The worst type of people to encounter on the road...

The worst type of people to encounter on the road...

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"Cause of death?" "Suicide."


"Gene pool self removal."


I'm going to use that next time. Thanks.


Self-cleaning the gene pool by a future Darwin Award winner.


"Self Extracting Soul"


The suicide gene.


I think its just natural selection at that point


Are the Darwin awards still a thing?


Wtf... this is one of the more ridiculous things I’ve seen. I’m a pretty mellow guy but fuck this clip pisses me off.


Did you kind of want them to get hit?




I would definitely do a U Turn and get out of my car to ensure at least one of them does. Before they get someone killed...


I could be imagining things but I think this was a viral trend for awhile. Don't think it ever caught on to the extent of Tide Pods but I know this is one of many videos I've seen of people pulling this sh*t.


Playing chicken with oncoming traffic has been a "game" for decades


>....on to the extent of Tide Pods...... This sure is on the level of Tide Pods or Dry Scooping


Stupidity level sure, but not notoriety.


Sorry for my ignorance, but what’s dry scooping?


I assume it's where kids will try a mouthful of cat litter for Tiktok because they're fucking idiots. Edit - it's pre-workout powder, but my guess wasn't too far off.


Literally just a re-skinned cinnamon challenge


Nobody really ate tide pods until a bit late into the trend.


That sheriff at the beginning of the video didn't do anything


This is taking place on North Broad Street in Philadelphia. The officer you're seeing at the beginning is Temple University police. I don't know if they have any jurisdiction here.


It's Philly PD. They get paid a lot to do very little


It's Temple University police.


Cops don’t mess with inner city kids on dirt bikes, atv’s or whatever.. it’s policy.. go to any inner city neighborhood in the summer and you’ll find groups of people disobeying all traffic laws, flipping off cops right to their faces etc.. no one gets hurt, whatever but why these kids going straight at cars? Somebody just might her hurt


That's Temple University Police, just FYI.


Last car that pulls up before they cut the vid is a cop too. Maybe they're surrounding them to make a coordinated stop attempt?


Didnt a cop also turn the corner at the end?


Yeah a Ford Taurus. You're right








If someone runs in front of your car, I'm pretty sure you're in the legal right in most places. However, I don't know where this takes place, so I could be wrong.


I think the practical problem is, if there wasn't video and you couldn't find the other witnesses who saw what that kid was doing, the kid would claim that he was riding his bike normally and you ran him over. You would say "no, the kid was swerving in front of oncoming cars like a maniac," the jury would be like "lol, nobody does that" and you lose.


Dashcams are glorious


So are criminals that film their own crimes.


The fact that he'd be dead in the oncoming lane would be obvious


Definitely Philly.


They have this in Baltimore too. Bicycles and even more fun, dirt bikes.


Philly has that, but it's mostly ATV's. Philly created a program a few months back which started getting these ATVs confiscated finally, so there's that.


It was on the news this morning...$2000 fine and the vehicles will be confiscated. They are trying to figure out a place they can go with the vehicles but I don’t think they have a place yet.


We have dirt bikes doing it now in Massachusetts. The other day one of the kids actually pulled a gun and shot a driver that had confronted them.


Really happens in any city that isn’t gridlock like NYC




Between Pigtown and Patterson. Highland and back. Seen to many times to count.


Yup I live in Baltimore and I hear the dirt bikes almost every night


I 100% thought this was Baltimore. I grew up there many years ago.


100% temple’s campus. Broad street


Many factors go into play for this but it's also possible to sue them for damages to your vehicle. My friend hit a bicycler who flew out of a blind corner onto a main road a few years ago and his front end and hood was scraped/dented. Not only did he not get ticketed but he successfully sued the bicycler for damages to his car. He had dashcam footage, so that's likely the main/only reason he succeeded in doing so. The bicycler did survive but was hospitalized something like a month or so. A few of his family members gave him a real hard time about it because they felt like it was being too hard on somebody who was so seriously injured but, honestly, he was in the right. Fault is fault and damage to your vehicle is damage to your vehicle.


> A few of his family members gave him a real hard time about it If someone runs into my car and damages it, it's not my problem that they were injured. They are still paying to fix my shit.


Him getting injured doesn't fix your car. I can see not going for punitive damages or something like that, but saying that you should pay for his stupidity (which is what they are saying, make no mistake about it) is ludicrous. If they want to help that guy out, they should offer to cover damages.




It is if you " accidentally" "panic" and swerve


It's not that it would be legal, but definitely not in the wrong.


