Australian counter terrorist police arresting a producer for FriendlyJordies, a political youtuber that makes content exposing corruption from high ranking Australian politicians

Australian counter terrorist police arresting a producer for FriendlyJordies, a political youtuber that makes content exposing corruption from high ranking Australian politicians

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for more context: see this article from The Guardian [https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/jun/14/friendlyjordies-jordan-shanks-producer-charged-allegedly-stalking-john-barilaro](https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/jun/14/friendlyjordies-jordan-shanks-producer-charged-allegedly-stalking-john-barilaro) and the full video released by friendlyjordies on the matter [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXtq4a8829g&ab\_channel=friendlyjordies](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXtq4a8829g&ab_channel=friendlyjordies)


Well, if I didn’t think ol Barilaro was corrupt before, I sure do now.


I keep reading his name as Bolsonaro. Fitting


It's Bruz m8


You didn't get it. We know that Barilaro are Bruz, but the resemblance equal to Bolsonaro are something really a part, both are trash, but one are a deputy, and the other are a president, wich make everything worse


Getting arrested for looking into the corruption of the guy ordering your arrest? Did the police/politicians not realize what that would look like? Have people *still* not heard of the Streisand Effect?


I live in Texas and hadn’t heard of this dude until now. Let me do my part by googling him in my region and making it more popular


German here. Definitely gonna bring this up whenever politics or Australia will be discussed here


Cheers mate, unfortunately (or maybe very fortunately) Barilaro is deputy premier of New South Wales so a fair majority of the country won't even know who he is let alone that he's a corrupt, spaghetti powered, environment destroying and koala killing piece of shit. His party is in power federally though and they are just as if not much more corrupt, have sent their personal goon squad (AFP) after journalists and unions numerous times now on trumped up charges and most recently spent $7million to hold a refugees family who had settled and made a life and business in a remote Queensland town in an offshore detention facility (read gaol) and denied them medical treatment until their 3 year old daughters chest infection turned into pneumonia and then sepsis. She's still in hospital but her sister and parents are still locked up. I could go on with their bullshit like rorting bushfire relief funds for their mates or only granting government assistance to politically friendly areas etc etc but they've been in power 8 years at this point the list is horrendous and shockingly long.


And to cap it off, with the majority of the media here being owned by Murdoch, who backs the party currently in power, most Australians will never even hear about this


Murdoch and nine fairfax, two sides of the same coin politically.


Or drastically defunding the rural fire services so the fire could get out of hand in the first place.


**After direct and specific official warning.


>Offshore detention facility I thought that’s what Australia is?


It's Australia's Australia.


People have a short memory of this stuff though. It happens because it's still largely successful. I hope that changes and all the corrupt pieces of shit out there receive justice.


Agreed. In a couple weeks well have forgotten about it but that guy might never make such a video again because he might get arrested


In my experience they don't care the worst that can happen is they go back to the mansion with a slap on the wrist vs you whos life is utterly ruined.


So they did accurately accuse that guy for corruption.


yeah but they have it backed up with videos. He never said it when outside his car like was claimed, THAT'S bullshit and a lie on a police report.


“Due to the public reach and offensive nature of the friendly jordies media platform, the victim in his public position is harassed by the followers of Friendly Jordies.” Yeah because a YouTubers vast “public reach” was the problem not the all encompassing government reach that was abused.


> Police said Shanks, dressed as the video game character Luigi, approached Barilaro and introduced Langker as his lawyer, shouting, “Why are you suing us, why are you suing us?” Legend


Damn, I know nothing about Australian politics but that is a fantastic video.


Do yourself a favor and check out some of the earlier videos on the background. Some of them are fairly long, but they are also funny as hell on top of being clever and informative. But a TL;DW off the top of my head: well known Australian is corrupt and inept drawing criticism from friendlyjordies. He then accuses FJ of being racist, harassing him etc... This draws more media attention to FJ who uses the opportunity to go into great detail on his myriad shortcomings as a public servant. This pisses him off more, so he sues FJ.


The old dog didn't die. That's all I wanted to know :,(


Politicians don’t like being exposed


Unless it's to minors. Edit: Thank you for the awards!




The fact that he still isn't in jail is all the proof you need to know the US is a failed state


They killed her dog?


