Windows 10 update silently turns on News and Weather in Taskbar. Links default to Edge ignoring default browser choice, and drive traffic to Microsoft's own msn.com so they can boost Ad Revenue.

Windows 10 update silently turns on News and Weather in Taskbar. Links default to Edge ignoring default browser choice, and drive traffic to Microsoft's own msn.com so they can boost Ad Revenue.


The "manage interests" button takes you to your user settings to adjust which topics you want to see on your newsfeed. Your topics then automatically reset to the default when you close the page...


brilliant Microsoft. Brilliant.


[Quality assurance? I'll assure your ass out the door motherfuckers.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Surface/comments/3s14un/just_a_reminder_that_one_year_ago_microsoft_fired/)


The concept for those ideas have to first pass a rigorous test through some Microsoft exec's intestines.


> Your topics then automatically reset to the default when you close the page... They never said whose interests were being managed.


This is probably because you, like any sane person, is using a local account. It only uses your user setting if you use a Ms account to log on to your computer. Even if you have set your Ms account to be allowed to be used by Ms apps.


Still is still some asshole design. Why would you design a new desktop feature and not give it local settings?


Because management doesn't care about usability they care about deployments Microsoft is not in the good software business anymore, that takes too much effort for little return (in the short term), they're in the try to monetize users business. That's a business where you increase short term revenue in exchange of destroying everything your company used to stand by and as a result providing a shittier service. But people that use windows don't generally swap platforms. Mostly because moving to a unix system requires a lot of learning and dealing with comparability issues with everything you used to use and going Mac is really expensive


The problem is that, in another example of asshole design, Microsoft make it confusing and difficult for less tech-savvy users to set up their new Windows 10 PC with a local account. They push you to tie Windows to a Microsoft account.


Holy fucking shit this! Just got a new gaming rig after a two year hoatus, fucker kept crashing on the part where it creates a pin for your account….. 6 hours of “loading please wait” until i figured out i could boot with no i ternet connection and skip the whole fucking thing


I'm using an acct be ause it saves my windows key to the account.


Imagine the software developer that got promoted for this 150 lines of code plus ui config that's like no effort for soooo much ad space. Have you guys even considered how much profit this will rake in a school and industry setting with locked env??? I don't care what you say this must be pulling in some cash even more than their Candy crush saga b*******.


Trolling asshole design for stock advice 🎳


It seems MS is cutting costs by simply not testing


I disabled it right away. Couldn’t stand looking at that blurry text


That was my first complaint, not that they forced a new taskbar item, but that the fucking FONT was blurry. What the hell was that??


I looked at it and immediately thought some malware had installed itself. Was surprised that this was an official update "feature". The hover mechanic is horrible too. Makes you wonder who they have signing off UI changes.


I wonder if Microsoft even gives their devs 4k screens. It’s beyond noticeable, even on 2k. Absolutely ridiculous, it’s a shame they pretty much have a monopoly.


It's awful on 1080p as well, I don't get how it got released like this


I'm using a freaking T.V. while repairing my monitor. A garbage monitor is no solution to that blur. Whomever made that font needs another semester of design.


> Whomever made that font needs another semester of design. Or glasses


Or quit their job at EvilCorp.


I was using a shitty 768p screen and it stuck out like a sore thumb.


Windows in general has a lot of scaling issues on anything higher than 1366x768


Guess things like that are bound to happen when you keep iterating on an OS originally released in 1993...


The biggest reason for that is backwards compatibility. Almost all software designed for any version of Windows will run on Windows 10. MacOS can't even run 32 bit apps anymore but I'm still running 16 bit programs just fine on the latest build of Win10. It also means things like Active Directory can continue to operate since basic functionality is built into the NT kernal. It isn't ideal, but Microsoft's biggest market share are enterprise customers who still use legacy software.


If that's true, explain why every university laboratory in the world has multiple computers running windows versions as old as XP because they need old software to run an instrument.




Yeah, some guy making $3.50 per 12-hour day in India put this together on an old CRT monitor. And now that people are complaining, and Microsoft is in turn complaining to him, he's saying, "What? It looks fine on my screen."


I'm from india and most developers working in startups use a thinkpad with 1366*768 or 1280*720 resolution. And yeah companies try to cheap out on the equipment and then think why is everyone complaining about the crappy products.


