It is not romantic/cute to take food from my plate.

It is not romantic/cute to take food from my plate.


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So funny, my daughter feels the same way. Don’t eat off her fucking plate


Same. Don’t touch my food. It’s one thing to offer to share another if someone just reaches. You ask get people who like to say “you didn’t bring any for me? You gonna share?” And when you say no they get offended.


Ohhhhhhh, you didnt bring enough for the class to share?? Too bad, you cant eat it. /s


That always made me mad in school. Number 1 duh I’m not eating it right now anyway it’s for my lunch. Number 2 it’s not my parents job to feed them so why would I????


I know right? Having to bring one for everyone in order to bring it for yourself to eat, isn’t even the fair solution, in this situation. The fair solution is everyone in the class being *allowed* to also bring the food item in question, if they/their parents wish to do so.


I’m saving this one


I know you're just joking, but a teacher of mine actually said that when I brought a snack and shared with a friend but not another random classmate. She shouted at me for being unfair then banned me from bringing snacks to school... Still salty over it


I brought in left over pizza for my lunch at work the other week. Some random in the lunch room pulled the "where's mine? Hur de hur" I just deadpanned him and said "at the shops"


I once bought several pizzas for myself as it was a really good deal. A friend, at that time, and roommate walked into the room as I got home. I told him he could have some pizza. I bought several kinds. His complaint, no Hawaiian? You should have ordered 1 if you were going to share. Me: I ordered them for myself, I'm being kind by offering any at all. You didn't pay for them, I did.


Why are people like this? I would wind up my fist and take a flying rage run at him.


Why do people do that? Why are people so interested in what other people bring for lunch?


As he deserves imo


I took my friend to a concert for her 16th birthday. It was a pretty expensive ticket but, she was my best friend and I thought it was a great gift. She brought $40 and spent it on an overpriced tour shirt, as one does. But then I got food, and she didn't have enough money for some. I shared with her, but she later threw it in my face in a fight that I brought her to a concert but couldn't even buy her dinner......


Are you still friends?


With friends like that, who needs a dominatrix?


Dude some rich mommy boy I tried to befriend at the last school I visited did that shit to me. People shared food, so i went there and shared some too. Eventually, they stopped asking and just helped themselves. At one point I had some baked goods and was about to take a bite, he sauntered over, snatched it away from my mouth and took about 2/3 of it. I almost bit bis fingers because I had not planned to share this particular treat. The pull was so forceful, that large chunks of the rest fell off, on the floor and I ended up with only about a mouthful left in my fingers. When I started yelling at them, they pretended I was the rude one for not sharing, despite me only ever bringing shit and hardly taking, because I never just make a grab for shit, but ask first. Plus: I lived off my own money and not off my rich as fuck parents. The friendship ended right there, they shunned me like I was pestilence on two legs. *Grumble


There is a huge difference between sharing food and taking something out of someone’s hands. Out of reflex from dealing with my brother and sister growing up I probably would have slapped it out of his hands.


same with my golden retriever


Amen. I eat strategically. Don't mess with my food.


I always keep the best part of the food for last and am really exited about my last bite. My husband always eats fasted than me (too fast to digest the food imo, but not my body) AND THEN has the AUDACITY to try to grab one of my last bites! I told him many times that it is incredibly unfair to eat your food fast abd then go stealing my food. I think he now got it, but it took like 8 years of relationship...


I used to do the same thing until I realized it forced me to over eat because I was always finishing the meal to get to what I wanted the most and by then I’d be full and not want it as much. Now I stopped and eat my favorite thing first and it’s much better.


He always finishes sooo fast (the food I mean lol...) and then starts looking at my plate hoping for some leftovers! Makes me so angry but I do always leave him some cause you know, love and stuff 😑


ikr?? My bf and I often share food. A simple hover and eye contact is enough to get a yes or no lol. Once my boyfriend grabbed the nacho I was saving for last and I grabbed his hand and explained that's *the chip*, my last chip, and he immediately put it down and I gave him a different one instead. Just a little communication can make food stealing fun instead of stressful and rude...


