NYPD just walks into people’s homes with no warrant and arrests them now

NYPD just walks into people’s homes with no warrant and arrests them now

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That looked like a kidnapping by someone imitating a police officer


What was he arrested for?


For saying "Get out of my house." What I want to know is, what was the cop originally there for in the first place, if he had no warrant? If it was to try to interview the occupant, then they needed to make an appointment with them.


What were his charges


I commented on this original tictok- OP said the cop beat him up trying to get him cuffed- brought him to the station for a while and then released him with no charges. There's no reason any of this happened aside from the cops ego & lawlessness. Big suprise he wears a blue line patch.


Yeah also look st the patch on his left 2020 riots with a skull


I'm curious, I have a very limited understanding of police procedures, but do the police have the right to enter any building that is "unlocked" as it's considered an "open door," so they wouldn't necessarily be required by a judge to get a warrant? I believe this applies to federal agents as well. If you open your door to see what they want, no matter what you say, they see an open door as an open door to proceed without warrant. Legitimately curious to find out. Thanks ahead of time.


There are exigent circumstances. But a simple door open isnt one of them. Also is the plain view clause where anything in plain view is able to used as evidence. But honestly this cop broke and entered. Wont be charged as such tho.


I dunno, here in Indiana when I was a teenager and they were coming for 'noise violations' in a massive apartment complex. Because the door was unlocked they ran in single file guns drawn. Wtf? Didn't feel right but we were young and dumb


Dude see my last comment above. Same shit happened to me. "noise violations" and they forced their way inside. My friend waa freaking out because his dad was at work and we didnt think we'd be able to get them to leave. Years later I'm in a house in a bad neighboorhood, and two teenagers break down the door hold us at gunpoint and rob the house. Took the police over an hour to show up after we called. Said dispatch "gave him the wrong address" and then yelled at us for being upset and freaked out


Yes it didnt feel right cause it's not. A noise complaint doesnt mean they can enter legally. They still will but not legally.


Might be a lucrative business to start in cities like New York: "Police Injury Attorney" or something similar, if they don't exist. Specialize in cases like this.


Lmao they already do


It's trespassing, even if they're police officers, to enter a private building without a warrant. That's why they need warrants. If they are witnessing a crime taking place that changes things. But they have to be witnessing a civilian breaking the law. I don't care who it is, even your landlord, is guilty of trespassing without having your permission to enter. That's why a landlord notifies you in advanced of an inspection. This is the kind of behavior that is behind the police reform movement. Having a badge should not mean your above the law. It should mean your MORE liable if your breaking the laws your paid to enforce while on duty.


It’s understandable, the police have a very limited understanding of their procedure as well.


I've shared this story before, my father was a sherriff's deputy. He told me from an early age never to talk to the police (lawyer up immediately) and do not allow them to search your car or home without a warrant. Two years ago my then roommate allowed his girlfriend to use our address (unbeknownst to me) for her drivers license. The roommates skipped out last year in March and soon after I started receiving "visits" from the police looking for the girlfriend. I met her once or twice, she wasn't allowed at the apartment due to her meth use/behavior. When the cops come I never open the door and just crack the window, they always have an issue with it. "You need to open the door" they always say. Then they get pissed when I ask if they have a warrant and when they don't I tell them I'm not opening the door. I've been threatened with arrest, been threatened with assault, my favorite is when they tell me to "shove my Facebook law degree up my ass." They always get pissed when I tell them I'm following my sherriff's deputy father instructions. I've been told what a "complete fucking disappointment I must be to my father" before they've left threatening to come back with a warrant. They never come back... well they do after a month or two and we go through the whole charade again.


10 years to practice law, 6 months to enforce it.


6-7 years to practice law and I think some police academies are as little as 6 weeks lol


That's vampires. You're thinking of vampires.


Ego sure seems to be a big part of it. All he had to do was say OK let's step outside and talk there. But he is like I'm not doing that since it will look.. what? Weak?


