Am I the only one that wants the black suit for the sequel to be the OG one , I just don't want an overdesigned suit since the whole beauty of it is it's simplicity

Am I the only one that wants the black suit for the sequel to be the OG one , I just don't want an overdesigned suit since the whole beauty of it is it's simplicity


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I'm sure they'll include it but I really want a venomized version of the Advanced suit as the "default/canon" design.


I’m with you. I’d take a smooth leather looking suit secondly after a Peter Parker designed Venom infused suit.


Por qué no los dos?


I don’t know what you’re asking I’m not fluent in languages outside English


Haha I was referencing a meme from [this](https://youtu.be/uGnTW8EhGSk) commercial that used to play. But basically saying why not one of each (the detailed advanced symbiote suit AND the classic smooth simple symbiote). I hope we get symbiote variants.


Same! But more importantly I hope Venom is even in the game! And not just hinting at him all throughout the sequel prepping him for a third game.


Oof i’ll be bothered if it’s sequel bait. I just don’t have it in me to wait like we are for Norman to become the Goblin, this has been a GRUELING wait since the first game dropped


Well that would mean that there’s a third game which would be great


I see no problems with that haha


I have 0 doubts about a third game, i’m just starved for some payoff to the setup of the first one in ways Miles Morales didn’t hit for me. Mostly, the villains. It’s an entirely “me” issue, just being an impatient bastard haha


He’s gonna be in be in the game, if you saw what happened at the end of the first game they made it obvious Venom is the next villain


Shit if you saw what happened at the end of the second game they make it even more obvious


Feels like a given that we’ll have a bunch of different symbiote suits in the game aside from the Insomniac-designed canon one


Imagine when this guy discovers google translator


Lol I didn’t think to use that. But it made for a better conversation anyway with the person responding.


I appreciate that! Was lovely chatting with you as well!


as long as it's menacing and not overdesigned


Over designed how? I'm not familiar with most of alternate designs of the symbiote suits but I thought most of them were solid black with white highlights on the torso, hands, & face.


Yeah but I'm talking about insomniac originals , as much as I like advanced suit I feel like it's too much


I can understand some of the Insomniac suits being considered overly designed but the default Advanced suit? Really? It's just the basic suit with white & slightly different positioning of the red & blue fabrics. I'm not bashing your opinion, to each their own, I just personally wouldn't consider it over designed by any stretch of the imagination. What would your opinion be on an Advanced suit that's solid black except for the white parts?


Yeah I respect your opinion , I like the suit but I think the segmented red parts don't really flow well with spider-man , it gives the suit an armored look(which I know is the whole point) , but I like when spidey's suits are simple and streamlined , also overly used white doesn't clash well with the washed out red and blue , the suit looks better in the low lighting but I think it would look better if the suit was red black and white


I agree with you. While I don't dislike the main suit in the game either, I played the whole main campaign with the of suit, cause i just forgot and it looked great


I think it should start out with the Advanced suit (as in, before the Symbiotes come along), then after the Symbiotes are introduced, he should switch to the suit shown, albeit with a few minor adjustments. Personally, I would like a few armour style suits (like the Iron Spider suit, the steel suit from Turf Wars and that mech looking suit from Silver Lining) but with a Venom style, like maybe one with more of a biological style with an inky, vine-like appearance like in the film.


Default advanced suit could use some tweaking. I saw fan art a long time ago that forgot to do the “belt” or intentionally left it out and it looked a thousand times better https://www.reddit.com/r/SpidermanPS4/comments/itgoxf/ps4_suit_design_by_al_amin_on_comic_art/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


There’s a video explaining the design of the advanced suit from Insomniac or maybe an article, however it’s really cool because they gave it practicality. The blue is a flexible material allowing Peter the most mobility, the white knuckling is reinforced material to help him not break his hands, and more stuff. It really gives the suit life when you know why it’s designed that way. They didn’t just throw colors together. And also the white spider is supposed to disorient enemies from its brightness.


The symbol on the Advanced Suit was pretty much lifted from Venom, so I'm not sure there would be a problem.


