I'm New What this podcast about?

I'm New What this podcast about?


The podcast mainly discusses the hosts' lives (past and present) and things in the news; it has games and "odd" characters. The humor is really dark, so be warned that this isn't the loveable Impractical Jokers Q you see on TV or even What Say You. There are many unpopular opinions and anti-PC sentiments from the hosts (more so early on). The other hosts are Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan who were most recently on a show called Comic Book Men. They are childhood friends of filmmaker Kevin Smith and were in some of his movies. Walt and Bryan have been friends since 5th grade. Bry and Q have known each other since Q was 19. The humor comes from the history these guys have and the general way they talk about things. They (occasionally) have different people on the show that aren't famous but are weird or zany enough to make interesting conversation. The humor stems from ball-busting "guys being guys" to devil's advocate-type discussion. They have a general attraction to quirky people. It's really hard to describe a podcast like this, so other listeners will also jump into these comments.


Just remember that the hosts will never ask you for anything, and you can't go wrong.


And they'll definitely get it right next time


It’s a male gossip show about a suburb in New Jersey. They play games and also have a collection of sideshow characters


That's an amazing description.


This is the most succinct and accurate description of TESD I’ve ever seen.


It’s not about a suburb in New Jersey really is it?


Prepare yourself... to think laterally


wow, this makes me lol, literally. great comment!


The podcast is hosted by the most normal man in the world. If that’s not a selling point, two words: Sunday. Jeff.


I’ve listened for 11 years and ask the same thing.


Just beware that the Q you know from IJ is not the Q on this podcast, especially in the beginning.


The show is about a guy named Bryan who is clinically depressed. He smokes pot and then debates various topics with his straight edge friend Walter. Periodically you will hear their sound guy (and full time firefighter) Brian chime in with a witty comment


You're gonna realize that you came for Q, but you'll fall in love with Walt. I got dibs though, so don't get any fancy ideas.


Exactly this! I found my way over the same way, through Jokers and WSY and started listening for Q...and then before I knew it, it was all about Walt. :)


And I would start at the beginning since the humor comes from knowing who these guys are. A better introduction would be some early Smodcast episodes (Kevin Smith's podcast) where Walt and Bryan were on as guests... Smodcast 13, 14, 24, 25, 26, 33, 34 just to get you started. Welcome (hopefully) to the Anthill.


I'm pretty sure you have to buy a mini Prussian kissing skull before you're allowed to start listening to the pod.


TESD is about thinking with your wallet, and never going wrong.


usually about an hour


I literally came to this podcast the same exact way. All I can say is just give it a listen from the beginning. It takes a few episodes for the guys to really hit their stride but once they do you will be hooked. I have listened to the entire catalogue of TESD numerous times. I've only listened to what say you twice all the way through. The guys tell stories about their lives and give their opinions on things. There's no real formula but it somehow just works. Please update us on what you think.