Will the reddit API ever get a overhaul?

Will the reddit API ever get a overhaul?


It's very unlikely. Reddit isn't really interested in third party tools accessing their service since they don't make money off them. The engineering cost to rebuild their whole api would be massive and they already made the decision not to do it years ago when they started on the redesign.


They'll probably shut down the public APIs to make non-reddit owned apps and bots impossible first.


If Reddit shuts down bots then the entire site goes to hell immediately. All major subreddits rely heavily on bots for automated moderation since Reddit is notorious for not giving mods the tools they need to manage large communities.


And then turning a blind eye to vote manipulation subs because they see karma limits as outdated as supposedly the spam filters are really good now and users need a way to get around subs that still use karma limits.


They still couldn't ever do that fully, people will just copy what the official website does or official app


Sure, but it would be a severely diminished experience. Scraping and using private APIs that can change over night are always going to be a huge pain vs. an open public API.


Hopefully not, all my scripts will break :( What part of the docs are you having trouble with?


Haha, I feel your pain. Many APIs that I worked with before changed and broke several of my projects. What my problem is that, it just feels ancient when compared to other APIs (spotify/twitch/stripe/etc). I also have to rely on third party wrappers (PRAW), which is more dependencies I have to worry about. I am just hoping they very slowly change the API, to not break existing projects and better document what exactly each endpoints do and show us what each response objects are.


What I like about reddit's API is how easy to use it is. >I also have to rely on third party wrappers (PRAW) Why do you *depend* on PRAW? I built my own wrapper, it was pretty easy. Handles all JSON and is < 75 lines of Python. It is nothing compared to PRAW though.


It's more than 75 lines? How many more?


less than, my apologies. it has been a long day :)


You're right, I don't have to rely on them. I usually do make my own wrappers for APIs I use. Getting started with the raw reddit API was pretty rough at first but I have a functional postman collection setup now, for some of the endpoints that I find useful/might use in a future project.


What’s confusing about it? It is a pretty straight forward RESTful API. It would be nice if responses were documented but that wasn’t a big deal, just hit the API and took the response and ran it through https://www.jsonschema2pojo.org/ that generated Java objects with appropriate Jackson annotations which takes care of JSON parsing. Then just created my own wrapper to hit the API.


I'm trying to post images using the api is that possible?