I’d be shocked if they didn’t include the traditional black suit as an option


Ya, i think the advanced suit is the best looking spider man ive seen yet, i really hope they do a venomized version of it


I’m worried that that would look too similar to the Octo Suit


I’m sure they’ll add a Vintage Comic Book version like the classic in the first game.


That would be sick! Like especially with a comic book vintage-y layer over the top. And then just a normal of that suit.




as another suit yeah , but I want a realistic classic black suit too


I bet they add that, like the Classic suit in the first game


I just can't wait to see how they tackle the gameplay side of the Symbiote. I hope it gives that sense of so much more power and destruction, but then once the fights done you can look and just think "Damn... I did THAT?"


yeah same , one thing I liked about web of shadows is that it made you want to use the black suit since it was just better at everything like in the comics which is genius , and I pray to God we'll get an option after the game to switch back to it


I think it would be cool if they did what Spider-Man 3 the game did is play a new game with the black suit


I'd love to see some of Web of Shadows' combat design return in the next game, both in terms of a different fighting style with the symbiote and smoothly moving between ground, wall, and air combat... Although I'd also rather they not shoehorn in weird enemies for wall combat, but I trust Insomniac to make things work at this point.


No you are not the only I also like the black suit more than the red one coz it's quites unique


yeah plus I'm biased since kraven's last hunt is my favorite comic of all time


That's great


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I’d prefer they take their original suit and make it black


Maybe as an unlockable but as the main I want the OG one since it has so much meaning behind it and it's it's first appearance, I'm sure they'll not change it up like with miles


I want the exact opposite. The Advanced Symbiote Suit needs to be the canon suit, and as an unlockable, the original Symbiote Suit as a non-canon one.


I’ll never complain about having more suit options


fair enough


They’ll probably have both, you can choose it


i feel it would make more sense to have the advanced suit as the first/default suit and then unlock a black and white version of it later since venom is most likely going to be in it


I love the classic too, but creating an original design is important to a game like this. It allows the character to have a unique identity apart from the decades of other media depictions we already have. From a marketing standpoint, you have to have a recognizable design that instantly lets people know “Oh, that’s Spider-Man from that PlayStation game”




classic and black suit are unmatched


And red/black is masterpiece material


I hope they do it like Spectacular Spider-Man. In that show the black suit started off as just a black version of the normal suit but slowly got taken over by Venom: https://i.redd.it/za7pr2b0ry841.jpg


That's what should have happened in 3. Start out with normal black and silver version of normal suit, and then the normal black and white (silver) version.


I think it'll be something like the Advanced Suit but black, and the white parts will remain white


I would prefer for the black suits first appearance in this universe to be the og one


True, but Insomniac have established a visual language for their universe. I think they'll want to build on that.


I respectfully disagree with this post.


Yeah this is the best one. I don't really want a black advanced suit with the same symbol and all that


would be cool to see it as an unlockable tho


It'll more likely be that the default suit is the Advanced suit venomized, and the classic venom suit will be unlockable.


A long while back I remember someone suggesting we have two suit slots for the sequel, and can choose what suit Spidey wears with the symbiote on and off. I'm still hoping for something like that.


I hope we get the black Raimi suit along with this one. I have a feeling the advanced suit is going to look very good black though.


A black version of every suit would also be cool but time consuming.


Just throw a black and white style filter in the game edit and have the option of normal to black suit, like as a switch. It'd be essentially like the Snyder Cut normal edition versus Justice is Grey, with a switch.


No, please not the black Raimi suit


Now I really hope they add it


I’d prefer a different version of the black suit, I’m tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, let’s just see how the developers of insomniac use there imagination.


All I can say is I want Web of Shadows for Spider-Man 2


I think they’ll add the classic black suit into the game as a alternate suit since there will possibly be a black advanced suit


There's no way they won't, but I seriously doubt that it'll be the official design for the game's Symbiote Suit. It'll more than likely be an alternate costume, and I'm willing to bet that it would even be cel-shaded, similar to that of the Vintage Comic Book Suit. As for the official design for the game's Symbiote Suit, I think it's pretty much guaranteed that if we do actually see a Symbiote Suit in the next game, then it'll be based on the Advanced Suit first and foremost, rather than the comic design.