Looked awful even on a 1080p 15" laptop display


Yep. My dad's 14in 1080p laptop had horrible text as well. Was an abomination on my 27in 1440p screen lol.


First saw it on my little brother's PC and thought it was malware too because of the blurry text. Was surprised when I saw it on my own PC once it updated. Made sure to disable it right away.


My version of Windows 10 has always had blurry system font. I found out it's a common issue but every fix I've tried it goes back to being blurry. It looks like running really old software on a modern PC.


Have you run the Windows Clear Text function? I discovered all my text on Windows was blurry and running that program from the start menu sorted it out


Damn... Every day, I get happier and happier that I switched to linux. At the very least -- when I fix a problem on linux, it *stays* fixed. I don't know why windows hasn't developed this technology, but it's freaking amazing.


Either you turn off windows display scaling... Set it to 100% instead of 125% or something like that Or you right click on the exe of the app that's blurry > properties> compatibility>change high dpi settings> uncheck program dpi Check high dpi scaling override > set it to application in the drop down


Sorry but I couldn't find where to disable it, would you mind helping me? Edit: Found the solution: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/nyb57k/youre_welcome/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Edit 2: Thanks for the awards


Right click the taskbar then under news and intrests you can turn it off


I did that yesterday and just now noticed it's come back. I turned it off again.... GRRRRRRRR......


I went the regedit way and it seems to be working for all accounts it just single accounts


I guess you missed the last forced update that syncs your profiles across multiple machines. You'll have to turn that off too so that it doesn't reset every time you log into another computer.


People actually link their Microsoft account? In this day and age installing windows without first turning your internet connection off is suicide.


The only reason I can think of linking an MS account is to link the license, so you can easily reactivate after a reinstall.


Mines is linked but then logged out, makes the licence stuff easy, although I'm still logged into the store because gamepass is too good a deal to pass up.


I still have my windows 7 license code from like... 10 years ago. Have installed Windows 10 about 50 different times with the same code on multiple different computers - often several at the same time and never had any issues. They don't make license codes like they used to lol. But yeah, the idea of a home PC phoning home to Microsoft every time I log in rather than using a local account does not sit okay with me.


That was a fun update. My sister was locked up from her own computer and had to be wiped out. I'd really like to have a word with someone in Microsoft.


You...wiped out your sister because of an update? That's just cold.


It was easier than accessing the helpdesk.


Already had to format and reinstall 2 client machines because the update borked them. Couldn't roll back the update, couldn't get Windows to boot other than reinstall. Shame :-(


It didn’t even go away when i disabled it. I thought I somehow downloaded WeatherBug or some other spyware bullshit. Turns out I wasn’t totally wrong. Fucking Microsoft.






Found a solution https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/nyb57k/youre_welcome/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share




I used OOSU10 which had an option to remove the feature from the registry.


You hit on another level of the assholery inherent in this design! It's not even obvious / intuitive how to disable it. They hid it in a nonsense sub menu


I wish we had a non politicized government that still worked for the people and would stop these monopolized tactics.


I'm surprised this isn't more well known, but windows 10 debloater is a god-send. https://github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater It removes all ads from the start bar, disables cortana, and just removes so much other bullshit that's included with windows 10. It's the first thing I do after a fresh install.


Yep. That and OpenShell.


Yup. To Microsoft: I got my *own* weather app, motherfuckers. I don't need you to curate my news, either.


I have a bookmark to weather.gov. Screw apps.


Their hourly weather charts are the best!


> I don't need you to curate my news, either. lol, it's not about you. *They* need you to use their curated news. Because why the fuck else would anyone ever visit msn.com? They've got to get those sweet, sweet ad impressions *somehow*. How are they supposed to make money off of selling your data if they can't use that data to give you personalized ads?


> Couldn’t stand looking at that blurry text Seriously why is it so blurry, it looks like one of those crappy taskbar addons that existed back years ago.


maybe the dev who wrote the update worked from home and has a 800x600 CRT as a monitor


I deadass thought I had accidentally installed adware after I saw that upon reboot


Microsoft has its own Bonzi Buddy toolbar now!


I had to do a lot of sleuthing to convince myself it wasn't malware.


