I just fought my first boss and I think I'm missing something

I just fought my first boss and I think I'm missing something


Do more shrines to get your hearts up. Take your time, it took me awhile to get to the first beast because I was knocking out shrines. Edit: for reference I bought botw in October I just completed my third define beast. Take your time, do the little things. That’s what makes this game great. The side quests add a ton of content.


Idk if you did as the story told you and payed attention to the tutorials you should be fine. You probably should do Ta'Low Naeg's teaching for some tips and also make sure you've visited Impa and Purah like the game has told you. And also if you see a shrine make sure you try and complete it to get hearts and stamina up. Don't forget your sheika slate runes (cryonis is very helpful to destroy the boss' ice attacks) and make sure to dodge his attacks to get a flurry rush. If you are lost in the story you can check your quest log in the menu


You don't have to rush the divine beasts. Explore. Do some shrines for more hearts and stamina. Mess around with cooking (cooking "hearty" food items and eating it gives you extra temporary hearts if health is a concern or "mighty" for attack up bonus). Defeat more monsters for more weapons. Find great fairies and upgrade your armour.


Also practice dodging and performing a perfect parry :)


Stock up on lightning arrows, have the full zora set on, cook some defensive food, as well as some food that gives you extra hearts, prioritize not getting hit over doing damage, and use your frost rune to destroy the ice blocks. other than that, I'm not sure what advice to give. That is seriously one of the hardest zones in the game with what i think is the most challenging boss in the game. Don't be afraid to come back later to finish it. Also, yeah this is a zelda game with a distinctly souls feel to combat. that's not a bad thing though.


Thank you for the Tipp with the arrows. Not sure why I did. It think about it by myself but then it was not that hard anymore. Now I will explore more before I go to the next boss.


I had the same problem when I started. I suggest killing windblight and fireblight ganons first because they are way easier than waterblight ganon in my opinion.


I think its a combo of you being there maybe a bit early but also maybe just not understanding the mechanics and fighting yet. None of the bosses have really hard mechanics or moves its just knowing how the game works. Is say give it a bit more time and trying out different ideas with your slate runes


Definitely do more shrines to get more hearts & make a lot of food before hand that gives you extra hearts. Enjoy exploring!


Play the long game, man. It’s totally worth it. I was disheartened when I got that boss and didn’t play for a month. But then went back and just explored and did more shrines, got better at fighting. Im still playing it finding new things to do. Edit: and I suck at these kinds of games and still kind of suck at this game.


Definitely learn to cook and do as many shrines as possible


I just finished main story today after discovering the game a few weeks ago. I personally went to each beast and worked until the travel to divine beast was unlocked but then moved on. Kept working shrines the whole way, and after I had unlocked the four dungeons, THEN i started going for the bosses. Worked pretty well for me?


Hey man, dm me.. I have over 300 hours of gameplay and know a bunch of secrets, and some tricks if you want


Yea, ur way to early. If you can complete a major test of strength you will be good to go