Personally I think this looks terrible. It's ok to agree to disagree of course. I'd prefer just a black redesign of the advanced suit, for continuity if nothing else (doesn't the Symbiote just make it a black version of the suit underneath?) I think Insomniac will knock it out of the park either way.


The OG Comics was red and blue to black and white, but entirely different designs. It does that in the Raimi movies, but not in the comics.


Yeah, this is definitely a Venom inspired one. I think it's the spider symbol for me. The multiple legs together just looks bad


I made a post with the concept for something like this a while back but it was more of what it would be than just asking for it


I agree. Less Arkham Knight Batman Beyond more Akrham City Batman Beyond. I still really really want an over designed black advanced suit but the classic symbiote should stay simple and relatively shiny even if it looks kinda latexy. Insomniac's suits have all replicated real fabrics and textures extremely well already, so I trust they'll know how to make it look sleek and bad as fuck.


Actually, I hate the mouth part. It's weird. So I preferred the Batman AK version, but if it was just the black face mask but with white eyes and bat-ears, I'd prefer it.


Knowing Insomniac, we'll most def get both the classic and the Insomniac version


It will definitely be an option. I expect a custom symbiote suit from Insomniac though


Maybe we could start the game with the classic black suit(kinda like the first game) but I need an advanced venom suit in my life. I adore Insomniacs highly detailed suits, they feel so real and like they could actually work in a real world setting. And with all that in addition to symbiote powers would rock. Also I’d also like to have eddy show up, so keeping it as canon would be a bit confusing.


I’m already predicting a fight with venom where spider sense doesn’t work so you gotta eyeball it, it’s gonna be intense!


I would rather see Insomniac’s take on the symbiote suit first and foremost, but I would like them to include the classic version too, like they did with the classic suit in SMPS4


I’d want it to function similarly like how it did in the spectacular Spider-Man animated series where the suit would change in design the longer Peter wore the suit going from his original costume design to going all black with a huge menacing spider emblem on his back and chest that would be awesome to see.


You know what’d be cool is that the og comic black suit could be an alternate costume, but the actual black suit starts off as a black advanced suit but gets more symbiote like as it goes on (loses texture and the borders of the suit become unseeable, the lenses become flatter and more menacing, spiders start getting spikes at some joints or points, basically the advanced suit becomes unrecognizable except for the spiders which even then become more symbiote like - they lose the carbon fiber texture and look shiny and liquid). But the og black suit as an alternate costume would be amazing.


I would love for the official game version of the classic black suit to look "wet" (God, I hate saying it) and alive.


I want it too


Rather have an Insomniac original and the classic as an alt.


Honestly I'd just prefer the suits as normal in the game, with the option to symbiote them after a certain story point and at any point in NG+ Classic suit Advanced suit Just a colour option change really.


It would be really neat to see each suit have a symbiote version.


Literally all I want. Pure nostalgia from the 90’s cartoon too


Occasionally will venom whisper sweet nothings in our ears?


as long as we don't get a ton of armored suits I'll be happy


Does anyone know the artist? All the colours in the black suit are gorgeous.


It would be cool if we got a venomized version of each suit


I hope you can put or remove the suit with a button like in the game spiderman web of shadows and that it allow you to do different things when you are with it


Wow, the nostalgia of this suit just missile drop kicked me in the face.


I would like the simple suit but also their own vision And hopefully a venomized suit of every suit they add to the second game (that may be a lot to ask for but would be cool)


I mean even if they don't, it's gonna be an alternate suit so you can just play with it regardless. Personally I am interested to see how Insomniac will design the Black Suit, in their own way. I'm sure they won't disappoint.


They should do it like The Spectacular Spider-Man and have it start out as a black version of the red and blue suit, then gradually have it evolve into the classic solid black suit.