Thought it was like that only on my end, turns out it's just trash.


yup, the blur annoyed the fuck out of me so it got disabled, having the weather there isnt too bad but every single 'news' article was from more of a gossip paper rather than anywhere decent so even if its fixed the 'news' section is getting disabled


My god, I didn’t mind the weather in my toolbar, but then it popped up a huge screen every time I accidentally mouse over it and I’m furious


Same. Immediately disabled.


I dislike the blurry text. But I actually like the weather. It was hot and it gave me a rain alert. 2 hours later my power line gets hit by lightning. Is there a way to make the text not blurry?


It made me think my computer got a virus because of the quality


I did the same. Immediately.


Same, same, same. As soon as I saw that shit, I was like. "Oh, HELL NO, this has gotta go!"


That's a known bug that's already fixed in preview builds. Pretty stupid that they shipped it without fixing that bug first though.


Every Windows Update..."What do I have to disable now?"


I stopped counting how many times I uninstalled Edge via commandline. Every fucking time they sneak it back in and sometimes even nag me about using it. I don't want your bullshit Microsoft.


Just in case anyone else wants to remove Microsoft Edge via commandline: cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\" cd "8.....\Installer" or cd "9.....\Installer" depending on which version was installed this time. .\setup.exe --uninstall --system-level --verbose-logging --force-uninstall Edit: You can use "tab" button in powershell to cycle folders inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\ after typing "cd " to auto-complete Edge version folder name.


Can a batch run on startup like an executable? This could be automated to kill edge every time it rears its ugly head again.


Yeah it can, you should probably do it using a powershell script


Skype, I see you have returned… again


fuckin Microsoft Teams. I have never used you, never intentionally installed you, yet you seem to think that you deserve to pop up every time I start up my computer. How many hours of my life have been wasted waiting for the microsoft teams client to load in order to be able to close it, taking up precious clock cycles that could have been spent starting up programs I actually use.


That constant fight is what got me to try Mac and eventually switch to Linux. It was just so sapping to have the OS constantly disregard my settings, just toss them because update. And then morons would defend it, stating how hard it must be for those poor devs, and that I just don't know... Meanwhile, on Mac, and Linux, every fucking update, little to nothing changes, my files don't get deleted, the file system isn't an incompetent sloth's making, and my OS isn't battering my SSD constantly, seriously MS, why the fuck do you constantly write to disk? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!


I just want to share in your loathing of MS. Felt good to read.


Microsoft has a vision about how you should use their product, and will reset your changes time and time again to force you to do it their way.


I turned this off about fourteen seconds after I rebooted from the update.


Took me longer to figure out how to disable it but I knew I wanted it gone in less than one second.




Same here. Just got a new pc recently so didn't realize why it was there, just that I wanted it gone immediately.


How do i turn it off? I can't see anything to do that.


Right click on it, go to News and Interests, and the option to turn it off is in there.


Thx fam I was starting to think it couldn't be done


You can remove it, I figured that out asap. I can no longer remember the last Windows update that didn't sneakily change some settings or add new "features" in order to advertise their products on my private workspace.


I force-disabled automatic windows updates when I woke up to an update that randomly installed candy crush and reverted back all my customizations (themes & sound settings) back to their default values, along with god knows what else. Don't want to keep track of an ever increasing number of random features I need to manually opt out of, or fight against. When I wake up and start using my computer, I want to find it in the same state I left it before I went to sleep.


Windows 10 has a bad habit of resetting the task manager so Always on Top isn't on by default


That's not all it resets. It will sometimes reset your privacy setttings too among other things.


Well obviously microsoft knows what settings are best and a pleb like you should just follow whatever defaults they set. /s


There are de-crap powershell scripts on the Google to disable all the nonsense - basically a long list of registry edits. It's been part of my 'fresh install' procedure since Win10. Allows for automatic updates to run without the nonsense.


Go to "Windows Settings" and then "Start Settings" Turn off "Show suggestions occasionally in Start". That will stop promoted apps appearing. You can also go to "Notifications & Actions" to uncheck the welcome experience that you get after updates (this is what tricks people into making edge default again) and tips/suggestions.