Directly because someone of Color told him what to do, in their own home. Walk-ups like this are extremely common in New York so he's full of shit claiming he didn't know anything. OP of the vid posted a vid of his house, The cops went through a front door to an entry way- then another front door- up a flight of stairs to a 3rd door before walking into this mans home. 3 DOORS AND A FLIGHT OF STAIRS?!?! The cop started the interaction with hostility saying 'first off your door was open' as if that's, what, an invitation to violate someone's privacy? Or a valid reason to enter a property without a warrant? No. The cop was 100% banking on the man having priors because he is a Black Man, and took him in without a warrant or a reasonable reason for an arrest, hoping to snag him on whatever straws he could grasp at. Because a POC told him to get out of their house. It's just the racist ass police force in america keeping up their expectations of 'service'.


If the resident legally owned a firearm and reasonable weilded it for an unannounced stranger in his home, the resident would likely have died or be sent to prison.


It's not ego. These people are building a fascist state. They do this to illicit fear in the community.


I didn’t even watch with sound (I hate police abuse videos) and I still got enraged and fantasized beating the living shit out of that cop. Quick way to get killed, I know.


Just a head’s up, the auto subtitles were really bad.


Dude didn't even identify who he was. Cop just making assumptions and breaking into people's houses.


Eating a meal, a succulent Chinese meal.


It shouldn't matter why he was there. Police shouldnt be allowed to enter their house without a warrant, no matter what


Ikr if you're gonna break into my home at least be a bit quieter


“Probable cause. The door was open, I thought it was a break in and found a black man.” “Well, case closed Johnson. Good work. Take some well deserved “administrative leave with pay” time-off.”


Technically they can enter a house without a warrant, if they have ~~probable cause~~ exigent circumstances. That means things like seeing a body through the window, seeing someone inside tied up, the front door being smashed/pried open, etc etc. That said, if they come in without a warrant or even if you invite them in, you can tell them to leave and they legally have to go or its trespassing (same goes with any civilian, however not everyone listens to the law). The only circumstances where they might refuse to leave immediately is if they want to see you ID first to make sure you actually live there and not a burglar. Chance are that's what this cop will claim happened: he saw signs of a break in (open doors) and encountered a combative individual inside the premises so he detained him until they could establish his identity (Edit to make a correction. Used the wrong term)


The chip is under no obligation to tell you what you're being charged with during the encounter. Only before the end. So they consult their blue wall buddies about what they can use. Then they tell you something that's more likely to hold up in court and pretend as if that's the reason from the beginning.


"Resisting arrest"


Disrespecting a police officer...the crime that isn't a crime but cops think it's the worse crime.


There is a prefiled bill here in KY for next legislative session to make it a crime…up to and including cursing at a cop or using what they deem to be “rude language.”


No way would that not be struck down by the SCOTUS.


It's already been upheld that swearing at police or using rude gestures towards them is free speech. Not only is this bill dead before it gets started, but the first time it is used, it is going to be a huge payday for somebody.


There's no way that thousands of people aren't arrested with it in the meantime and tens of thousands are arrested with it because "I didn't know that wasn't a law anymore" for decades after.


Honestly yeah. I can get that detectives wear civilian attire, but what's up with the vest that's just coated in random police themed badges. Looks like a Party City Halloween costume


Which raises some questions in its own... What kind of detective goes to someone's house, and then makes entry, alone? Thats suspicious as fuck. I know first hand that cops can do whatever they want, but I don't see them going into an unknown area and trying to apprehend someone *alone*. (Especially after finding out they are on video.). Cops do shitty stuff, but in my experience, they have no shortage of fellow gang cop friends to help. There would be like 4 people for this...