I watched the full video earlier, the dog is alive but severely injured. There was no further explanation on the specifics of what caused the dog to get in a situation of being injured but I recommend you watch the video on Friendlyjordies YouTube called "arrested" (it came out in the last 24hrs). The context on how these guys showed up and did this is even more sketchy. Edit: this comment seems to be getting a bit if notice so to make people's lives easier I'm just adding the link https://youtu.be/OXtq4a8829g


>There was no further explanation on the specifics of what caused the dog to get in a situation of being injured That'd be the plain clothes police turning up unannounced to put the 21-year-old Youtuber in an unmarked car.


The obvious question is **how** though. Was this an excessive display of violence just to intidimidate? Did the police accidentally injure it when forcing their way in? Were they defending themselves from the dog trying to fight off intruders? Did they hit it with a bat of just kick? There are a dozen ways they could have injured the dog and why, all of which will not excuse actually doing it considering this context, but the actual events that led up to the injury are somewhat important to the facts here


I think they said it happened when the dude getting arrested passed his phone. The officer responded by pushing in to grab the phone, and pushed the mother onto the dog. The officer claimed they were trying to make evidence dissapear, bevause she passed the phone on.


See i just like to be 100% on that fact though. I'm an Australian that's followed Jordan since his career began and I plan on being very active and vocal about this situation if I can because he's done a lot of good helping inform people on topics that don't even get a headline in mainstream Murdoch media. Little facts like these are going to help me not sound like an idiot


There is no "defending themselves" when they ARE the intruders.


I think she did say that because after that she said "She's Old"




Arrest my son is one thing, almost kill my dog? I'll serve the necessary time to make sure you understand how fucked up that is.


I didn’t know Australia had secret police


Austrailia has become alarmingly authoritarian lately. It's so weird because the country has a laid-back and friendly vibe, but their laws and law enforcement are pretty oppressive: warrantless strip searches, prohibiting boycotts, silencing journalists, "national facial recognition systems", etc...


Fuck every single cop, politician, and government agent that wilfully takes part in all that shit. Absolute trash human beings thinking it's okay just because the government tells them it is. Some of the worst people are those that allow themselves to be used as pawns.


Yeah I’ve given up on politics (USA). It’s sad to see the people be played time and time again yet still not learn. Now we are in a state of constant civil unrest. Hostility, radicalism, ignorance. America is going down a really bad path and We The People are none the wiser.


Giving up on politics is what causes political news to sound so much more hopeless and pessimistic. I find the more I actually read full articles on NYT/WSJ/WaPo, the better I feel about the political landscape. Reading just headlines or just seeing people’s opinions about the news is a recipe for feeling like the world must be doomed, at least for me. Have faith, everything will be fine in the long run brother.




In some US states you can loose your job for stating that you boycott israel. Teachers getting fired and shit like that


I remember this from ITAR and related training from work, Israel was repeatedly singled out as a country that's not allowed to be boycotted for some reason. "U.S. Anti Boycott Regulations were put into place as a result of the Arab League boycott efforts against Israel.  During the mid-1970’s the United States adopted two laws that seek to counteract the participation of U.S. citizens in other nation’s economic boycotts or embargoes. These “anti boycott” laws are the 1977 amendments to the Export Administration Act (EAA) and the Ribicoff Amendment to the 1976 Tax Reform Act (TRA), [which is found in Section 999 of the Internal Revenue Code]." - https://cvgstrategy.com/anti-boycott-regulations/


They are insanely unconstitutional...


If you haven't noticed, the government has been wiping its ass with the constitution for decades now.


Yeah, if money is speech, this sounds like a 1A violation


In texas, you have to sign paperwork that says your company will no boycott Israel or the state and municipalities wont do business with you


On the other hand, in Washington State our school held a talk about what is going on in Palestine by a Palestinian former teacher and had promoted it for an entire week


that's the way it should go. imagine being a crybaby about boycotts. Only the rich and powerful do that. Normal people don't care and are the ones that start boycotts in the first place.


And anyone should be allowed to say publicly what they want to buy or not for whatever reason. That's the definition of free speech and freedom of self.


It's literally the argument capitalists use when people criticise something a corporation does ("well people obviously don't care about that otherwise they wouldn't use their services") and it's political speech, which is supposed to be the most protected form of speech in any democracy. Anti-boycott laws and those that propose or support them simply show themselves to be corrupt authoritarians.


I work for the state of Ohio and a couple years ago, we started inserting “contractor must affirm they are not boycotting Israel” on all of our contracts, no matter how unrelated. Wanna sell ice in the state parks? Better not be anti Israel.