They literally installed Candy Crush, Skype, Dyzer and Spotfy in this update without even considering asking me. It's like they are doing free advertising for the Linux. And I can't dissable this crap like u/CannibalToastCrunch did because you need to update Windows to update your Windows Defender. Windows 10 is one of the biggest garbages that I've seen in my life, literally anything is better.


You can manually download WD updates (google it, I'm on mobile right now). I just set a monthly reminder and that's it.


I did this once but I did something wrong or something, and it just constantly tried to update, usually in the middle of something like my fucking finals (this happened on several occasions), it got all the way to the end of the update, said "something's wrong so we're uninstalling it," and would spend 20 minutes uninstalling it. Every damn day. I did it mostly because it would update randomly despite me scheduling it, too.


The best part is Microsoft buried it in their Cumulative Security Update package. And the 'feature' was undocumented. Our organization blocks IE/Edge traffic, so we woke up to a shitton of blocked traffic the morning after the update.


The windows 2004 update broke so many drivers it was insane. We just want your security updates, nothing else.


How do you block that?


An enterprise firewall/proxy. We block the useragents for IE and Edge across the board specifically, as well as any Chrome/Firefox build that's more than 4 revisions old (ESRs are allowed).


In enterprise environments, all web traffic is usually routed through centralised nodes designed to check, audit and record all traffic moving through them. We call these a "proxy", because they "proxy" web requests between the user to the greater internet. A big feature of proxies, is the ability for security teams to set controls to stop users & machines in the environment from visiting websites the organisation doesn't want them to visit. Usually for productivity, work-safe, or security reasons. Rather than set this on thousands of individual machines, you force all the machines on the network to go through the proxy and change it in the one spot. It also allows you to see what people are browsing and visiting, which is incredibly important in the scenario that someone's machine becomes infected. It also allows you to inspect traffic encrypted via HTTPS (Website certificates) by acting as a middle point that decrypts, inspects, and then re-encrypts traffic. The best practice for proxies isn't just to blacklist/blocklist things that are known bad because there's too much internet to handle, and by the time it's known as bad, it may have already done it's damage. So instead you create a whitelist/allowlist, where only good and "known" traffic is allowed through, and everything else is blocked by default. This new microsoft feature contacts out to a new microsoft website that isn't well known yet, so a lot of organisations proxies started blocking the traffic by default since it's not a "known-good" domain yet.


Basically the browser says something like "hi, I'm so and so and here are my capabilities. I'd like this website, thanks." and that gets sent to the server and can be processed. The server can drop the request based on what the browser identifies as.


Man, Edge browser getting installed automatically with every new update without prompt boils my blood hard.


Speaking of updates, recently my Windows 7 Virtual Machine got a security update, and with it, guess what... It installed Edge out of nowhere!


Windows is a fucking horrible OS. Each and every update does something that's just plain annoying or that fucks your computer entirely


I only use it for games, honestly, I've never been a console guy and I don't think I will ever be. But for everything else I use macOS or Ubuntu


this isn't even sneaky this is just blatant and stupid. I spent like 10 minutes trying to figure out how to turn it off a few days ago


It's not the traffic to MSN as much as the data collection. MS wants in as well.


Of course they do, it's borderline ignorant to assume otherwise on the modern internet, be it free or not the data they collect is the real cash cow for 98% There's a reason that the more technologically inclined congresspeople and senators are actively calling for a UBI based on the profits off of your data


Was wondering wtf this shit was. And I live in AZ so next to the temp is the word WARNING every day. Some shit design.


It is like I'm dealing with an infected browser toolbar, or malware. Hijacking the browser. Using my screen space, and my bandwidth, and my CPU cycles without permission.


I thought it was literal malware until I Googled it. The text on the taskbar was also fuzzier than the clock next to it which makes it look really out of place. Sloppy work.


> I thought it was literal malware until I Googled it. It still is malware, by any definition. It just came from a source you weren't expecting.


In the future the operating system is the malware! The first thing I do on my personal machines is to use 3rd party software to disable all telemetry and Cortana and anything else that phones home in the background. I run it after updates too because Microsoft will toggle that shit on again.


Can you share what you use to do this? I'd be interested in fixing that too!


