This game is so beautiful

This game is so beautiful

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the crackling of your audio comes from your audio output within windows is set to above 48khz. Edit: 48kHz limit was without Patches for me, now 96kHz is the limit for me. Samplingrate 16/24/32 Bit works for me. Choose highest possible if it doesn´t interfere with other Games (some games have speed up sound when above a certain bitrate) [How to change the Audio Bitrate](https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-other_settings-winpc/how-to-change-sound-control-panel-settings-in/5a70718b-7ecf-4547-a64a-22efda8da0c2)




you have to change the Bitrate for your Audio Device, I just rechecked it and now 96khz (96000Hz) is the maximum without crackling noise, at least at my short test. The Samplingrate does not matter. I´ve set it to 32 Bit, 96kHz, but depending on the Audio Chip 24 Bit could be maximum. [How to change the Audio Bitrate](https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-other_settings-winpc/how-to-change-sound-control-panel-settings-in/5a70718b-7ecf-4547-a64a-22efda8da0c2)


Oh my god this has been bothering the HELL out of me when I play with headphones and couldn’t find the fix, THANK YOU


Yeah, I had the same problem. It shouldn't happen though. This is litterally the only program with which I have this issue.


Right this feels like a problem that should be addressed by the game devs?


The savior we didn’t know we needed


This game almost made me but a whole new interface and amp with the crackling until I realized it only happened with cyberpunk and then I just uninstalled it after beating the story


What gpu?




Seriously though, i have the same card but my game is nowhere near that beautiful nor smooth. Please share the settings. (I’m using Ryzen 5 & RTX 2060)


When I get up in a couple hours I’ll tell you my settings. Though this was the “High” setting so I’ll tell u the ones I usually use don’t expect it to be like this.


Thanks. The point is, getting this look is easy i guess, but even with DLSS, my fps can barely touch 70 on high with medium RT.


Turn off ray tracing it causes big performance loss


That is without RT? Will check. Thank bro.


RT is useless and makes no sense in medium. Just makes the game blurry and its a waste of fps ( I am using an RTX 2070 )


Some scenes feel so much better, but I agree about the blurriness issue. I'm really conflicted on this one.


I don’t even want to talk about forced TAA


Try using the sharpening tool in the GeForce Experience in-game menu. Should be Alt + F3.


That's without RT? It looks really nice. I have the same card, and I always use RT, as it makes some scenes look so much better, but it often dips below 60 with DLSS balanced (which doesn't look that sharp).


Don't use anything other DLSS Quality. The other settings really aren't that good.


Are you running the game in 1080p?




I can run in 1440p high settings and I get 70 to 90 fps consistent ryzen 7 5700xt


No you can't.


I really wish this game allowed vehicle customization.


And post character creation visual character customization - like a barber place on steroids.


Ikr, it's supposed to be an RPG afterall and immersion and customization is kind of a big part of it


It was supposed to be RPG. I expected New Vegas gameplay in GTA world. Got Far Cry gameplay in Fallout 4 world.


It's weird how accurate this description feels lmao


Yep. I really wish they just committed to the idea of making a first-person adventure game with Keanu Reeves. Instead of throwing half-baked RPG elements with little to no impact side quests. Don’t get me wrong though, some very good side quests in here. However, that doesn’t make up for the lack of role-playing this game supposedly offers.


Agreed. Or maybe have Johnny Silverband be the playable character like Geralt in the Witcher games? He is still his own character but you have a say in who he becomes and how the story plays out.


For me it’s one of the biggest parts really. I really like the game as a beautiful shooty mcdrivy sci-fi adventure game but as an RPG it’s SORELY lacking


Indeed. Didn't they change the whole genre after or right before launch? Lmao From RPG to an Open world story driven shooter or something like that


I think they made it “action-adventure”? Which, if it was that from the start would have been fine with me but as is it’s sort of like ordering lobster and the waiter brings you a really awesome burger. In my opinion, that is. I know a lot of people don’t even like the game for what it is and that’s valid too.


