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I guess you could try to avoid thrusting too much. Since you can only slip out when you are removing too many inches out of him, which increases the chance for you to slip out. Wide thrusts are good, but smaller pushes with enough force are just as good. And do not, i repeat, do NOT reference your personal sex life with that of porn, EVER. If this feeling is too much, that you cannot reach what they can, then try to avoid it. Stop consuming porn for a while(i know, sounds difficult)


Everyone slips out sometimes, as a bottom I've found that when your partner is on his back you can put a pillow under his hips to get a better angle. In doggy you want your hips to be a little higher than his. And don't worry if you're not pulling out as far as possible, it feels good just being inside


Just having the dick in there it's awesome...


Like Joe said, try different angles. You guys can also try different positions. Have you tried the cowboy position? He’ll be mostly in charge of the depth but there may be less slippage. Also, the prostrate isn’t that deep inside so going back to angles, you’ll be able hit stimulate his during anal sex.


Stop trying to make porn happen, have sex


If your partner doesn’t seem concerned I definitely don’t think you need to stress yourself about it. It sounds like maybe you don’t have a ton of experience with sex which is perfectly fine. Everybody has to learn and there is only one way to get better. Practice often! Try different positions too. Remember to have fun. :)


Consider different positions as illustrated in the "Joy of Gay Sex," available on Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Joy-Gay-Revised-Expanded-Third/dp/0060012749/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=joys+of+gay+sex&qid=1626963888&sr=8-3#


Same size as you also top. Try different positions. You gotta get creative, get good at foreplay, and relax.


As other guys said, try different positions, that would help, him on top for example, i think that's a good one.


You don't have to pull far out try just 50%ish then abit more then less and different positions and foreplay maybe try some kinky fun dirty undies or some rope maybe some leather cuffs,could also have him take control abit,just find what works for y'all 🐺😈😋


I find it’s more comfortable as a top (and as a bottom) if the top supports their dick with a hand. Less likely to miss on re-entry if it slips out, and the bottom isn’t having their guts pummelled until you choose to let go and give them the full length. Sometimes having their knuckle knock against your butt cheeks is annoying, but that’s what communication is for. Adapt to each other and you’ll be fine.


Sounds like the bottom was a passed around