You forgot secret trial and imprisonment https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/may/04/secret-australian-trial-unprecedented-and-must-never-happen-again-watchdog-told And the cops who arrested Kristo Langker are from the anti stalker squad not anti terroist squad


They are one and the same. https://www.westernadvocate.com.au/story/4627585/new-police-unit-deals-with-obsessed-individuals-video/ >NSW Police Minister Troy Grant welcomed the move, saying the unit would **complement existing abilities within the Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command** to identify and disrupt criminal activity


Very similar environment in the UK at the moment.


Canada is going down the same path too, we're about 4-7 years behind though.


The world in general is becoming more authoritarian, pretty scary stuff


What's equally scary are the blind nationalists who will defend this slide into authoritarianism until their last breath. Their country can do no wrong apparently. Look at some of the replies to me. Ad hominem attacks abound.


And they’re chipping away at our free speech rights- First they stop you saying all the “bad words”, then they penalize anyone who boycotts Israel, Next it will be no public criticism of the state via Twitter or any socia media.


Boy you will love the new censorship laws Canada is trying to pass re: youtubers/ influencers


Must be a commonwealth thing. There are some quite horrifying policies being pushed through in the UK at the moment. As well as huge amounts of corruption.


V for Vendetta vibes violating vociferous voices violently.


To quote Steve Rogers, I understood that reference.


>commonwealth commondistress


Australia’s own Rupert Murdoch is largely to blame for this shit in the Anglosphere. He’s done tremendous, incalculable damage in the US and is seeing to do the same everywhere else before he croaks.


> He’s done tremendous, incalculable damage in the US and is seeing to do the same everywhere else before he croaks. Isn't it hilarious that we've all swallowed this fear mongering "beware of suspicious packages" it might be "a terrorist cell" etc, when, all the while, Murdoch has done more to harm the US and UK (and Australia) than a thousand "terrorist cells" could ever dream of doing. If the security forces of those three countries really were interested in protecting their national interests, Murdoch would have been imprisoned/bumped off circa 1979.


I still argue 007: tomorrow never dies is about this cunt


English speaking countries, in general have gone that way, look at the surface and it seems like a nice open free society but the reality is most have turned into police states.


To be honest, I think allot of "free" countries are become more authoritarian these days. Lots of focus on England and the US, simply because they are biggest players in Western Democracies, which suits smaller, less noticed countries just fine. I live in Canada, there are things our CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) can do that the average citizen isn't aware of. But our "Leaders" and the trolls that work for them love to perpetuate the myth that Canadians are just easy going, laid-back, "everyone" is free kind of attitude. I fucking hated Trump, and all he stood for, but at the very least he never hid the fact that he wanted to a be "King".


Yeah. A friend of a friend was randomly called up by CSIS for a "meeting". I read a warning that suggested they will insist on meeting face to face and claim that they're from the government (they're not). They will then say things like: - “Your name came up and we would like to meet with you.” - “You haven’t done anything wrong and are not suspected of anything, but we just want to talk to you.” - “We want to talk to you about someone you may know.” - “You have an online connection with someone who is of interest to us.” - “We want to show you some photos of people you may know and we want to get your thoughts about them.” (Note: The people they inquire about and show pictures of may just be ordinary members of the community who have done nothing wrong and are not suspected of anything, but they are still compiling information on them for their files.) Their key objective is to get you to meet with them privately for a conversation.... basically they are an intelligence gathering organization, and not a law enforcement agency? So yeah in the message it also mention not to meet with them because you're not obligated to no matter how much they insist. And if you do meet with them, it should be with a lawyer. oh and he is Muslim


Uhh... CSIS is absolutely part of the government.


>oh and he is Muslim There it is


Love how it's right at the end. Adds to the disappointment.


I think the world at large has been heading in this direction and it's mostly due to the prevalence of social media, echo chambers, and the fact that what you put on the internet stays there. Authoritarian systems need info to maintain itself and that info is provided willingly by the people and the corporations. Adding on to that, negative news is amplified because of the above, giving governments justification for added security measures and restrictions. I feel like the more centralized a nation's law enforcement arm, the faster and easier the transition.


Australia has always been in the Five Eyes alliance. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five\_Eyes


I’m not sure what you think that means, but it has nothing to do with being a police state


This is accurate. Five eyes is irrelevant to their policing.


