Switch Tribes/ Allying with other tribes?

Switch Tribes/ Allying with other tribes?


You don’t have to join myriad or jagni, but story and tutorial kind a expect you to pick one and since their fortresses are close by, it’s like good/evil choice, you could always travel up to any other fortress from start, but game kind a mistakes that when you go brickwall, other tribes are there so you can join them afterwards, it’s just something that follows the principles of story to move forward, if you join other than myriad or jagni you are going backtrack your path. As for why you beed to betray your tribe even when tribe you wish to join has same goal is pretty simple, only 1 tribe will be left after tribe war, each sifu says as much, but there is in a way “option” to ally with others, in weird no logic way, when you attack other tribe fortress, if you share same goal with your current tribe as they do they are more easily persuaded to surrender (at least that’s how it seems to me). When I runned with myriad and was tasked to take netra fortress, netra’s sifu pointed out that we both want the same thing so there shouldn’t be reason to fight. Of course I can’t prove it makes any difference if it would be easier or harder to persuade them, but it did have nice touch to it, where jagni’s sifu just told that I shouldn’t have come to their fortress since I choose wrong tribe. In end both outcomes ended same way, tribe sifu bound and waiting for judgement.


The only way to get tribe outfits are by being on their side. By switching, you would have to retake all the previous outposts and fortresses. Since you’ve captured the Jagni, this means Myriad would have 6 outposts. It’s just a matter of preference. You’ll still be able to get their tribe weapon and wung-fu if you choose to fight them.


Just dont take and accept surrender after you conquer the first two tribes.. you get locked out of rest of tribe weapons.. Unless theres some other way to pick them up.


Joining with a Tribe is the only way to get their armor. Other than that it’s just for the ending and some story bits/dialogue


I also want to add that you get 2 betrayals before a tribe locked out rejoining.