Old Power Lifters: What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Selves?

Old Power Lifters: What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Selves?


Man I didn’t make it half that age before injuries were constant


Anything you wish you had done differently?


Used specialty bars early. Anything that limits shoulder and wrist injury. Football/ kabuki kadilac bar for bench Safety squat bar / kabuki transformer bar for squat. Knees will take care of themselves with balanced training and technique


Protect your back at all costs


Seconding this, a lower back injury & lower back pain can ruin your life.


Yes, I have disc irritation in 3 seperate places and a pinched nerve in 1 of those.. without proper technique and form it can regress and I have 2 months of severe pain to deal with. If only I didn't stuff around that 1 time.. would have avoided all the others aswell.


Oh well it does hit a little to close to home. Squatted a moderate weight with some shit gel shoes. Lost my balance while going up and I'm now dealing with back pain daily and reduced range of motion in my left leg.


That shit that injures everyone else… itll happen to you as well.. Youre not special.


I’m 57 this year, so not mega old. My one thing that I learned the hard way is that your body wears out. Had major surgery on my left knee 2 years ago because of the pounding over 50 years of life can do. But, if you have good physio and recover well you can pretty much climb back on the training wagon and keep on going. If you train properly and understand, and accept, the limitations of age there should be no reason you can’t carry on training till you drop. That’s my intention any way. Use a belt Learn to lift properly Watch your diet If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong. Always remember your life doesn’t consist of gym only. Also, lifting doesn’t get the ladies 🤣 Life is a marathon not a sprint.


Not old, but I rarely get injured and I’d like to thank it on proper form and following a percentage based periodization program that never really pushes me to my limits (eg: constantly testing 1RMs), instead there are tough workouts that makes me push myself just enough to get stronger every cycle (3 weeks) on my main 4 lifts. Also, most injuries that I have had are from assistance work, such as curls, cable exercises and etc… so I do a select few assistance work with strict form, so I avoid injuries but I can still have fun and build mass.


How old is “not old”? Just curious?


Below 40 to 45 years




Find something better to do with your time