If you want an actual link that’s not all fucked up here you go: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Eyes


Easy India Aussie Company.


They dress like they work for J Crew


Well it wouldn't be much of a secret if every Tom, Dick, and u/SL-Phantom knew about it, now would it?


Every country has secret police.


Well you know. Fuck authoritarian Australian government. Pieces of shits ain't transparent about nothin. Including internet privacy.




No. They're just the Gestapo. The freedom fighters become the 'terrorist'. Check out V for Vendetta. Kind touches on that. edit: a word


*Gestapo. Although I do quite like the idea of a Gustapo force, going around and violently tasting food at restaurants and making arrests. Overcooked chicken - right to jail right away.


Ratatouille has a secret... This Summer...


Such a great movie.


I don't think Hugo Weaving gets enough credit for that role because whenever I bring it up, no one knows he played V.


Well no one see's his face. Such a great actor.


this is gonna make me wanna watch this channel I've never heard of. Good job cops


Australia has been sliding into totalitarianism for a long while.


Honestly feels like a good part of the Anglosphere's been doing that. Britain and the US have been taking some dark turns over the past 20 years, too


There's one big common factor in all 3. Look at which parties the Murdoch media backs in all 3 countries


Underrated comment, Murdoch has done more to undermine western democracy than the KGB ever dreamed of.


Fucking Murdoch and the rag papers he owns As well as looking like a testicle.....not acting like one cos least testicles are useful


Plot twist, Murdoch and Putin are actually the best of friends and work together


I wouldn't even blink.


Murdoch is probably using Putin more so than friends, but who knows maybe there's some mutual admiration and respect going on here in some sick twisted way.


I mean they honestly might as well. Even if they’ve never spoken, the mindset is identical


I mean… the whole Wendi Deng thing exists and has she has been in the orbit of (dating) Putin https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendi_Deng_Murdoch


This had me wondering. We keep seeing articles and posts that demonstrate how first world democracies are apparently starting to turn authoritarian, but is there actually any examples of a country that *isn’t* tending toward that direction? Whenever the US is under fire, someone will always point out that Europe is experiencing a similar trend, just less in the spotlight. Australia too, apparently. Where is democracy still going strong?


switzerland? I got nothing else, honestly.


There's a bit of a bias as there obviously won't be any articles about countries not experiencing something bad. For instance Scandinavia and the Benelux have very stable democracies. But I don't think democracy is increasing anywhere so there's definitely a net loss. Maybe Ireland?


We suffer from a terminal cancer called The Murdoch Family.


Still not as bad as Europe. In France we’re on the verge of making protests illegal


Same with the UK.


States in the US are trying to make it legal to *ram protestors with cars*


Not just sliding, we let it happen and give up through lack of challenging the status quo as well. Much easier to sink a tinnie and buy a massive debt so you can be comfortable, amirite? Better to focus on creature comforts and enjoying the family than fighting political battles? Easier. Who wants to develop a social consciousness at the expense of leisure time? No! Instant gratification and all the streaming channels, won’t matter if the take my liberties, I can live with Netflix and the eternal drunken bbq. Sarcasm alert. If we’re going to be shuffled around like commodities, can we at least make some conscious choices about how we consume? Maybe learn something beyond trade? Challenge the status quo? Ugh, I reckon most would welcome it, apathy and all that.


Thank Rupert Murdoch for that! That prick is pushing everything to the right.


Wait, did i hear her say he killed the dog?


His mom said that, bit according to the video on Friendly Jordie's channel the dog survived. It was injured in the tussle over the phone.


You can really feel the level of sympathy that pregnant cop had when the woman said they killed her dog.


When they were pushing into the house to grab his phone that he handed his mother, they knocked his mom down on top of the dog.


Damn that makes this even more fucked up then it already is


Gentlemen, This is Democracy Manifest


Ah, I see you know your judo well


Take your hand off my penis


Succulent chinese meal


and you siiir, are you waiting to receive my LIMP penis!? edit: typo


What is the charge? Eating a meal? A succulent Chinese meal?




Lol lump penis


One of the best things to ever be recorded.


Don’t forget how these high ranking officials in any Country like to dip their balls in cocaine and stamp them all over their useless $250,000 oak desks.




Thank you Ron Swanson


Is this used in a South Park episode yet?


That's no terrorist, this is a terrorist mate!!


