What is the best worst card?

What is the best worst card?


My love/hate relationship is with Psy-frame gear gamma. It's great if you can stop your opponent or protect a search with it. It just becomes bad If I can't use it because my opponent doesn't drop the ash or I already have a monster on my board, then I just have a dead card in my hand.


Me playing dragunity dlink, but everyone is only maining veilers to hit with it so it never works


Scrap golem, excellent extender and with some setup you can activate its effect like 2/3 times, but daaamn why i always draw it


I second this


Nibiru. Drawing it when going second is amazing. You just need to know the right moment to jump in. But any other time you draw it, especially as the 6th card, it becomes absolutely useless ans unless you need discard fodder, it's a dead card


Nibiru. Being able to just middle finger your opponents board is good but by god does it like to be drawn at the worst times.


As an old school player, I feel this way about Snipe Hunter. When it was relevant, it was an incredibly powerful card since it was cheap, non-once-per-turn, generic removal and it could be tutored out by Mystic Tomato or searched by Sangan. There were often times when resolving its effect would just straight up win you the game. However, since it relied in a dice roll, there was always a 1/3 chance that the card would fail, and that always seemed to happen when you needed it most.


Supply Squad. Having one or more on the field and being able to trigger it yourself on either turn is awesome. Unfortunately, it's not viable in most decks outside of playing casually.


Waking the Dragon. It’s an auto-win most times if it resolves, but is a brick and nets you nothing until it’s hit.


Ancient Leaf in Aromages. It's a Pot of Greed if I have over 9k LP, completely dead if I don't. I used to run 3 but cut it down to 2 because I kept drawing it at the worst time.


Skull Invitation is the best worst card because the play can go either in your favour or the opponents. The card is really annoying for fusion decks because you have to sacrifice a lot of cards to the graveyard and you lose a lot of LP.


Any 1 of when you are playing with 3 of a structure deck in early sealed only challenges.


Performapal odd eyes synchron. Great if you have a proper level monster in your p zone. Otherwise its a waste unless you link or fusion summon.