This part of the post isn’t getting enough attention. Really nice to hear other people do this too


Don’t grab the pepperonis off the pizza. I didn’t order a cheese pizza


#Joey doesn’t share food


"Hey look, I take a girl out she can order whatever she wants. The more the better! Just don't order a garden salad and then eat my food! That's a good way to lose some fingers."


I don't know how apocryphal the story is, but my uncle has a four small scars on the back of hand he got trying to steal something off my grandmother's plate.


I was just about to say that's a real good way to get a fork to the back of the hand lol! Or the start of an epic fork sword fight!


Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You stole my fries. Prepare to die.




Why are you the way that you are?




You’re the *wooooooooorst*!


Tajikistan is off! Tajikistan is off!


Live audience actually


It had a live audience but they'd still cut the applause and move it around. Sometimes a joke wouldn't get the right kind of laugh, or too much or too little laughter so they'd either grab one from an archive or swap the ones in episode around.




I came here to say this. You read my mind!


Only read the title and instantly came down here. I knew it would be one of the highly upvoted comments lmao.




What you need to do is order a plate of fries for the table. Like a fry buffer.


I was scrolling through the comments to see if anyone already made this joke... And you beat me to it lmao


Was going to say the same thing. Her eating off his plate on the first date without asking really pisses me off lmao


I literally have friends on in the background while reading this and you beat me to it!


OP, I get where you're coming from. I like sharing my meal with my partner (It can enhance a meal if you sample each other's dish) but I hate bad manners. Taking someone's food without permission is rude.


Yeah in my family we always offer a piece of what we have to each other, just for them to try it. But don’t take food off of my plate without asking.


My wife’s family does this and it drove me nuts at first. We’d go to a restaurant with 10 people and there’d be 100 versions of “would you like some of…”


Bruh... When they do it with ice cream.... /shudder No, just no.. You cannot lick my goddamn ice cream cone!


My family did it with a bowl of soup once (thick ass New England clam chowder) same spoon and everything. When it was my turn I passed it on and said looks yummy! 😋


That I agree with; no thanks grandma I’m not gonna get bird fed soup from you


And I'm pretty sure I saw a couple spoonfuls going back in the bowl with a little soup on the spoon still! 🤢


That's the secret ingredient


A few extra "clams"!!! Yummy


Oh hell no....that soup is over


I’d tell them to lick it all over


My ex wife would always say she didn't want fries with her entrée. But then she would proceed to steal half of mine after we ordered.... If you want fries, order fries. If you know you're gonna steal mine, let a brother know so that I am able to figure out if I may want to order extra, knowing half of mine are to be pilfered...


Right? I went from ordering a medium fries to a large just so I can enjoy a smallish order


There’s a local restaurant near me with a menu item named “my girlfriend says she’s not hungry”. It’s a half order of fries you can add to any meal.


First off, I don't think couples should help themselves to each other's food just cuz it's available, but if it was a predictable thing, did you ever start ordering larger sizes knowing she was going to do the same thing she always does?


I'm a finger smacker myself.




Same. My boyfriend and I both ask to try each other’s meals, and then at some point when we’ve both had enough food we will let each other take as much as they want. It’s a nice little system :)


Agreed. My husband and I generally always order something each of us wants half of, so it’s no big deal. It’s the same way people order appetizers. But if you’re not in agreement amount how it will go down, then it’s not ok.


My ex got pissed at me once because i ate all my fries first before eating my burger. She didnt order fries. She was like "you did that so o couldnt have any!" Damn straight, i asked if you wanted to order some, you said no, i knew your plan and outplayed you. Sucks to suck.


get good


Fucking scrub, gg no re


I have asked women about this, it's because they feel guilty ordering it, thinking they can just taste yours. So, order extra so she can have some of yours and not feel like a pig. It's how I try to do it sometimes.


Play to win brother....


I see she's an ex for a reason


There is a pattern in this thread. Many start with "my ex used to do [this]..."


She slept with my fries!


Greasy slut


She met him while on a trip to Paris


I'm not saying we broke up with them BECAUSE of the food issue, I'm just saying it definitely didn't HELP


Daddy why did yoi take my fries


You ate them. And you made me cry.