I hope we get several black suits. It a perfect world we could have a symbiote version of every suit! But I'd settle for just comic, Rami, and a Black Version of the Advanced Suit


i also don’t want an over designed suit but i would like Insomniac’s spin on it the black suit has had the same designed used for almost 40yrs now, imo it’s overdue for an alternative design even the movie SM3 and the show spectacular spider-man couldn’t blow our minds, it was jus the standard suit but colored black (the cartoon went classic later on but still) personally i feel it’s overdone, it doesn’t need to be over designed in the game but i would like something different for once. This is something the 2017 Spidey cartoon did right for once


I just hated the ANAD Black suit. The suit design was alright, but eyes sticking OUT of the mask are fucking weird.


what does anad mean? i can’t find anything when i search “anad black suit marvel”😅


It stood for all new all different. Here you go: https://www.google.com/search?q=new+black+suit+spiderman&safe=strict&client=ms-android-verizon&prmd=isvn&sxsrf=ALeKk028MtcLeLLWmWWXkI51xzEUJgQ4ew:1620266320273&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjL9dez-rPwAhUGiuAKHYOyBG0Q_AUoAXoECAIQAQ&biw=360&bih=616&dpr=2#imgrc=wMTllldPvBnPBM


ok yeah now i know what you mean, the eyes are weird lmao


Yeah that makes sense to me, what I think would be cool is if the white parts of Spider-Man’s suit stayed white while the red and blue changed to black


I would cum if they had a different version of the black suit for every costume


I would accept a fully black suit with a slight enhancement for the logo


In my opinion the Symbiote suit should always be smooth in texture and simplistic like this.


I don’t they will use it but mabey as a special award for doing something


U boys gotta stop hyping me up, makes me sad I have to wait so long :')


I mean the original symbiote suit from the comics can be the alt suit of the classic suit from the game. And for the advanced suit, another one can be designed based off of it.


I think one that looks like the venom movie would be cool like imagine with the advanced logo and everything


But if it's movie Venom suit, just give it white veins.


That's what I mean with the logo


I wonder if you'll have the option to play as Miles and/or Venom for a bit and they'll have a few unique suits? I would ***die*** if the game let you play Venom in the symbiote-leather-jacket look from the early 90s.


I agree, the simplicity in the suit is what made it cool and feel new. I also loved how they did it in the Rami movies, just made everything black with a silver accent. I wouldn’t be mad if the insomniac suit just turns black and keep the spider white. I think that would look pretty sick.


I want a updated and modern style of the og suit. Not the full original tho considering it's been in like every Spiderman game pretty much lol. Something like the one he wore to fight the Red Goblin would be perfect for me.


Yes I would love that. At the very least it will be an alternate costume.


I want the version from the 3rd Spider-Man Movie. As many flaws as it had, the suit was a redeeming factor.


No you’re not. The OG black suit from the comics is my favorite Spidey suit ever. I really want it in the sequel; and given Insomniacs track record with the last game, I’m pretty confident that it will be.


It could be like the first game where you start with the classic and then you get the Insomniac suit. Maybe Peter gets the symbiote at first to look like the classic black suit, and then later refines it as the Advanced black suit.


Spider Man 3 blacksuit is all I need


I guess they gonna put more than One versión of the black suit (Raimi, Maybe Spectacular, the og One, an original from the game, etc.) it will be a good choice


Todd Mcfarlane Black Suit Spidey would be amazing!


I mean on one hand, yes, that'd be awesome, but on the other hand, they knocked their own redesign of the OG suit out of the park, or, ig their own take on the suit, you know my point lol, so I feel like if they redesign the black suit a bit, which let's face it, they most likely will, they'll probably do great with that too


I'm sure they'll add it along with the one for the story


Hi sure they'll add it along with the one for the story, I'm Dad! :)


Next Update❤❤❤


Same. I also want it to actually look black. Miles’ suit looked more bluish gray to me which was a bit disappointing


yeah agreed , the big complaint I have with insomniac is that they overuse tech on their designs , I like the advanced suit but it's too overdesigned for me


Potential good news is that if they do have an over designed one, chances are the classic one will be an unlockable suit. If we’re lucky maybe even a couple different renditions of it.


true and man I hope the suit will have a symbiote tentacle mechanic and that it actually shoots webs out the back of his hands


Me too. I won’t hold my breath though lol


I know right, I mean I'm happy as long as they don't make it "tactical" like every lame MCU design.


I want the sam rami version