Yeah, agreed. I think it would've been great if it was supposed to be an action-adventure from the start or if they had just stuck with RPG and gone all in with those elements. Post character customization, car customization, buying a house, marrying Panam (for example), getting a kid etc. This could've been like this modern day Skyrim if they just seriously went all in and finished the game too. Like, there's car racing but it stopped even though it could've been developed into a much larger career type of thing. Same with boxing. And probably many other things. They did so much, but didn't get deep into those things which certainly makes this game feel more shallow. Imagine a super polished game like Ghost of Tsushima. It knows what it is. But what if there was an awesome system already built for buying and upgrading a home, protecting a village or something like that, but it was done extremely poorly. It was an additional feature, yet that feature instantly made the game feel less polished. So, quality over quantity, always.


Yep, you got it. They could easily expand this game to have more stuff to do like racing, boxing, careers and such. Instead they cut so much out that it's like a skeleton of a game. This game desperately needs more content


Wow, very well said. Sums up my experience with the game. I enjoyed it immensely but immersion is constantly broken by glitches, poor NPCs, and the shallowness of the world. Like, there are hundreds of arcade machines and you can't play a single one?!?!


Weird seeing how people coming from different game backgrounds. Boomer here who grew up on Final Fantasy 7, World of Warcraft, The Witcher.... None had all this character editing- the gameplay is what you got to choose, and I liked it and still like it that way. Have no time for Skyrim play forever sandbox games.


It was supposed to be an RPG until the big money who also got Keanu turned it into an action fps with rpg elements.


maybe Ripper Fingers can give access to post character customization.


Hopefully not by the [Ripperdoc Fingers](https://cyberpunk.fandom.com/wiki/Finn_Gerstatt) though, right? Story spoilers: >!Cause I punched that guy straight in the face last time I saw him and his services are now lost to me.!<


I murdered him, why can't I use him?


Killing the guy and not be able to use him is unacceptable, really kills the immersion i agree


People keep saying that...


If a mod could do it within a few weeks of release, i really have to imagine it'll be included in free dlc at some point, that was a wild realization when i wanted to change my hair color(character creator has some weird lighting) and there was nowhere to do it.


I really wish the game was complete and had more than 8 main missions before the point of no return


This would have given the game at least 10 extra hours of gameplay. Modder confirmed that it should not be very complicated to achieve. It just needs a simple garage /Workshop in game instead of having to reload files under /mods section.


theres a garage that isnt being used in viktors shop. might be used for future dlc where you can customize cars


It's meant to be coming in the future, they're supposed to be adding in all the cut content bit by bit


Source on vehicle customization update?


Pretty sure I saw it either on this sub or over on r/lowsodiumcyberpunk


Just something another user mentioned or was there a link if you recall? I'd like to have some hope that this can become what it should be... but it's been nearly 6 months and the game is basically still in the same state as launch, sadly.


Theres a leaked dlc list. Google that


I did. CDPR claims it is fake from what I read.




Is it really "insanely" better...or just..a little bit better?


It is not insanely, it is still the same game, maybe a bit more stable and that is all.


Hasn’t crashed for me at all


If that's the bar I don't feel great about this games future tbh


9 years of development and the game isn't fixed or completed half a year after release. Still buggy, still shallow.


lol well compared to how it was its better


Wow that's AMAZING


I play on ps5 and I’m going at 1 crash per hour


Insanely better is a HUGE overstatement. The game itself is essentially the same. Rn they’ve done the bare minimum to make it consistently playable


Don't get me wrong it would be good if this is true, but I find it hard to see a major overhaul ever happening which is what would be required for such a thing OP is hoping for


Wrong. The devs have explicitly said that the game will not have car customization, and have not stated otherwise ever since. It is not cut content. It is something thet didn't want in the game. Sure, they might change their mind, but they will announce if they do so. They haven't.


Yeah we can really trust the word of the devs


Actually no we were going to not only have a customisable apartment but also customisation of vehicular devices as well


And then they scrapped them and told players there won't be any.


That’s so stupid why have a game with a ton of cars you can buy but you can’t customise them




Vehicle customization, Hair customization, body customization, etc


i really wish the game allowed me to have fun


Is this a mod on pc?


Only the car


can you send a link to the car?




Lambo Terzo Mellineo a irl concept car with alleged self healing tech.


OP : The view is so beautiful. What if I stopped in the middle of the road ?