O&O ShutUp10 https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10


Thank you, I work professionally on Microsoft platforms and hate the clear ploy to gather as much data as possible, this what user experience is in 2021, taking liberties that they know most people have zero skills to rectify. I would tell all users that any company that is tying basic functionality to sending data about your activities to them is 100% the new business model, don’t expect it to get better, they clearly have the data to support that most people will go with convenience. It is really strange that one the other hand, they claim to support open source and bought GitHub credibility to try to fool us. Glad people still have the time to call them out on their bullshit and try to inform the users. The moment win10 became “free”, your personal data started to pay for it. I really hate working in this industry, it’s a new source of personal regret, the injustice being practiced by these tech companies is clear to anyone that looks under the hood.


I've had so many settings reset after updates that I'm ready to throw my machine out the window (heh). This type of garbage is so irritating.


What software?


How?! Link pretty please....


Swear on everything, Edge imported all of my folders and bookmarks from Chrome even though I never gave it permission to do so. Very malware type behavior


“Windows 10 is essentially malware” - Steve Burke from Gamers Nexus


Right click the task bar, click on weather and news, and select disabled


Bonzi Buddy is back baby!


And now that Flash is dead, you can't punch the monkey. He's unstoppable.


Hate to break it to you but Windows 10 was already doing this. You know how you clicked the Start Menu and saw the info tiles, weather, etc? These are the same thing.They were just a little hidden under the Start Menu. The only big thing that's different here is where the tiles are located. They are now in a more visible spot, but they've been on Windows 10 for years. They were using bandwidth and CPU cycles, and the already opened Edge/IE by default.


> They were using bandwidth and CPU cycles, and the already opened Edge/IE by default. My computer is *so* much faster with linux.


The excuse “you can always opt out” is abusive. Just don't opt me in in the first place! We get promo emails from countless sources. Some lack conspicuous ‘unsubscribe’ buttons. Some of the ones who provide unsubscribe capabilities don't honor your unsubscribe-request. In any case, how can I unsubscribe from a service I never subscribed to in the first place?


Pertinent example to where we are right now: reddit displaying your online status. A feature no one asked for, nobody likes, and that will exclusively be used to troll. Enabled by default, naturally. And in its first iteration, they called opting out "hiding," just to be bastards.


Reddit has been trying hard for the past 7-ish years to become a mainstream social media network like Facebook and instagram, to the detriment of its own users. If any of you youngins' care to venture into the the abyss of what reddit use to be, look up reddit's former CEO Ellen Pao. Then take notice of how she resigned after just a few months. Then remember she said “They had a more aggressive view than I did” Then look up the changes reddit ennacted directly after her resignation. Reddit's board of directors sacrificed this woman and her career to make key changes without blame. They never reversed any of the changes made during Pao's short tenure. They instead immediately ennacted more major changes while everyone celebrated Pao's resignation. God I've been on reddit too long. I'm stuck in a vat in the garage.


Yeah, I was there for that. It was absolutely wild, especially considering the intensity of targeted vitriol she got, while her successors don't get NEARLY as much hate despite the major problems reddit has continued to have since then. I really wish I could find a good reddit alternative, but I genuinely like the *format*, and haven't found one that quite matches it.


Great observations. Reddit has not exactly ‘failed,’ but Facebook's 2-billion + monthly users are very difficult to surpass—even for Twitter. All of the big tech companies have some regressive, abusive spying-capitalism features a.k.a. ‘privacy rules’ built-into their products & services. One of the worst aspects of that for me has been the creep-factor. Everything is incremental, and they get to alter the terms anytime they see fit. The next thing you know, you're being tracked by companies you don't even deal with, and worse.


They're trying to go down the Apple path of "You'll use your device how we say you're going to use it" but in the sloppiest way ever. Oh, weather info in the task bar? Make sure it's blurry and also opens a small window full of clickbait articles.


I actually kind of liked the weather and traffic widgets. But, while you *can* get rid of those, there isn't a way to get rid of the stupid news so I ended up just turning the whole thing off.


Unfortunately for them, they lack Apple's ability to actually make things good.


They just don't care because they know you'll be forced to use their OS by your employer for no actual reason.


Shit like this makes me want to switch to Linux permanently. But I can't, because certain games.




The only way that situation is going to get better is if people actually decide to drop those games with kernel level anticheats to move to linux. Once the marked share rises anticheat software devs like EAC will actually finish the original claim of "working on it" years ago.


