them first, could be a great way to make new friends! I wish you luck on your fitness endeavours!


This is a great response




I am a big lady weighing in at 245 lbs and 5’5. When I go to the gym, I first worried about what other people were going to say but I said fuck it! I can do this! And no one paid attention to me honestly. It was a great feeling. You might get a lingering eye or two but honestly, everyone is there for themselves and no one cares what we’re doing. :)


Tbh lingering eyes might also because you simply passed into their vision & they instinctively looked. I do that sometimes in public. If someone passes my side vision, I’ll glance


If you’re really feeling self conscious then I’d recommend heading to the gym early in the morning. It can be difficult getting up but it’s a great way to ease into it without many eyes on you. You’ll get to know the environment and the equipment. You’ll feel relaxed in that space after a few visits.


I see chubby people at the gym and I don't think anything except they are trying to improve or maintain their health like everyone else.


I'm straight up proud for them. I've been there and I know how much hard work it takes to get the weight off. Fuck yeah, big guy, get at it.


Just go do your thing. Don’t worry about anyone else. You’ll find there are people of all shapes, sizes, and physical ability there.


Unless they're using a machine or squat rack or something that I'm waiting on, I'm happy for everyone that's at the gym


I am a fat old guy. It’s funny, I never thought anyone gave me a second glance. The way I always thought about it—from when I was a fat kid, through college, and through adulthood—“I was there. Really unhealthy fat people are not there.” You will learn that once you get out of high school almost no one gives a shit. And today, no one walks around naked in the locker room anymore. It used to be that people would be worried about having small junk. So…you have it easy. Ha ha.


He’s doing better than me because I do not take care of myself at all.


The most used piece of equipment in the gym is the mirror, people are looking at themselves, it's not the Simpsons, no one is coming at you with a pork chop


Proud of him for getting after it and working to improve if he feels he needs it. When I have my downtime at the gym (between sets, between exercises, taking a breather), and I’m looking around, I don’t find the muscular guys impressive at all. I’m impressed by the skinny guys, the older guys, the heavier guys, the ones for whom I know it’s actually hard work. The ones who make it their all-consuming hobby? I think nothing of them. If I see a bigger guy working out at the gym, I’m completely supportive, and if he seems like he needs help or something, I’m more than willing to help in any way I can.


i dont give a fuck i'm focused on me if anything you're in the best place to be seen it shows you care about yourself it's like being in the barbershop with a nappy head


Cmon get in there fcol. At 17 nothing can stop you. How do I feel? A number of ways. -More power to you. -I know how you feel. -Were in this together. -Gtf off the only squat rack already, I need to use it b/c I have to go. (Always someone sitting on this one and only rack texting or some s)


I think "look at him, he made a great decision to improve his life and we should all be proud of him."


I dunno, it's a gym, I expect to see mostly people out of shape. That's why we're all there




im too worried about people judging me for being chubby than worrying about others