Quazapher - A unique and rewarding guardian of structures in minecraft.

Quazapher - A unique and rewarding guardian of structures in minecraft.


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Nah ı dont like this, most place on minecraft is supposed to be ancient and empty ruins, and unlike ocean monument most temple not even big and important enought to have a guardian.


The mob itself is kinda too complex. I also feel the taming part, is quite overpowered due to its health and attacks. The mob also takes away some of the uniqueness of the structures, it wouldn't fit well with monuments, jungle temples and the igloos and would probably make the structures more annoying. Another criticism I have with this is the design of the mob, it just doesn't look fitting with these structures.


Ya know what.. Its not just another boring "cute mob" like the panda or the fox, nor is it a pre-fix mob like the drowned or the glowsquid, so... \+1


This is a great idea but it would be nice if the Qauzapher could come in mixed forms if you breed two different forms.for an example,say you had a burrowing and snow qauzapher and you breed them you will get a mix between the snow qauzapher and the burrowing qauzapher


That would be cool but than I'd feel people would lash out saying it's a mod. Already have two dislikers above. Thanks though.


Tip: you can use Ctrl+P to take a screenshot in Blockbench.


I'll let the artist know. Thank you.