Yeah it's definitely unpolice like to just walk into a person's house to perform an arrest alone, even if you do have a warrant for it. I mean that would put you at a lot of personal risk as a cop since you have no idea who or what's gonna be inside waiting for you to walk in alone. And it's especially weird because it's not like the NYPD don't have the budget for backup or something. I'd have definitely wanted some solid verification before believing he's actually a cop if I were this guy


IKR, since when have Gap jeans been part of the uniform?


Since NYPD detectives


Its because of all the cop shows set in NY. They just be dressing however they want.


Kinda interesting to think the TV shows become so mainstream in the culture that their inaccuracies actually allow for people to think this shit is okay.


Does art imitate life, or life imitate art?


Gap dad jeans and a Giants/Jets/Rangers hoodie from Macy’s is standard detective outfit.


I like to think those are Kirkland brand jeans


That was my first thought. There’s no way in hell I’d go anywhere with him until it was verified he was an actual officer. Otherwise, it’s time to defend myself and my property.


You say that and I agree with the sentiment, but if someone bigger than me comes into my house and grabs me there is only so much I can do to stop them. I can try sure, but then a combination of size and being armed with a taser comes into play. It's a horrible situation with no good way out.


Just FYI, if you are ever being kidnapped the only good thing you can do is fight to the death to escape. If you're taken to a second location, you're dead.




Throw your money clip and shout "You want it? Go get it!"


Still terrified of second locations


This person true crimes.


this is why it's important to have a separate gun or taser or other defensive weapon in each room, preferably in a non-visible location. if anyone walked into my home I'd run to the bedroom and get one of the revolvers, or if I'm in my home office then grab the 1911 under my desk, or pump shotgun in the living room, taser in the kitchen, etc. I'm not interested in being raped or assaulted, rather die fighting.


Yeah the dude didn’t look like a cop


You think the city would get tired of paying for NYPD lawsuits.


https://www.propublica.org/article/new-york-city-paid-an-nba-star-millions-after-an-nypd-officer-broke-his-leg.-the-officer-paid-little-price >New York City has paid more than $1 billion over the past five years to settle lawsuits against the NYPD, according to data released by the city. ProPublica examined dozens of the biggest payouts in cases where civilians had also filed complaints with the city agency that reviews alleged police abuse. Again and again, the officers faced minimal or no discipline.


Honesty surprised it’s only a billion




or making these subway stations look less like wet train caves


Wet train caves. Haha that's a new one in my books.


“Wet train caves” might be the best description of a NYC metro I have ever heard. I have no award to give, but take my humble upvote good sir.


Would you be happier if I told you they would not have spent a dollar more on fixing the potholes; would be just as bad if they had that money.


Why would they care? It's your money they're spending


Completely agree, what I don't understand is people being ok with 1 billion of their tax dollars being used because of these guys actions


Why is this figure not plastered all over billboards and subways in the city? In every city everywhere? This is compelling information


That’s wild.


Take it out of the pension. Watch them police themselves quick enough.


Make them carry personal liability insurance.


This is the way


I prefer the pension suggestion. They need to police each other, and there's no way to get them to do that unless they are hit in the wallet.


Personal liability insurance does that. Bad cops will see their premiums skyrocket and wouldn't be able to afford to stay in the force.


Shitty cops won't even be insurable, NO INSURANCE NO JOB!


The irony being in the US people keep jobs they don't like to keep their health insurance.


The insurance thing is good too. Their premiums will go up if settlements occur across all cops. And if they specifically cause settlement payments, either they won't be able to get coverage or their premiums will be so high they'll be priced out of being a cop.


Punch em right in the amex


Your body would be found at the side of the road in a very tragic highway accident if you were one of the politicians trying to get this through Albany or DC and they thought it had a realistic chance of passing.


I used to think that as well, but after a little thought I think the situation would get worse. They would build a stronger wall and protect each other because this WOULD hurt them. Gotta do away with qualified immunity. Get rid of the days delay before interrogations of officers, and need ALL aspects of an internal investigation to be made public.