Cries in PS4..


Sobs in Xbox one...


Wails in mid tier pc


huzzas in lower-highend PC


Yee haws in high-end PC.


Laughs in Phone


Succumbs to darkness in decade old cinder block of a pc


Smugs in Stadia.


Cooms in RTX


Does it run well on stadia?


It runs really well. Obviously no rt, but it's a really smooth experience. The only issues I had were with the game itself. Like most other people.


Not trying to be rude but I really dont see any reason to be using Stadia over GeForce Now. If you get the membership you can play cyberpunk with rt on.


That's not rude. I've been a console player since the Atari 2600. Never owned a PC. I don't have a library of Steam games. So, for me and many like me, Stadia is the perfect next step. It's the streaming equivalent of a console. There's no queueing for rigs, no limits to how long you can play whether you subscribe to Pro or not. You can play literally anywhere with a screen, including the Premiere Edition allows you to play on your tv via Chromecast. Yeah, it might not be cutting edge (at the moment), but it's an extremely cheap and easy way to play games, and that's it's biggest selling point for me. It allows people who may not have the finances available to spend on the latest console or a decent rig to get into games. Just sign up and away you go. No limits (apart from the relatively small library compared to other platforms, but it's growing every week). I moved from PS4 to Stadia when I realised it meant not laying down £500 for yet another piece of hardware with a 5 year lifespan. Stadia gets a bad rap and I honestly don't understand why. I've had a buttery smooth experience since day one, whether I'm on the Chromecast or streaming on my phone via 4g.


Nice to hear some positive feedback about Stadia for a change.


Ha. We're out there. I can see why Stadia players get frustrated with the bad press. If consumers are constantly fed misinformation and negatives about the service then it'll struggle to be a success. I've heard so many stories about people who were able to finally get into gaming because of Stadia and that's a huge deal. Who cares what platform you're on? It should just be about the games.


I really enjoyed Stadia but had to cancel it because unfortunately my ip had a data cap and we started going over by huge amounts every month.


Living in the US must suck for so many multiple reasons. Including data caps.


I haven't played on PS4 for a couple months. Is there really no improvement?


It runs a lot better without the crashes and far fewer glitches. It's really a pretty fun game, but it still gives me toaster frame rate of there's too much going on and looks as good as an average PS4 game when there's not.


Reading the comments above it seems no one can run the game like this consistently unless they have a server room for a gaming setup so.... maybe your console ain’t so bad afterall!


I cant tell the framerate, but on PS5 i have no issues running at 60FPS whatsoever. We’ll see how that holds up when they update it for PS5 i guess


Laughs in ps5


Is the car modded?


yes, its lambogini terzio melinio or something very famous car, a concept car with self healing technology.




Terzo millennio* which means "third millennium" in Italian


Is that a reference to something? Or are they just saying that they made the "car of the future, the 3rd millenium"?


I have no idea, I’m guessing the second (we live in the third millennium, from 2000 to 2999). I just translated it to make the name a bit more obvious, in case people didn’t know the meaning of it


Ohh, makes sense. Still, a very weird name. I guess one of the meanings behind it could be "this car is gonna be so legendary that it will be remembered for the whole millennia" which would be even more awkward. Well, Lambo do what Lambo do


I think it’s a good name if the car is indeed memorable and revolutionary. And since it’s been produced at the beginning of the “third millennium”, why not play on that and give it a name that places it exactly in a specific period? I think I find it a nice name because I’m Italian though, it might indeed sound awkward everywhere else.


Agreed haha I just think it's an interesting gamble. The car is either gonna age like a fine wine or milk lmao I guess we'll just have to wait and see


Yeah, exactly. I’m not a car enthusiast, but the Wikipedia page lists new battery technologies (supercapacitors instead of lithium batteries) and autonomous driving as its main features, so that sounds pretty cool. Plus it looks very futuristic, so they might be onto something.


Okay yeah that definitely sounds really cool haha


Damn that's amazing, can't imagine a better setting for that car


I love that this game isn't just getting tons of hate on this sub anymore. It's just people who enjoy playing it


Beautifully Flawed. Still waiting to buy it when properly fixed.


It’s worth a proper play through dude.