Daddy do you even love me?~ Well I wish you'd show it~ Cause I wouldn't know it~


What kind of dad eats his daughter's fries And doesn't look her in the eyes?


Well daddy, there were tears there


If you saw them would you even care


*.sad beatboxing*


Gunter why did you gunt my fries. I gunted them and they were mine. What kind of gunt gunts his gunters fries?


This is the first thing I thought of. Come along with me…


I'm food aggressive and I'm embarassed about it. Thanks for posting this.


Don't be embarrassed. It's an evolutionary trait


Thanks spaghetti, I try not to be too bad but I get angry when I'm hungry.


Have you tried a snickers?


Can I offer you an egg is these trying times?


Touch my food, feel my fork and that goes for anyone


Touch my food, then feel my butter knife penetrating inside of you as I injected hot melted butter in your wounbs.


Shit just got real








I mean, if you want me to use your fork to take your food, sure, but that's a weird request


"Touch my chedda, feel my baretta" a quote that I feel like belongs here.


ESPECIALLY AFTER I ASKED YOU IF YOU WANTED ME TO ORDER YOU YOUR OWN PORTION OF THE FOOD. Seriously. Idk if there's a name or phrase for that feeling you get in your psyche over this. I know I shouldn't care too much but I'd seriously rather buy you your own damn portion even if it costs me extra and you only eat two bites of it rather than taking from my precious 2 bites. Of course I wouldn't start any drama over it


"Want me to order you some of x" "No I'll just have some of yours" Since when was that an option?


>"No I'll just have some of yours" They forgot to say that one out loud


There’s probably a German word for it. The moment someone steals food off my plate is the moment I stop eating with them, or if I do, I’m getting what ever I’m eating as extra god damn spicy. I can handle it, but I know most people can’t. Burn bitch.


I don't know any, but you could use something like Essensbewachungsinstinkt. Which just means fodd protection instinct.


I think Futterneid would be an appropriate word for this ^^


I grew up very poor. And with my siblings, any meal time was a free for all. As the youngest, I usually ended up hungry. I want to say this is not indicative of my mothers parenting whatsoever, it was just a scenario of being the youngest/smallest and taking a little, eating it, and then realizing when you wanted more it was gone. But that being said, with my husband now, we have literally had fights because I’m so protective of my food. I try to be rational and remind myself it’s not like that anymore, but it’s also something super hard to unlearn


I 100% agree Not my wife but whenever I go somewhere with my mum I ask "ok do you want anything?" "No" So I order for myself enough to fill me She then proceeds to eat HALF MY MEAL so now I'm still a bit hungry but too full to irder another meal and if I call my mum out I'm a selfish asshole So Now I just always order spicy food because she hates spicy food Lo and behold, suddenly she started ordering her own food I don't mind sharing food, what I do mind is jf a person communicates a specific thing to me but then expects me to do the exact opposite. I'm not a fucking mind reader, I was taught that no means no so no means no, you can't tell people that no means no except when you want it to mean yes and that you're expected to magically know which one means which each time. Communicate clearly "Are you hungry?" "A bit but I don't wanna order a whole meal" "Ah ok then I'll order an extra large meal for myself and we can share" Not that fucking hard is it.


It's not the sharing, it's the lying!


Its not even just that its also the "teehee its not a big deal to me therefore it shouldn't be a big deal to you" mentality that follows and then the exact opposite "oh now that I'm being confronted about this its suddenly a big deal, you asshole" that shows up. Why is basic human decency so hard for people.


https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/ms3uyk/reddit_has_turned_into_people_ranting_because/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf This you?


Damn. Caught him in 4k 📸


You're getting 20 to life for what you just did to this man.




Which redditor took a piece of food off your plate?


Damn bro. Fucking got em.


What a hypocrite.


Stop it, you might ruin his psyche lmfao




Believe it or not, there *is* a limit to how much one can masturbate in 24 hrs and then what do they do?


that's 90% of reddit




oh nah he really hit them with the “this you?”


Haha he was just like “yep”. Bro knew he just got called out on his shit.