I was thinking about that too. I think weirdly enough, liability would fall towards the kid and the person in the car would likely win a lawsuit against them


And may be able to sue the kid or their parents for the damages and/or injuries plus time loss from work... Starting to look like someone should..... nvm Edit: spelling


As long as it can’t be proven intentional through clear video evidence (acceleration, swerving into etc)……


Hell, even if you swerved a little into them, at first it looks like they're headed right for the center of the car, and pulling to the left might make sense. Then they suddenly change directions.




They need to be lucky all the time. But fate just need one time to meets its destiny.


No, I keep hoping…….every time I reload!


Yes.....because he might damage the car.


It's wrong, and I feel the same. Nothing bad mind you, but a destroyed bike and a fall resulting in multiple abrasions (you know, the ones that are not serious but take forever to heal) would do wonders for future safety.


You’d think pain teaches wisdom but I’m afraid these idiots will never learn.


“I can’t believe that dude in the car hit me for no reason!”


Maybe a badly bruised tailbone. After experiencing it I realize it's probably one of the worst non-permanent injuries you can have as there is nothing that can be done really to treat it and it's painful/annoying as hell. Just sitting in a car makes every speedbump feel like you got stabbed in the ass.






The only problem with this (if it‘s like in my country) would be that the person who hit him would be guilty. Here, the bigger vehicle is always the „bad guy“.


This is in Philadelphia if that helps


I was gonna comment that but saw the mod post at the top saying any suggestions of violence would get you permanently banned. Even if it was in jest lol


He forgot to say he wants him to get hit in minecraft




There has to be a compilation somewhere, not the first time I saw a video like this.


The problem is not them getting seriously injured/killed, thats on them....the problem is the poor person that has to carry the guilt and trauma of killing them and the people they leave behind!


Or the person who gets killed when a car swerves into another car or motorcycle, pedestrian etc.


Sadly, the moment one of these fucksticks gets put into a wheelchair there will be an outcry about how drivers need to be aware of people on bikes. Want ever be these kids fault.


This is in Philly and there already is an outcry for drivers not paying attention. That said, this is stupid AF and has no part in the movement for safer biking in the city.


Do this in my country and if you’re not hit to death by a car , you’re getting beaten to death by the driver.


Sounds also like someone from Philly


An innocent robot can't go through Philly without being stabbed twice, shot at and ripped apart limb from limb...


Santa's not really welcome there either


In Nigeria, doing this is guaranteed to get you hit. No driver will slow down for you unless he/she doesn't want to damage the car


God damnit. I didn’t recognize Philly and the whole time I’m watching I’m thinking I hope this doesn’t become a trend in Philly. Guess I’ll have to be on my toes a little more when driving in the city.


So much this. If you can't follow the rules on the road, stay off it. I don't care what you're driving or riding on. If you do, it's your fault, not the driver following the law.


Don't lump us normal people that commute on bike with these suicide watch clowns


Don’t slow down. Could cause more of an accident behind you.




Props to these drivers not swerving into the other lane


The drivers in Philly are used to this, been going on for years


So you're saying I need a spoke poking stick if I ever drive through?


Or Mad Max spike rims


Repairs cost money and I have a very lavish lifestyle of fried food and weed




Let me guess. As soon as a vehicle hits them they play the victim.


Yep. Same with the quad riders flying through red lights. But when they hit someone they all go after the person that was hit.




Oh it's crazy. I was talking about here. I see them do that kind of shit all the time. It's because they know everybody hates them so instead of just not riding like fucking morons they get violent. But when one of them runs into the side of a truck going 100mph down Delaware Ave they get to go on the news and cry about people not looking out for them.


This is why dashcams are starting to come standard on cars.






What is the life expectancy of this type of human?


Too long.


Long enough to have kids and raise them poorly, unfortunately.


Long enough to breed, thus ensuring they don't go extinct.


Longer than expected


A kid did this to me. Scared the shit out of me


Now there’s video evidence. He’s dumb in all sorts of ways.