Unions....unfortunately. Edit: I thought with the context I wouldn't have to say this but I mean police unions. Unions are generally beneficial for blue collar work.


I'm all for unions, but that's one industry that gets off way too fucking easy. How are we supposed to hold **public servants** accountable if they're protected by interests that serve them? Fuck police unions.


For me one of the big differences between police unions and others is that other unions don't typically support their members if they murder someone.


There's only one union with a monopoly on violence. There's only one union that gets called in to break up the strikes of other unions.


Haven’t most the other unions in the US been disbanded for one reason or another?


Union membership in the US has declined but pproximately 10% of all workers in the US belong to a union. For public sector employees it's 33% and for private sector it's 6%. [Source](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_unions_in_the_United_States)


The ridiculous part is that the Military is held way more accountable for their actions under LOAC. There's no military union where soldiers get to refuse to do what they're tasked with just because they don't like not being allowed to shoot random civilians. Why is it OK for the police to have one so powerful then?




Surprisingly harm caused to people outside the military gets a larger response than harm to themselves. It's unfortunate and criminal.


That is true, and it's horrible, but that's internal stuff. We're talking about military on civilian violence.


I've been saying this forever. Hit them in their wallets and watch them learn.


If they got rid of their shitty cops they'd have a severe staffing issue.


Keep the shitty cops. Get rid of Qualified immunity.


Well, I’m sure all the bribes balance out the lawsuit payouts.


Why would they get tired of it? Just the paper work alone probably employees hundreds of worthless government employees who would riot if they tried to get rid of the lawsuits that don't harm the police.


Remember when the NYPD chased a kid for marijuana and he ran into his home and hid in the bathroom. So they walked up to his bathroom window and shot him? https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/02/02/police-shoot-and-kill-18-year-old-inside-bathroom-of-bronx-home/


That's awful. Even worse is that all he got was to lose his job. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nydailynews.com/new-york/bronx-cops-linked-ramarley-graham-shooting-settle-cases-article-1.3714116%3foutputType=amp


He was allowed to quit, the second guy lost some bonus holiday pay or something.


Oh according to your article they entered the home. I always thought it was through the window.


Unlike OP's video, the cops here would be allowed to enter the home without a warrant under the "fleeing felon" exigent circumstance. If the police are in "hot pursuit" of a suspect who takes refuge in a home, the cops may enter to apprehend the suspect without a warrant. Still, the shooting is horrible. Just thought I'd mention that these are completely different situations. One has a poor understanding of the 4th Amendment, the other is just a scared, trigger-happy, ill-educated killer. I suppose that is the one thing that links all cops together: ineptitude.


Also, if they are pursuing a person who has fled and follow them into a house, they can destroy the house without consequence, even if the person they chased flees into a strangers house. I know of two circumstances where this happened. Homeowners got screwed. The police didn't cover damages ~~and insurance stiffed them~~.


He blamed the kid he killed for making him kill him lol, real good guy


"Police say they thought Graham was armed, but no weapon was ever found." This is why qualified immunity needs to be completely remove from cops That is the proper reform. Not defunding, not pulling from pension or 401k's. Remove their immunity and see how fast shit changes.


please don't use AMP links Here is the actual link: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/bronx-cops-linked-ramarley-graham-shooting-settle-cases-article-1.3714116


It's okay though: >The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Unit is investigating the details.


oh thank *god*, justice will be served! Right guys? ....Right?


"We have investigated ourselves, and found we have done nothing wrong."


Once again, msm are pussies when it comes to using the word "murder" instead of "kill." That cop murdered that kid.


This is REALLY extra bitter now that marijuana is legal in NY.




It’s so dumb that that’s the only remedy and the only people that that hurts are the citizens that pay taxes. there’s no consequence for the cops


It’s not about money it’s about control that’s why. I genuinely hate to don a tin foil hat but they would rather pay someone if they’re lucky enough to be awarded comp than to hold the authority to account for their behaviour. The message is pretty clear!