I reeeeeally wish I had an award. LMAO


I don’t share because it’s my meal and if I share then I’ll be hungry later


This is big thing for me I knew how hungry I was I can't see inside your brain. I hate wasting food so i can't just order 3 times as much to prevent you from leaving me with less than I wanted. Just order what I want and I find it funny that so many people without the courage to order what they want just say well tell them. Because it done largely so they can "order" skinny but eat as much as a real person. Its less shameful to steal than it is to order full portions. That said it rarely works think they are being funny/cute and just laugh and keep on grabbing.


Totally agree. I'm planning on enjoying every mouthful of my food so don't play.


I'm like Joey from friends. NICK DOESN'T SHARE FOOD lol




I usually wait until offered or will ask if I'd like to try it. That being said my husband knows I always want a bite and will usually offer. He calls it his "snackrifice".


IMO all depends where your relationship is at with the person. I'd say at least 3 dates before you feel as if you can nonchalantly just snatch food off my plate. I've dated a few women that would do this but by the time they did it I was so comfortable around them it wasn't a big deal because I understood the intention was to annoy me as a joke; it wasn't out of malice or disregard for boundaries. I like having that playfulness in a relationship. She snatches food off my plate, I replace all of her wet wipes with regular toilet paper. All's fair in the Law of Equivalent Annoyance.


Replace all of her wet wipes with normal toilet paper? ...wut


IME its the small seemingly insignificant things about someones routine you can fuck with that will send them over the edge. That's what I look for


Oh yeah, it's all about knowing the other person and what they can tolerate. Some people find that kind of thing is intolerable, other people it's totally normal, some people find it playful.


I grew up food insecure and have a big problem sharing food as a result. If someone took food off my plate without asking, they might get their hand bit off


“I don’t need fries, I’ll eat a few of yours”. No the [email protected]@k you won’t!


Me and my wife allways swap a couple bites


My wife and I will order two different dishes, eat half, then swap plates.


This, it's awesome and a great way to try new things ... If my partner is feeling it, of course.


Done that a couple time I mean hey when ur with some one long enough stuff kinda just happens


I shout "Stop the Steal" when my girlfriend would do this. She quickly stop doing it.


I agree. For me personally, the insult to the injury is that stupid kind of “look at me, I’m so cute/silly/quirky” laugh - no, you’re just a rude and childish person, not cute at all. I hate this done to me, and I hate seeing it done to other people.


Agreed. I would never take from someone's plate without asking. >By doing that, you have ruined my psyche and my whole meal because I usually plan my bites and how I’m going to eat it. This sounds a little overboard though, I might be a little annoyed but it shouldn't ruin your whole meal.


I save chicken skin for last because it’s my favorite and I’ve done for over 20 years and if someone took it it would piss me off.




Yes, this agree with! There is a HUGE difference between taking a fry from a plate of fries and taking a single ingredient or item from a plate thinking that you are so 'loved' that you get to do that. No, not cool.


ChIcken skin is a weird thing to want off of someone else’s plate


it's delicious, and I think a lot of food-takers assume it's up for grabs because of the people who save it for last


Reminds me of that South Park episode when Cartman ate all the chicken skin from the KFC bucket and left the rest.


Yeah, I'll often save my favorite part of a meal to eat last, so even if I'm open to sharing a bite earlier on I'll be pissed off if someone steals the part I was especially looking forward to. I am usually open to sharing a bit of my meal, or to splitting something with a friend, but I get annoyed if people don't ask or if they start taking too much of my meal. I try not to order more than I can actually eat, so I'll be left hungry and unsatisfied if other people take half of it. If you think you'll want more than just a bite or two, let me know so I can order enough for us both!


True asf, I am still a young'un but food all the way


Ask, sure fine. Just take something without asking, you lose a hand.


Or when parents/friends do it and act all confused when you get mad. I eat my food in a particular order, and like certain foods more than others. If you want something from my plate it’s not hard to ask.


Yah I learned that the hard via my wife, it’s not cute. I apologized.


I know. Like you stop for ice cream, she says she doesnt want any, yet she wants to " Just have a taste" and proceeds to eat half of yours. Yes, calories still count even if its your husbands.