We all need to do this! Once the market share reaches at least 5% of gaming audience, EAC and BE would decide to make their AC compatible with VALVe's Proton or WINE run games too. [Easy Anti Cheat already works natively](https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/game/guides/os/) on linux userspace (IDK about BattlEye), but only for native linux games. So the other thing we can get from increased market share of linux is more linux native games resulting in ACs working natively instead of going the WINE/Proton route :)


VRChat under SteamVR on Linux keeps flashing white dots into my face. If it weren't for that, I would only have to start windows like ~1-2 times a month But yet here we are Still, I'm running Linux for everything else, it's not an all-or-nothing kinda deal, dualbooting is a thing. Go get Pop_OS or Manjaro and try!


I actually like that it tells me the weather. BUT Everything else sucks. ESPECIALLY the blurry text. Why tf is it not sharp?!


I googled how to disable it right away. Sorry microsoft but I just don't care.


same except I'm not sorry


As a Linux user, what makes me want to give up computers today most, is the fact that the modern web is a clusterfuck of asshole-design from top to bottom and everywhere in between. I can't imagine having control over my actual operating system subverted and used against me in a similar way while I'm just running local, offline applications! I think I'd smash the thing. By far, the worst thing that ever happened to computers was when they went mainstream. They are essentially the new cable TV now, where companies are constantly competing with each other to lower the bar of acceptable behavior just a little bit more.


"First we thought the PC was a calculator. Then we found out how to turn numbers into letters with ASCII, and we thought it was a typewriter. Then we discovered graphics, and we thought it was a television. With the World Wide Web, we’ve realized it's a brochure." —Douglas Adams


To any microsoft users who are flipping to linux because of this, I want to say, welcome.


I've thought about it. Steam support is my big worry ha


Steam has excellent Linux support. Proton has come miles in just a few years to the point Windows is almost unnecessary. I personally haven't booted into it in over a year


Good joke. I adore Linux, but the binaries man. There's just so much stuff you can't run on Linux it's just insane. Great OS, terrible desktop for the average user.


The web cracks me up. There are so many popular websites that are absolute GARBAGE, poorly programmed either by accident or intention, terrible user experience, questionable moral practices, etc. ...but I have to spend extra time and money to make my measly small business website completely ADA compliant or I chance a lawsuit that would put me out of business. How come no one's suing these other garbage sites?! How come no one's suing Microsoft?!




Joke's on them, I've got everything Edge redirected to Firefox. Which has Ublock Origin installed. Also before I disabled it, it said it was 80 degrees. I guess they're measuring it in saunas now.


Mine said I was in Sudan which amused me seeing as i'm not on the same continent as Sudan.


That Microsoft considers this to be acceptable behavior for a paid product is abhorrent.


I really like the weather feature, but have zero interest in the rest. Turned off "open on hover" by right clicking the taskbar, and it's actually a pretty useful feature now


While I don't mind the concept of the weather on the taskbar(or many of the others thing Windows does because frankly, I'm not too in-depth with my PC), what I really do not understand is why it's so low res. They put out this feature and they presumably put some work into but they can't match the resolution with the rest of the screen?


Man I’m really glad the Linux community doesn’t pull any shit like this. Windows is looking more and more like adware and bloatware with each update. They just need to give up. They literally already own the most popular OS for home consumers, they don’t need to maintain a browser literally no one uses and a site no one has used since 2008


> They literally already own the most popular OS for home consumers, they don’t need to maintain a browser literally no one uses and a site no one has used since 2008 The problem is, their OS isn't making them any money, not after the original purchase. And since Win10 is supposed to be *forever* now, those purchases are really going to be drying up. So they're trying to leverage their OS popularity into getting you to use the things they *can* make money from -- you using their browser and their shitty website.


The thing is: We still use Win7 keys at work to activate Win10. And it works no questions asked. Everytime we do it, MS misses out on 100€ of a genuine licence from their own stores


Don't forget about the sweet free update to win 10 even for pirated copies


It's like they want people to change OS. Though in reality, they just know there isn't really an alternative for most people, nor do most people actually care :/


I jumped ship a couple years ago. If you've never experienced full control of your computer, it's intoxicating and impossible to go back from.