It's not a tin foil hate, cops were a big enforcement mechanism of the on-going cultural genocide happening in canada to natives. Our society is waking up this month as hundreds of dead kids are being found all over the country. You are 100% correct. Cops exist primarly to protect the interests of the wealthy and the state - control.


2019 NYPD Lawsuit settlements cost NY citizens $1B. That is what the entire defund the police campaign was about among other things. It was not about getting rid of the cops.


The majority of taxpayers are complacent and keep voting for "tough on crime" loonies, so people can complain when they actually try to make a difference.


Yeppers. A thief came and scoped out my home the other month. My entire family is pearl clutching and wanting the death penalty to be brought back (actually). My mom says "they just let them right back out of jail even if the police catch them". I explained to her what bail is and she disagrees that bail should exist. It's just emotionally charged thinking Fuck the thieves though. Scum. Steal from a grocery store, not some old lady. Don't get it twisted either, I'm furious. But I'm not going to let that anger allow a shady politician with a garbage agenda to hoodwink me.


Bail shouldn't exist though. Monitor, agreement or penalty of fine should. Forcing someone to buy their freedom is just punishing the poor.


Even if it wins, I suspect it'll be the union or the city paying the fees, thus it'll be taxpayer money. Meanwhile administrative leave to 12 months pending internal investigation where they just watch a couple body cams and say nothing happened.


Here in Chicago, the police raided the wrong apartment and the women inside was naked and sleeping. She was a social worker. The drug dealer they wanted was actually next store. She still has not received any money yet from the city. The police made her stand naked for over 10 minutes.


[The news story from that is enraging](https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2020/12/17/you-have-the-wrong-place-body-camera-video-shows-moments-police-handcuff-innocent-naked-woman-during-wrong-raid/). She tells them over and over they have the wrong house and then when they realize their fuck up she receive nothing close to a real apology and afterwards they tried to block the videos release.


Protect and serve (our own asses) all in a days work!


So they raided this poor woman's apartment to arrest someone who was already under house arrest, who had a police tracking device on his ankle and was confined to an address they knew and was on record. Clearly there needs to be some kind of IQ test necessary for cops because many if not most of them are dumb as hell.


That video was heartbreaking :(


This needs to be a wake up call for everyone. Even the people who say “just comply” can’t defend this.


If they apologize they are admiting fault, so they double down and make their fuckup your fault


Also Fred Hampton.


Lori is doing a real bang up job... /s


Never leave the door open or open for questions with NYPD- they'll use probable cause to enter unlawfully and do a search. \*3am domestic abuse call they knock on wrong apt but wind up searching my apt anyway cause I opened to help.


Never open your door for police. Never talk to police without your attorney present.


This may be a stupid question but - if the police see you through the door are the allowed to do anything other than yell “I know you’re in there?”


Technically no but realistically if they see you and you dont answer their ego will be hurt and they will kick in your door and claim exigent circumstances or some other catch all bullshit. Best to not make contact at all, visual or otherwise.


My new doggy def is not the same kind of “porch alert” that my last dog was, should this issue ever arise


Doorbell cameras sketch me out but theyre pretty good for circumstances like this. I just dont answer the door for anyone unless i know your coming


Pretty sure if you poke around git hub you can find door bell camera software for raspberry pi. You can make your own that does not phone home to a 3rd party software provider, and one that can't be used by the cops to narc on your neighbors.


If you don’t need the doorbell part and just want really cheap security cameras, you can make your own ESP32 based wifi camera for [$10.](https://youtu.be/visj0KE5VtY)


This is a great idea thank you so much!!!


Probably best to train your dog to run away from police, otherwise the pigs will just shoot it. Spineless cowards love shooting dogs.