Went on a date with a guy to my favorite restaurant and he tried to SWITCH plates Bc he thought it was a cute date idea. I told him to fuck off


It's the quickest way to get to fork through the hand land.


Same. I was on a first date with a girl, we each had a plate of food..and then she proceeded to steal food from my plate. I was so put off she asked what was going on and I told her I didn't feel comfortable with it. She then lectured me on how I was abnormal, it;s cute and romantic for a girl to take food from your plate, and that there was something wrong with me. To me, it looked like she had no respect for my boundaries; worse, when it was pointed out, she accused me of being \*abnormal\* for not having the same boundaries as she did. She didn;t ask for a second date, but she wasn;t going to get one anyway. Look, if we specifically buy one plate of food to share, sharing is fine. But if you have food of your own and still steal from mine, I see someone who cares not for other people's boundaries, and in addition quite possibly will have the notion that "what's mine is mine and what's yours is ours" - not really something I want from a life mate.


I hope you split the check on that date, but either way you dodged a bullet. She did something that was a faux pas, but then tried to gaslight and say not only was she in the right, but that you were the one being ridiculous.


I think we did split the check. Yes, looking back 20 years I'm still convinced I made the right choice.


As a woman, it irritates the living shit out of me. Boyfriend says I can take whatever I want from his plate, but it's so rude not to ask. I always make it a point to ask first because I'd rip his fingers off if he took food from my plate without asking. It's not cute, and when people do it to me, I make an extra effort to make them seem as inconsiderate and rude as humanly possible in order to force them to reflect on their actions, especially in public, because I am a very small and petty person, and I will not tolerate invasive manners.


Nobody should ever reach onto someone else’s plate. Completely rude and disrespectful


Of course being rude isn’t cute. Be polite and ask first.


I'm food aggressive like a dog


I sense some food aggression. *rolls up news paper.




I'm a girl and think it's not romantic at all. It's sort of gross, like I don't know if you washed your hands. I hate it when people just take food off my plate without asking, it's rude. I also hate it when people ask to take food off my plate to begin with... it's a polite/rude paradox.


I dislike it the most when they say that they're not hungry/don't wanna order but keep mooching of my plate but when I offer them their own meal they refuse.


That's easy, shut them down. When they get grabby with your food, smack their hand with your silverware. They will get the message quick.


this really popular bro


remove this bro


I agree - there's nothing attractive about a severed finger.


I slap hands that try to encroach upon my plate. SO, kid, pet... doesn't matter. You have your own, leave mine out of it. It grosses me out to have someone put their hands in my food


I think I would agree with this, but my wife is gluten free due to having Celiac disease so she usually can’t eat what I’m eating


As a teenager I rudely grabbed some food off a males friend plate - yes I thought I was cute enough to pull it off. He stabbed me in the hand with his fork. I had 4 small holes in my hand. Broke the skin. Did I deserve it? Hell yes! Lesson learnt, don't touch others food and don't touch mine.


It's amazing how many "cute" things are really just being inconsiderate or selfish. After 13 years I still have to deprogram my wife from all the rom com crap she watches. Shoving your feet in my face for a foot rub at 10 p.m. after me having a hell of a day watching the rugrats and managing the house isn't cute, it being a demanding prick. The least you can do is ask for the favor...


I know Louis CK was canceled, but does anyone remember that episode, where he’s at the pool in a resort and someone just walks up to him and grabs strawberries off of his plate *while* asking him if she can have a strawberry?


I agree with you, OP, except for the “especially females” comment. Was that really necessary? My first husband did that to me all the time and I hated it. This is not a gender specific issue.


I'm a woman and if someone wants to share my food off my plate, they need to ask first or I'll be offended. I think this issue has way more to do with person's culture than with gender.


Also bias, OP is likely a guy who dates women. So their only example of it is with women. Personally. I know guys do it too, my brother is the fucking worst for it.