Thet’s noaht ah knoyfe. *Thyys* is ah knoyfe.


I see you’ve played knifey-spoony before


After 9/11 when these kind of laws against "terrorism" were made the critics told us this is exactly what was going to happen. There is a german saying: "Wehret den Anfängen". It translates to "heed the beginnings". It reminds us of the moment when the boiler for the frog in the water is being turned on.


Well said mate, and thanks for the saying. You're absolutely right, the post-9/11 world has been getting gripped tighter & tighter by those who care to do the squeezing. It's sad how predictable their moves and narratives are at this point. Almost as if they care less & less to hide it as their power grows


Government doesn’t like secrets exposed.. fckn crooks


Since when is it a crime to report illegal behavior?


When you're reporting on those who make the laws.


aka the fat pigs.


In Australia: [Whistle-blowers of Australia's war crimes rather than the perpetrators get charged](https://www.michaelwest.com.au/afp-raids-and-prosecution-of-whistleblowers-sparks-global-condemnation/) [Reporters of Australia's breach in International Law against the impoverished nation of Timor-Leste get secret court trials and sentencing](https://www.michaelwest.com.au/since-when-did-it-become-a-crime-to-report-a-crime-bernard-collaery-exposes-the-timor-sea-betrayal/) [Our Prime Minister is a Pentecostal, and is mates with a Qanon Conspiracy theorist](https://youtu.be/-3ol1aUN_Go) The government gets away with it because 95% of our mainstream media either doesn't report on it or skews facts (thanks to the Murdoch Family and Peter Costello). That's why people like me and others have to rely on independent media reporters like Michael West and FriendlyJordies to get information, however as we have seen they get sued for defamation and arrested for doing their job. Even these acts of silencing are being skewed in our Mainstream media. Dark times mate dark times.


When the criminal is a powerful politician apparently.


Dicks with badges


Bruz is a fucking melt.


Man, after banning hentai it really went south didn't it


They banned hentai?!


They banned naked depictions of girls with flat chests because it could be considered child pornography if you're really desperate enough. What followed was days and weeks of people clogging up various government office fax machines with hentai pictures.


Yeah, it's so fucked up. It's basically telling all petite women that "the only people who find you attractive are just using you as a legal way to fuck a child".


I've actually seen an argument between two women on reddit saying exactly this. One woman was saying men that marry smaller women are just secret pedophiles; another woman who was short and petite was telling her to fuck off.


That's hilarious


Yup. To "protect the children". It's totally not because of religious fundamentalism that they outlawed literal drawings.


I live in aus and it doesn't seem to be banned




Looks like it's just physical copies of hsntai and other things like figurines etc..


>**But what exactly constitutes 'illegal porn'?** >A quick search on the official ABF website defines illegal porn as "Child pornography (any depiction of children in a sexually explicit manner)," **as well as "publications, films, computer games, and any other goods that describe, depict, express, or otherwise deal with matters of sex, drug misuse or addiction, crime, cruelty, violence, terrorist acts or revolting or abhorrent phenomena in such a way that they offend against the standards of morality, decency, and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults."** That's broad, vague, and pretty concerning. [Source](https://sea.mashable.com/culture/12997/looks-like-hentai-is-officially-banned-in-australia).


"Reasonable Adults" There is no such thing


Only physical copies. So they took hentai away from like 3 Australians at most.


This is fucked up


As much as I dislike cameras/phones, they sure do hold a lot of serious manipulative jerks accountable in this day and age. Sheds light on what we really are as a whole, and makes it obvious that history holds many secrets.


I love FriendlyJordies man wtf


Is this the second journo arrested this week?


That we know of..


I don’t think a politician should be able to get away with having someone arrested for asking questions they don’t like, even if it’s some douche youtuber.


Sometimes these douches do a better job than mainstream media.


This happened on June the 4th and theres only been 3 media articles about it, two of them are from independents. Just goes to show much the the big politicians have the media in their pockets.


Im very happy this has over 2.3k upvotes. Glad to see people are hearing about it. Firstly they (high ranking politician) didn't actually serve them but instead gave the details to the media for over a week prior and now this.