I would unalive a cops entire family if they shot my dog


Regardless of what the laws say, it's obvious that police break the law and protocol all the time. Even if they do break a law, it's nigh impossible to seek justice even as they deliberately violate your rights. Don't take the law as guaranteed to be observed by the police as it becomes more evident that the police as a whole institution is corrupt as fuck and will often do whatever they want regardless of the law. Just avoid the psychotic bullies as best you can.


Seems like you should be able to defend yourself against some psycho with a gun and cuffs entering your house illegally.


That's one fake looking uniform


Obvious fake cop interact is obvious, but yet 50k people still believed it


These subtitles are terrible


Tool, lmao (two)


Ya, if this was a TikTok video then that would explain it. Their subtitles are pretty bad.


This literally made my stomach turn imagine if this was at night and this guy thought it was an intruder


When I was younger my dad got into an accident and flipped his car right down the road from our house late at night. He drove home, parked In The garage and intended to handle it in the morning. Neighbors called after the accident cause they assumed someone might be hurt. A piece of mail that fell out of the car during the accident had our address and led the police to our house. About 3am they apparently are trying to call our landline, but we’re all asleep. They proceeded to find an unlocked window, CLIMB THROUGH THE WINDOW AND ENTER OUR HOME ILLEGALLY. They roll in several officers deep to my parents bedroom and question him about what happened. My dad slept with a pistol UNDER HIS PILLOW and would’ve been practicing his rights if he had opened fire. I’m so glad that wasn’t the outcome… Eventually we sued, didn’t get anything really even though we won the lawsuit. I’m sure nobody was as much as reprimanded for what happened. TL:DR - fuck the police.


there was an infamous case here in atlanta where a grandma shot at police (over their head, so prob a warning shot) serving a no-knock warrant. one of the officers was injured (by friendly fire 😂) but they straight up unloaded on her. 39 shots, 6 of which hit her and killed her. all over a small bag of cocaine that THEY planted on the scene. there were no drugs found at the property, but they admitted to planting them to try and cover their asses. FUCK THE POLICE [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting\_of\_Kathryn\_Johnston](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Kathryn_Johnston)


Tesler's attorney, William McKenney, said that planting drugs and lying to obtain search warrants is routine in the police department.[23] fuck. the. Police.


Yeah it was all around a shit show. Luckily the drug task Force called the "red dogs" were disbanded after this debacle


They only got 10, 6, and 5? They should’ve been on for life!


It would turn into another Breanna Taylor(hope i spelt that right) situation.


Yep and everyone wonders why no one likes to fucking cops this is why


Unironically, a more anarchistic approach to personal safety is seeming a lot more preferrable than having to depend on some stranger who might help you, but might also victimize you, and make you face legal punishment for wanting to exist.


That is the most fake looking officer I have ever seen.


Dude looks coked outta his gourd.


And the cop was wearing a thin blue line patch. Showing that he would rather wear an altered American flag than a real one.


But we're one nation, indivisible...


It's a big club, but we're not in it.


That is the symbol for a police state. And he is proof.


Right? Remind me again why the police need their own version of the flag.


Look at his uniform. This ain’t no cop lmao


That's what I was thinking. There wasn't a badge on him. It was just a bunch of pro-cop patches like a goddamn biker gang. EDIT: It has been pointed out a couple times that I was incorrect. It's on his left shoulder.


His badge is way up high and sideways on his left shoulder. It's also covered with a thin blue line emblem, 'cause he's one of the good apples.


Shit you're right! I couldn’t even see it it was so obscured, hidden, and disguised by his political statements I didn't see it.


I realized now this is identical to a religion in regards to their mental state. They believe they are fucking holy warriors 😂 They're goddamn delusional.