Me over here just being like: ‘I kinda like it telling me the weather, thanks PC’ 😅


That would be cool if it gave you the option to disable all the news bullshit but you're stuck with having it constantly loading crap in edge even if all you want is the taskbar widget that shows you the temperature. I don't mind update doing things to my machine while I'm asleep (I told it to, ffs) but hate that what could have been a neat little feature is instead just a bloated attempt to make people see edge.


Personally, I would totally use this if I could link it to RSS feeds of my choice, rather than having random bullshit plastered on my screen.


I would prefer if it only showed the weather but more detailed when clicked. When I'd like to read the news I'll open a news site (in my preferred browser, my preferred site).


I wouldn't particularly care, but on the initial update two days ago, I complained on r/Windows10 that it was showing an old forecast, including a heat warning that had expired on Wednesday. It is Saturday and it is still showing the heat warning that expired on Wednesday. I didn't play with any settings to make it refresh less or anything...if it's going to show me the weather, I would like it to show me at least the semi-recent weather?


I noticed this behavior too. It only updated when I clicked on it. Just disabled it after that. I already have 30 different bits of technology telling me the weather, I don't need a 31st.


I didnt mind it but I looked at the temp and it said 64. I though THE FUCK WE BOILING. Checked and it's in Fahrenheit. My language settings are two Celsius settings and my country is a Celsius country. The world isnt america, microsoft.


My widget was set to Celsius fwiw, I’m aussie for reference


Same lol, and I can track stocks too!


My only gripe is that it's blurry.


There's a program made by O&O software called "shutup10" get it, use it. You'll love your windows computer after you turn off all the metro shit.




Never been more glad I switched to Linux lmao


Turned it off straight away. At least they let you disable that still.


And yet, people wonder why many people are still sticking with win7.


They can pry windows 7 from my cold dead hands.


That's why i will be switching to Linux or Mac os on my next PC. Enough with bloatware and broken updates.


I’ve been using Pop OS for the past 3-4 months and love it. Windows 10 seems so clunky when I boot into it.


I second Pop!_OS, been daily driving it for about a year now and I seriously can't stand using Windows anymore


Don't need to wait! You can install Linux to usb drives and test them out!


Thank you OP, Microsoft (and other companies) should be called out when they act like this. I find these actions so petty and annoying! I also profoundly dislike that they take decisions that override my own, in my own device. I don't appreciate my OS to be turned into yet another vector to sell me stuff.


Of course. Bastards force us to update with windows 10 to max ad $


*Image Transcription:* --- [*In the Windows 10 toolbar, Weather is now turned on in the taskbar. When Weather is clicked, a bar pops up with several widgets.*] --- **Top Left Widget** TOP STORIES The Washington Post: **Trump's shadow still looms over cloudy skies at G-7 summit** USA TODAY: **Teachers plan protests over laws restricting racism lessons in schools** ABC News: **From car crashes to plane delays, cicadas wreaking havoc by the billions** --- **Bottom Left Widget** [*A news story from MSNBC is shown. Over a background of a photo of three people's faces side-by-side, the following caption is overlayed:*] Rep. Val Demings announces her run for a U.S. Senate seat --- **Top Right Widget** [*This widget shows the weather for New York City, NY. It is 66 degrees Fahrenheit.*] [*A button is included that says 'See full forecast' on it.*] --- **Second Right Widget** SUGGESTED FOR YOU [*The stocks for AAPL and TSLA are displayed.*] AAPL (APPLE INC.): 127.35 +0.98% TSLA (TESLA, INC.): 609.89 -0.04% --- **Third Right Widget** NBA Clippers: 111 **Jazz: 117** Final Jun 10 [*A button is included that says 'See more NBA' on it.*] --- **Bottom Right Widget** TRAFFIC UPDATES [*Overlaid over a multicolored image of an aerial traffic photo*] **I-278 E / Brooklyn Q...** [*begin orange text*] Heavy Traffic [*/end orange*] --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


Good meatbag


Thank you meatbag!


I thought I got a virus or something!


So a business supports itself? Weird...


not really "silently" when its literally a big piece right there on your screen, not easy to miss within 5 seconds of booting up your pc but ok