Counter Terrorism Police sounds a lot like secret police. Guess they did a good job proving that they are secretly an authoritarian government to the rest of the world with this.


now everyone in the world knows about NSW's most corrupt politician, congratulations bruz! have fun testifying as to the smolness of your peepee in court lol


Link to the legal fund, more explanation on site https://www.friendlyjordies.com/legal-fund


America, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand need to do something about the corruption in our governments, enough is enough


The media in all these countries is heavily controlled by a small number of people who are heavily bias. The people in power are allowed to self determine what is right and wrong and no one can or does challenge the outcome. What do you propose?




30 minutes ago I knew nothing of this man. Thank you OP for posting the links and story. From the article, “Langker’s lawyers, Xenophon Davis, criticised the arrest and said the use of the fixated persons unit – set up to tackle lone actor extremists three years after the Lindt cafe siege – was “shocking”. They also alleged Langker’s mother was assaulted during the arrest and criticised “utterly extreme” bail conditions prohibiting their client from possessing images or caricatures of Barilaro, or commenting on his “personal appearance or behaviour”. The police version is strongly contested by Langker’s lawyers, who said video of the incident “does not appear to accord with the police facts”. —Hrm...police facts? Do their videos show something different happening? I didn’t think so.


The notion that police have their own facts and that police facts supercede video evidence is hilarious and ridiculous. The fact that they can get away with it is devastatingly depressing.


People are so afraid of confrontation. Lack of community, no one sticks up for each other. No wonder the elites can do what they want. We are brainwashed drones.




Do something about it. Education is where its at. Spread this story of whats happening.


Worth pointing out that all the guy did to get arrested was 1. Jokingly crash a public event 2. Attempt to hand documents to the politician The politician, John barilaro then called counter terrorism, lying in the police report.


TIL Australian politics are fucked


I'd like to know if that was actually illegal to throw the phone. I can see both sides since it was in his possession at the time of arrest, but that doesn't mean they can search it?


I think honestly he panicked. He wanted to film but then was told he couldn't and it all spiralled from there. I do hold pretty steadfast in thinking they've got nothing to hide and if he was level headed in the moment he would probably realise there's no way he'd be able to keep the phone from them anyways. You can see right at the beginning when he turns to look at his mum, he's scared shitless. I probably would be as well if plainclothed police officers turned up at my door to drag me away to an unmarked car. And yes I do believe they would have to acquire a separate warrant to search electronic devices


Pretty sure the law changed specifically for counter terrorism to search electronic devices without a Warrant a year or two ago. Its fucked


It's actually a serious offence in Australia under pretty broad circumstances to refuse access to an electronic device. As soon as the T word gets involved, you have a whole new world of authority.


Weird how they create these special designations that grant them special powers and then all of a sudden dissidents just keep happening to fall under those designations. (See communist, war on drugs, terrorism)


Can’t search shit if you turn it off and don’t unlock it when they turn it on and ask. If they get a warrant that’s another story though but make sure your lawyer sees it first.


I'm pretty sure refusing to unlock a device is 10 years now. Australia has far fewer privacy protections than countries like the US and most of the EU, hell entrapment is legal here.


They didn’t have evidence to arrest him so I think they were likely grabbing at anything they could. Also, legally, because the conditions of his bail, they have access to his phone.


Yeah that seems like BS, he isn't a sex criminal and I dont think they had a warrant for his phone. Aussie law is increasingly authoritarian, especially when it comes to technology. Reading the story the whole situation seems messed up. What the youtube producer did is not stalking, the police used some anti terrorist unit to arrest him. What a fucking joke. I'll never go to aussie or UK, might as well go to China.


If the cops come for you turn off your phone and get someone else to film, I can’t emphasise this enough. They can’t get shit from a phone that’s switched off but can pull almost everything if it’s left on and locked.


So we finally gonna admit that police all over the western world are nothing more than glorified Gestapo? They don't give a FUCK about your safety or your rights. They are criminal thugs employed by the state to keep those in power protected and those out of power suppressed under threat of violence.


If you actually watch the video, he doesn't hate the police, this wasn't the police this was a "anti-terrorism taskforce"


Fuck rupert murdoch, i hope the piece of shit dies soon


People will still vote for the Bin Chicken and Scumo and wonder why this shit happens.


The Streisand effect is officially in full force for this Youtuber. Never would have heard of him and now I got his greatest hits queued up in my YouTube stream.


Pigs in suits.


"Rake" is looking more and more like an accidental documentary.


Absolutely disgraceful. As a NSW resident, I am deeply disturbed by this. Barilaro has to go. His Facebook page has been taken down due to the overwhelming negative comments flooding into it.