This problem will sort itself out sooner rather than later


Combined with the ATVs and dirt bike riders that don’t use headlights in the dark, these idiots on broad street have a death wish


Had some guy on a bike flip me off after I almost hit him at a stop sign. Pitch black, few street lights. I stop, see nothing, start going then slam on the brakes and he swerves around me. Dude was going fast as fuck down a hill where he can clearly see my car, and I can't see shit. Stops his bike and starts yelling at me so I drive off. That's when I learned why you're supposed to walk your bike across the road. Dude must've been in his mid 20s






how did i just KNOW that this was philly


I was almost positive, and then I saw the Temple flags. I’m a Temple grad, but it’s been awhile 😅


i’m almost always in center city/west philly but i saw the street signs and know that there are a lot of kids that do this in philly. it’s all fun and games until one of them gets killed


Would it not be very very evident in court that the driver wasn't the one at fault considering they twats filmed themselves wheelieing into oncoming traffic?


Yeah but you wouldn’t know it was being filmed at the time unless you maybe had a dash cam.


Dash cams are must these days. Idiots are everywhere.


Definitely gives you an edge over the ‘he say she say’ in court.


Ah, I thought that looked like Philly


Fuckin’ Philly


I knew those little shits looked familiar lmao


Somebody’s gonna door his ass one day.


I fuckin hate this trend of asshats doing wheelies on bikes in the middle of traffic.. what the actual fuck is wrong with people




You would damage your car and potentially get into an unnecessary legal battle.


The parents will be up in as about their “great kid” that is now dead because of the drivers “negligence “


Thank god for dash cams


This is what my feelings tell me: “hit em, they won’t make the mistake again”.


Yeah I feel like if you hit them it for sure wouldn't be your fault unless you were chasing them down or swerved into them, but even swerving into them though could be seen as just panicking in the situation.


Bold of you to assume I would stop and bother to figure out who's legally liable for it after making that slight accidental nervous twitch to the left.


The other big thing here is that they're recording it. It'd be very obvious that it wasn't your fault, that they had been just been barreling towards oncoming traffic. There'll be a legal battle, but I don't think the court would rule in the kids favor at all.


You have to make a reasonable attempt to avoid the collision (in this case hitting the brakes most likely) but yeah I definitely agree.


There is no way it would be the autos fault if they hit one of these idiots. I worked in an ICU in trauma unit for years. These stupid people have no idea how lucky they are that they are not paralyzed or dead. Stupid people are about to win a whole bunch of stupid prizes


True. I really do wonder if the "idk how I didn't see him there" would work lol. "Was checking my mirrors then BAM he's right there. I panicked"


Can't make the same mistake if you become roadwork.


Exactly. Spot on








hahah these fuckers are eventually going to get hurt.. please someone send me video when it happens


All fun and games until he gets paralyzed from the waist down or worse and the driver gets the blame. This Guy has a better chance of winning the Darwin award 2021 then most anti vaxxers.




**Jesus takes the wheel**


They trying to get killed?!? Damn just run them over.




i was hoping some1 will break his legs tbh


Goddamn, they are annoying.




That is not unpopular with me.


Did anyone else notice the cop waiting at the light on the left at the beginning? Man they really are useless sometimes


Thats Philly for ya.




I gotta say it looks fun to run over them. Just a little bump.


This is why everyone needs a dash cam




All it takes is one Amazon delivery driver being pushed to his absolute limits by “piss bottles” Bezos and this guy becomes a pavement pizza. See, everything has a silver lining, even the existence of ruthless living dystopias.




They need parents that care about them.


Id just speed upa bit and send the prick flying


No doubt when this kid dies everyone will say, “he had so much potential!”


Trying to get a payout.


They should try this to a Big Rig Truck, I guarantee they won't be able to swerve out of the way in time...


This makes my blood boil


You know it's spring in Philly when these kids start riding like this.


This his me especially much because I just got fucking hit by a car while riding my bike to work. Luckily the car was pulling out of a driveway and just didn't see me before they started to pull out, so there wasn't any actual speed nor was I badly injured.


So what's their defense if/when they get smashed? Like there's evidence you're doing it on purpose.


God I wish someone veered left...


I want to see him do that in a wheel chair


Hope his mom sees this.


I honked at a pedestrian the other day for walking across the middle of a stroad without looking and after causing me to come to a complete stop to not hit him. (He was likely baked off his ass, as a dispensary was his destination)


Really wish he would get taken out lol


At least squash one of them to lay down the law.


Speed up and hit them.


These seem like the kinda guys who mess around on the Subway and/or El tracks, having the potential to cause extreme emotional/psychological trauma to the average Subway Motorman by fucking around in front of a train




I feel like this video would completely void any possible lawsuit.


I feel that the camera would spontaneously not exist if the idiot got hit


What makes me so mad about this (seen it myself) is that if he makes a mistake it’s likely the driver goes to prison.


They would have to add assault and battery to my charges as well.