Or boundary issues, as in: they have no boundaries and violate yours


My ex would never bring something to drink even when I mentioned he ought to and then would always just take “a sip” from what I had…. Except his “sips” were like half my drink and then I’d end up without anything left to drink. My ex is my ex for many reasons. Lol


I hate when your at a restaurant and someone is like "I don't like mine, let's swap" or they just take some without asking


If this is a problem, let her know. If she loves you, she will change her ways. If not, maybe find a new girlfriend. Are you overreacting? Maybe. But at the same time this is 100% a reasonable boundary to set. If you set this boundary and she doesn't respect it, she doesn't love you how you think she does. But something tells me you haven't told her this bothers you.


I also save the food I like best, for last. Every time my family makes fun of me for eating one thing at a time, there is always someone else there who does the same. My thought is that I don’t want to mix flavors in my mouth. Otherwise you might as well mix it all into glop and not cook it separately. So I eat the least favorite first, with the thought I’ll have the best thing last and it’ll be the flavor that lingers till i can brush my teeth. I’ll stab someone trying to snag food off my plate. It’s likely the thing I like most. I also hate when people do this after turning down an order of their own. “No, I’m not hungry. You get something. Oh, I’ll just eat a bite of yours. It looks so good.” “Nope. Go hungry”😃


More like "Nope, your not hungry, you told me AND the waiter so".


You wouldn’t lie to the waiter would you? He’s never lied to you. Not once in your entire relationship, have you…Kyle?…have you? No, I didn’t think so. He even told you the specials tonight. Theyre special and he doesn’t just tell anyone. . . Be quite Kyle. You’re not helping your case. Anyway, you told me and more importantly, Kyle, that you weren’t hungry. I think eating right now would prove us all fools. No, I think you should probably keep your hands away from my sweet potato fries.


I have a friend who does this ALL THE TIME. Not even my S.O. but whenever we eat chicken together I eat the skin last and she would literally grab the chicken skin off my plate. After a few times I've been avoiding eating chicken infront of her.


Sounds like you have deeper issues. “Planning bites”? Eat alone


You’re an idiot - the more generous you are with your food, life, etc. - the more generous she is with her blessings.


A couple of fries or something I don’t care about. But, I generally hate sharing food. I also hate eating pizza with a group.


> I also hate eating pizza with a group. I only hate it if I'm not the one buying. If I'm buying, I'm gonna make sure there's **enough**. Not just "hey everyone gets a slice!". I'm talking 3-4 slices per person. Once, we had 34 people at my buddies house for a party, and he ordered **4 pizzas**. That's not even enough for one slice per person! I called the place back and asked for 10 more pies.


Right. Me too. I’m talking more like you’re at a meal with coworkers at a pizza place. I feel so self-conscious about reaching for more slices than everyone else. Depending on the size of the slice it’s 3 slice minimum for me. (Though I can make a meal of two if need be. I’m not unreasonable.)


> By doing that, you have ruined my psyche and my whole meal because I usually plan my bites and how I’m going to eat it. i think you should talk to someone. not trying to be judgmental but food really shouldnt be stressing you out like this. you never just wanted a fry without getting a whole order? sharing things is part of forming relationships. its one thing to not want someone to eat your food because your hungry, or don’t want to share germs. i think your post makes it clear that its more about control.


If I wanted a fry , I would ask before taking. It’s common courtesy and there’s the principle.


i agree that its nice to ask before taking. I’m not saying that they’re in the right if they try. I’m just saying that it seems like this food stuff is causing you a disproportionate amount of anger. the stuff about planning every bite and having your meal and psyche ruined by any disturbance sounds stressful. its no insult by any means to suggest professional help, I’m just saying that its helped me with difficult feelings too. doesnt mean you’re ever obligated to share your stuff, more for you, so that small things like this don’t get to you as much.


You’re saying you never looked through your Starbursts and set aside your favorite flavor to eat last? And if someone came by while you were savoring your second-favorite, next-to-last flavor, and they grabbed your favorite one that you were specifically saving, you wouldn’t be ticked off? I thought that was a universal human experience.


Chill it with the armchair psychology


Well we do eat to survive and not being in control of your own food can lead to feelings of food insecurity. It's a similar feeling that those with very limited access to food feel.