Definitely gonna still buy just a patient gamer here 😉💯


So like never ??.. damn man i so wanna play it too but dosent feel worth the price its a very amazing raytrace in games showcase and thats all from what. I heard.. maybe i shud pirate it


Honestly, I would wait. Cyberpunk 2077 is a great case for being a PatientGamer. If it has any chance of redemption, it will need a year+ of intense redevelopment before it even has a chance of being a fully fleshed-out game. I don't even know if that will happen, given CDPR's recent behavior. They already made all the money they need to prove to investors that this game was a "success" - I don't really expect them to burn all of that profit fixing Cyberpunk, when they can get away with doing the bare minimum and move on. It's important to remember that CD Projekt is not the same scrappy, fan-focused dev they used to be. Money changes everything. After the insane success of TW3 and going public with their company, they attracted a lot of money-men that are only really here for the stock price. I remain hopeful that things get fixed, but I've seen this pattern of quality loss / greed before (Bioware etc) and it rarely ends well. CD Projekt is clearly not immune to it either.


They are indeed not immune to it, but I agree about waiting a year+. Cyberpunks launch numbers were amazing and unprecedented, but their next game launch, no matter how good it is, is going to be far weaker due to the jaded players and general distrust. ​ I really do think they will invest heavily into fixing Cyberpunk, only because they need to regain as much trust back as they can before their next release. If they totally fix the major issues and Cyberpunk has multiple years of being a great game then many players will literally forget about the bad launch, people forget about bad launches all the time, or at the very least stop caring once its fixed. Witcher 3's "Disasterous Launch" is mostly forgotten and replaced by "Best game ever made".


I have a feeling we may have another No Man’s Sky on our hands, but that may be a little too hopeful lol


Yea unfortunately thats what happened but am sure they fucked. Their own future hard by this.... Or maybe not.. atleast i willl ever again get hyped for a cdpr title again and i doubt i will ever buy one again


What exactly are you waiting for? The game is good to go. Not perfect. But not sure any game is these days.


It’s never gonna be “fixed” cause the game they promised was never there in the first place. They can fix all the bugs but it will be a mediocre game at best


After all the free DLC's and a few more rounds of bugfixes I think the game will be "properly fixed". Not necessarily what they promised but at least a game that can be experienced without much immersion breaking problems.


I dont agree. They can't fix bugs. It's been almost month without any, even small fix and the big ones didn't do much for PC either. If not made it uglier. OTOH i think the game itself is good. It lacks certain features but what is there is great. E.g. character emotion and facial animations were near perfect. So was music, mood and immersion in missions.


this game is so beautiful.... proceeds to KILL someone


With some of the major disappointments we faced with the game the city isn’t one of them. The team did amazing here


There are 2 types of people in this sub reddit. The ones that post glitches and ones that post cinematic stuff.


After I beat the game I just hopped in my car and drove around the city for an hour it's a great game.


\*cries in ps4\*


Me playing on a normal ps4


Is it still not worth buying on a PS4? I’m still holding off for when it’s fixed or I end up getting a PS5 at some point in the future


Still pretty shitty on ps4. I played like half of it trying to push through but ended up putting it down. My gf surprised me with a ps5 a few weeks ago and the difference is night and day. Not worth your money on ps4.


Not at all. And I say that as a big fan of the game. When it comes to buying this game, it basically needs next-generation hardware or rather higher-end hardware to enjoy it. I'm on a PC, mid-range ish, and I have a great time with it. But wait til you get a XSX/PS5 to buy for sure.


*Cries in PS4*


They need to hurry up with the ps5 graphics update!


Still waiting for that PS5 version 👋😃🔫


Its the type of place I wish would exist and I could visit...


Which makes the game extra disappointing. This could have been their GTA, their next amazing franchise. Instead it's a reminder of corporate greed, literally and ironically.


Corpo rats always ruining everything


Is there a list of buildings that can be entered?


it really is


Did my day 1 playthrough. Looking better and better every time I pop in to see how it's doing.


I love this game so damn much. I literally just drive around NC for the views. Lucky enough to be running it on a 3080 so it's just gorgeous. 😍


Best looking game maybe ever. I really hope they expand upon what they’ve built.