The rules only apply to people not the police


And people will defend them even though there are countless laws that do that already which shouldnt even be there in the first place. Cant even be in OUR OWN place of living without being harassed because guess what he had his door open and thats probable cause lmfaoo system is a joke


I had the OPP do this here. We wouldn't talk to them, answer any of their questions, or cooperate until they got out of the house. They tried the exact same shit as the noob cop in the video, claiming "this is a shared residence, it looks like this is a common area" (it was neither shared nor common). When they stepped out, we just shut the door in their stupid faces, locked it and turned out the lights. The bottom line is most cops - having been trained for only a couple months, none of which is actual law classes - are **WOEFULLY IGNORANT** to how the law works.


He tried that but the cop grabbed for him making it physical. One had a gun and the other a phone, not much incentive to resist there.


Pretty sure that's by design.


>The bottom line is most cops - having been trained for only a couple months, none of which is actual law classes - are > >WOEFULLY IGNORANT > > to how the law works. Actually the opposite is true. If you've ever read the "All Cops are Bastards" write-up by a former cop, he says that him and all of his co-workers knew every loophole that existed in order to violate someone's rights. So when you think that they're "stupid" because they act like they don't know, trust me: They know. They know that they can do that and claim ignorance.


And then they arrest you for resisting, and you deal with bail, hiring a lawyer, and court dates while nothing happens to the cop.


\>noob cop Life is merely a simulation. Goodbye, Mr Anderson.


The fucking subtitles are broke


One, tool


One, tool, free, more, jive


Any updates or a part two to this video?


What happened after: "Alright, thanks for the help with the tiktok, Jim." "No problem, can I take off this halloween costume now? I don't wanna get mistaken for a real cop."


No warrant, no identification presented, not even a name exchange - I would be dead because how do I Differentiate between a member of law-enforcement and some random person posing as one?! If that was me I would be forcing him out of my house by any means necessary if after the initial altercation resulted in nothing being exchanged - seriously.


The balls on this motherfucker coming in to someone's home like that. Your badge isn't going to save you from being shot, clown.


No but the endless assault from security officers in prison is enough to deter anyone from even thinking about that. Not everyone can afford million dollar lawyers to beat cases like these.


Okay I’m not a cop or anything but that uniform looks fake as fuck. This guy is almost certainly not a cop It’s either some fuck head impersonating a cop and trying to kidnap someone or staged


It's tik tock levels of fake


Mans about to get paid


yup one of the best ways to get rich quick now is police brutality. On tax payers money too


Police departments should be made to get insurance like doctors with medical malpractice. Would give them an incentive to fire shit officers to keep premiums low.


it should come of out of police pension pots.. they they will be bloody careful


Wow. Hope the dude sues and gets a nice payday out of it.


My house burned down and for two hours they asked different worded same questions. Just asking if I did why I did it what I was doing where was I? For hours asking the same shit and me saying it over and over again. They only give a shit about getting one for themselves fuck police


That doesn't look like an actual cop.


I know I’m gonna get downvoted for this, but I think this is fake


this is a private freakout, but I'll allow it


Any update on this story ?


A police officer almost did the exact same thing when I left my front door open ... told him to step back. He metioned something about him hearing someone screaming??? I was the only one home and I was cooking some food. I hate when officers think they can go anywhere they want just because they have a badge..


You guys realize this shit is fake as fuck right? What the fuck is that uniform.


This guy isn't a police officer. His patch says, "Brotherhood of the fallen." You can buy this patch for 5 dollars. Also he's wearing a mourning band over his badge... which is on his shoulder. I've never seen an officer wear their badge on their shoulder, but it might happen. Police are only allowed to wear a mourning band for a period of 30 days after the death of an officer in the line of duty. Upon the line of duty death of an active law enforcement officer (LEO) in your department. The mourning band should be worn for a period of thirty days from the date of death. Literally the first rule on the list of rules. There's also a button to order your own mourning band on the same page. This costs 3 dollars. And according to the Officer Down Memorial Page, the most recent death was in April. So you guys eat this shit up and say "police bad." But with literally two minutes of digging, its obviously fake.


fascist pigs