Touma did his best in Gt4?

Touma did his best in Gt4?


He is made dumb intentionally again to give othinus chance to roast him,but till where i read he was pretty awesome. Don't hear what random people say. I remember people hating touma because he said he didn't wanted to die in gt2.


>I remember people hating touma because he said he didn't wanted to die in gt2 People hated him for saying that?? Honestly I was a bit relieved hearing that Touma also fears death like a normal human, makes his character & his actions so much better


I remember reading something like "he wasn't scared while fighting othinus, why he is scared now?" "He was good before in nt but he is kinda trash now" It was like after 5 days of gt2 release i think At that time i just started world war arc so i didn't had any context of what is going on.


It is stupid to criticize him for that, they are all afraid of dying, but facing that is what makes him a hero, when he showed weakness it was one of the best scenes in the volume.


They can't find anything to hate on him so use dumb reason to hate on him.


Tbh he knows how it is like to die. So he doesnt even want to experience death. And St. Germin will make hi paralysed. So he was scared. Haters gonna hate


And also at that time he knew what would be outcome and also no one would've cried for him at nt9 even if he died. But now he had people around him to protect


Don’t listen to bullshit talk about random peiple


What? First I heard of this


1. Don't spoil yourself like this or else you are going to be reading stuff with such opinions in your mind. 2. Reading some comments I can assure you that people saying stuff like Touma acting dumb are nitpicking comedy shenanigans. 3. Again, don't spoil yourself like this.


honestly touma didn't act that dumb in GT4. he felt pretty normal