The city really is so detailed. Feels like a real city.






https://Nexusmods.com/site/mods/1 Download this then set it up for cyberpunk https://Nexusmods.com/cyberpunk2077/mods/2398 Then download this and it will show up in the mod section you just gotta press install And just find a video on yt where to get the car


The only reason why I want an ultra PC.


too bad i was playing with 50% res scaling ​ \*cries in 1050 ti\*


What road is this? I was driving around in a rainstorm looking for a skyline shot like this and couldn’t remember where to go


What car is that? I need it


I downloaded the same car mod but the wheels didn’t light up like this.


yea with a giant yellow floating dot ruining everything


Is there a new car?


[https://www.nexusmods.com/cyberpunk2077/mods/2398](https://www.nexusmods.com/cyberpunk2077/mods/2398) it is just a mod


It really is


That car is sexy


Which vehicle is that? A cyberpunk lamborghini?


First, where can I get that car? Second, the game is so much prettier (IMO) with the Blade Runner climate change mod. It would make that same view grittier, with fog, low hanging clouds and rain. Like the movies. So pretty, but in the eye of the beholder.


I really wish this game was longer. 8 main missions is way too short. I don't care what the devs say, they ran out of time and money not because witcher 3 was too long. So their answer to that was making the game too short? It just doesn't add up


“The sights are quite pretty up here in Night City; Have a glance, brain dance, to see some nice titties” - Keanu Reeves tripping and rapping on illegal substances.


agreed.. but once youve played thru.. it holds little interest.. at least to me. which is unfortunate as i really enjoyed my time spent playing.


People seem to forget you can't play this game unless you use Dsll which will make it possible to play on high settings with smooth fps. Such as i played it on ultra at 1440p at 60 fps mostly Of course no rtx but the game really doesn't need it My gpu is a 2070 super


Noob question but what car is that? Put like 150 hours on launch and haven’t touched it since and I don’t remember seeing it


Better if you hide almost all the UI (keeping the quest marker) and it does'nt prevent to play.


Dude was just vibin and smoking and you killed him lol


Could have been an incredible game, real shame.


beauty with no brains


It looks beautiful but it’s dead inside, like a fashion model


Wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle.


There's been a lack of large-scale updates recently, please don't just give up on the game CDPR!


They still haven't fixed that audio pop noise -_-


After the last few really disappointing games I have realized that this game was actually like really good


I did enjoy it when I played it and share your thought that it is indeed a very beautiful game. But I was still left with the impression that the game is currently just lipstick on a pig. I'm patiently waiting for them to fix the game, No Man's Sky style and/or mods, and will be very excited upon my return to this world.


Games being beautiful is such a low bar these days. Gameplay has and will always be what matters most.


Yup. Too bad there's nothing going on within.


Also so unfinished


Really is. Shame it’s all smoke and mirrors


yea but the gameplay is shit


Yeah it is a shame they managed to make everything "look" so pretty, but underneath it is a pile of shit.


Still waiting for it to be 1 dollar


It's beautiful but I find the controls janky, driving is ok fighting and shooting seems awkward. It makes me not want to play it


If not for the glitches this game could have be a contender for the goat and could have sold more than gtaV


If only it ran beautifully...


Too bad that after getting over the beauty of the level design, youre left with an ok story line and a few quests that tell you to go there and steal/kill something. After 60 hours ive done literally every single thing on the map and since this game doesnt have any sandbox time of system like police chases and stuff, the game is literally empty. Truly a shame.


If only it wasnt empty...


Haven’t touched this game since launch day. RPG my ass.


yet so empty


The prettiest puddle in all of Puddle Land


I'm kinda sad they canceled the Multi-player version of the game, this world is beautiful but I have no interest in playing through the single player again, besides it would've been great to eventually get an RP mod for Cyberpunk.


When you enter photomode, zoom on your character and the unloaded PS2 buildings appear in the background. Nah jokes, sometimes I still go and just drive around the city. It’s really pretty.


Look how shit the camera is when getting in and out of cars


It really is. And imagine if it was 100% complete.... or even 75%


Please buy our game.


Please buy our shitty unfinished broken empty cringey meme of a game


It has been 5 months... if you don't like the game I think it's time for you to move on